After the 15 -year -old girl in India was raped by her 18 -year -old cousin, she was burned by my cousin’s mother’s kerosene

According to the senior police officer and the girl of the northern Bangbang, the girl was raped by her 18 -year -old cousin three months ago and then became pregnant.

But the girl did not tell her mother’s so -called attack. On the contrary, she lived in silence like many sexual assault survivors.

When her mother finally learned about her pregnancy, she agreed to marry the victim to the charged attacker.

The girl’s mother said, "My sister -in -law (the mother of the rapist who was accused) said that they would pay the abortion fee and let them get married. Because we belong to the same family, we solved it."She is now hoping that the rapist who is accused will be hanged.

Lawyer Kotari said that in India, the idea of the victim and the accused rapist was not unheard of. There, sexual assault and unmarried pregnancy were regarded as "deep shame and shame."

"It is difficult to change these backward attitudes," she said."Girls are regarded as a burden. She will face violence, and her family will face violence. So the family will want to marry her."

But the police said that when the girl went to the accused rapist’s house on October 6 as an excuse, he and his mother poured kerosene and ignited her.

The Northern Police arrested a 18 -year -old man and his mother on Monday. They were suspected of attempted murder because they were suspected of splashing kerosene and litting them after learning that the girl was pregnant.

The girl’s mother told CNN on Thursday: "She is critical. Doctors are trying to rescue her, but there may be no hope of surviving."

According to Dr. S.P.Singh, Dean S.P.Singh, dean of the University of Medical Science, the girl is being treated. The girl was about 80%of the body.

"She hasn’t separated from danger," he said.

According to the latest government data, India reported rape every 17 minutes. Activists said that the girl’s case highlighted this 1.3 billion country’s deep -rooted novered girl and patriarchal values.

They said that the problems in rural areas in India are even more serious, because women are basically not educated, and the stigma of sexual assault is also rampant.

Jayna Kothari, a senior lawyer in India, said: "This case shows that young girls still face the huge risk of sexual violence.""The fact is that these cases have become more violent, because they are not held accountable for the perpetrators. People continue this behavior without being punished because there is no fear."

The motivation of the attack is said to be unclear.Police said they were investigating.

The victim’s home is located in a low -income community in the city of Northern Bangmein Pri, India.Tea, fruits, and snack stalls are arranged on the muddy sidewalk, and human flouristers and motorcycles ramate on the uneven road.Goat and cows eat grass in the distance.

If North Northern State is a country, it will be the fifth largest country in the world with a population of more than 200 million.

The state is the main goal of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, "The Beti Bachao Beti Padhao" initiated by Narendra Modi, which aims to improve the country’s gender equality.But this movement seems to have no effect, and terrible violence often becomes headline news.

Activity person Yogita Bhayana said that many men still regard rape as "power behaviors" to women. Most of the time, because of fear, violence has not been reported.

In December 2019, a woman in the state was died of arson when she went to the trial of the two men who was charged with her, which highlighted the danger of sexual assault survivors.

"When women ask for help from the authorities, they may face more harm.""They are facing more violence, not justice."

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