After taking the medicine, I found that the "flow" should be left?

The menstrual period was delayed for more than half a month.In addition to being happy, I remembered that I took anti -inflammatory medicine and cold medicine because of a cold, and I was worried that the drug would affect the fetus.

In the face of this situation, can the baby really can’t ask?uncertain!The deputy chief physician of the prenatal diagnosis center of the Qingyuan City People’s Hospital explained that the effect of taking cold drugs on the fetus during pregnancy is also based on the situation.Different doses, length of medication, the sensitivity of the fetus to the drug, the mother’s absorption of the drug, and the teratogenicity of the drug will have different consequences.

"All or no period"

Surviving possibility

In the eyes of a doctor, the impact of taking cold drugs such as cold drugs on the fetus should be determined according to specific circumstances.If you take medicine during the two weeks of pregnancy, the embryo is highly sensitive to the drug and is easily damaged by the drug.But because this period is mainly based on the division of cells, the degree of differentiation is not high, and there are only two consequences after the embryo is damaged.

The first is that the embryo is severely damaged, causing an early abortion to cause embryo death; the second is that the damage is not serious.Within 30 days).

"The embryos that can survive can basically grow safely and healthy, without having to have defects, but the premise is that there is no tire preservation drug." Xun Qin said that Xiao Yin was a patient she had admitted, because urinary infections were self -contained by themselves.After taking the medicine, I found that she was pregnant. "At that time, she was worried about whether she would have an impact on the baby.

Because Xiaoyin is in "all or no period", Xun Qin suggested that she observe for a period of time. Patients also agreed to the plan on the premise of understanding the follow -up risks.After Xiao Yin survived the "all or no period", the embryo survived, and the subsequent checkup showed that the fetus was healthy, and eventually gave birth to a healthy baby.

"But if you have forced tire treatment during this period, because of artificial intervention, you may retain defective embryos." Xun Qin said.

Grade 5 classification of pregnancy medicine

The 3rd to 12 weeks of embryonic development is the sensitive period of the fetus.At this time, embryos are at the stage of high degree of differentiation, rapid development and formation of each organ.The rapid differentiation of cells is easily disturbed and suppressed. Therefore, the sensitivity to the drug is extremely high. The effect of the drug in this period can cause severe deformities in certain systems and organs. Improper use of drugs may cause abortion, congenital malformations or permanent defects.

The organs begin to develop to a initial formation of a certain period of time, so different malformations may occur in different drug exposure time.For example, the sensitivity period of the nervous tissue is 15-25 days after fertilization; the heart is 20-40 days; the eye is 24-39 days; the limbs are 24-46 days; the outer genitals are 36-55 days.

"During this period, medication is generally evaluated according to the classification of drug FDA." 佘 芹 said that the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has different degrees of teratogenic hazards based on drugs and humans., B, C, D, X.

Class A drugs were studied clinically, and no drugs were found to have a harmful effect on the fetus.Such drugs are non -teratogenic drugs, such as moderate vitamin B, C, etc.

Class B drugs were studied by animal experiments, and no drugs were found to have a harmful effect on the fetus, but did not go through clinical control experiments (human experiments).In the normal use process, no harmful evidence of the drug to the fetus can be obtained, and it can be used under the guidance of a doctor.This type of drug is common in penicillin and most of the cephalosporin.

Class C drugs have been studied by animal experiments. This type of drug has a adverse effect on the fetus, but because there is no clinical control experiments and no evidence, it can only be used with caution after fully weighing the advantages and disadvantages of medication.Anti -virus, some antiepileptic drugs and sedatives are category C drugs.

Class D drugs have evidence that it is harmful to the fetus. It should weigh the advantages and disadvantages during pregnancy and use it carefully.The more common tetracycline, some analgesic and hypnotic pills in antibiotics.

Both types of drug animal experiments and human experiments have proven that such drugs have teratogenic effects on the fetus, and the risk is significantly greater than any benefit. Such drugs are prohibited during pregnancy.There are not many such drugs in commonly used drugs. The most famous is pyrine (reaction stop).In addition, vitamin A’s large -dose oral oral can also cause teratogenic.

During pregnancy, regular medication must be used

"After the fetus develops until 12 weeks, the sensitivity to the drug will be reduced, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the use of medicine." Xun Qin said that this period is the stage of fetal growth, organ development, and perfect function.form.However, the nervous system, reproductive system, and teeth are still continuing to differentiate, especially the peak of the nervous system differentiation, development and proliferation in the late pregnancy. It is necessary to avoid the use of drugs that affect these parts.

Among the congenital defects of newborns, 2%-3%are caused by drugs. Congenital defects with unknown unknown reasons may be related to the interaction between drugs and diseases.Xun Qin reminded that you should not take medicine during pregnancy, and you should not use the medicine to take the medicine at will, otherwise it is likely to cause irreparable consequences because of improper medication.

She suggested that no matter what drugs, they must be taken under the guidance of a doctor, and they should not buy them by themselves.If there is a pregnancy plan, it is best to consult a doctor or doctor before pregnancy and prepare in advance.

If you accidentally use a certain type of drug during pregnancy, you don’t have to panic, you can go to the hospital for examination.When you are going to the doctor, it is best to bring the medicine for the doctor to make a better judgment.

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