After taking the medicine, I found that I was pregnant. Can this child ask?

In today’s society, most families can only raise 1 or 2 children, so they are particularly attentive in preparing for pregnancy, fearing that various factors will destroy the next generation.

However, if you are pregnant, maybe it will happen. Maybe your front feet have been treated, took medicine, or have a bad physical condition. Even at all, you are not prepared at all, and the reaction of early pregnancy will come.

At this time, even if you want to give birth to your child again, you may be murmured in your heart: Can this child want it?

At least in the following situations, you want it to be possible

1. Emergency contraception failure

After passing the passion, I remembered the remedy.So, will drugs such as emergency contraceptives have an impact on pregnancy itself?

In this regard, there have been a series of studies at home and abroad, but it has not been found that taking medication is harmful to the pregnancy process and fetal health.Therefore, the current point of view of the medical community is that children who are pregnant with emergency contraception can be born normally.

2. Cold medication

Ordinary colds can take drugs such as cold heat -clearing granules and Banlan root granules, which has no effect on the fetus.

3. Her fever takes medicine

Compared to taking medicine, fever itself has much impact on pregnancy.When the body temperature reaches more than 38 ° C and the high fever is not retreated, the embryo will be seriously threatened. The shorter the pregnancy time, the greater the impact. The first three months may cause fetal malformations.

However, after 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus has basically completed development, and it is not so afraid of fever. Normal fever and treatment can be used.

4. Confirm that taking medicine before pregnancy

Although everyone said that as much as possible during pregnancy, many babies are planning to be born outside. What should I do if I have taken medicine before pregnancy?

For this situation, the general point is that during the early pregnancy, that is, within 70 days of menopause, the drug is either completely without effect, or the embryo develops a problem. Sooner or later, there will be signs of miscarriage, such as abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding.

Honestly, whether the embryo that is planned to be pregnant is also a process of survival of the fittest. If the embryo develops well, it can be used normally during pregnancy. On the contrary, it should be natural and the fetus should be moderate.

5. There is a history of gynecology

Will gynecological diseases affect pregnancy?Don’t worry, most of the gynecological inflammation, endometriosis and other diseases are harmless to pregnancy. On the contrary, fertility may also make the disease improve.

6. Tobacco and alcohol problem

For couples, occasionally smoking and drinking during pregnancy, as long as the habit is not formed, the impact on the pregnancy will not have a great impact, but if at least one party has a long -term hobby of tobacco and alcohol, it will definitely have an impact.As for smoking and drinking during pregnancy, let alone say more.

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