After the beginning of autumn, it is the "golden period" of nourishing the lungs. Eat more "2 beans" and drink "3 tea".

Although it has been established a few days ago, autumn is approaching us, but from the temperature point of view, it is still summer, and the air is still dry.

And, we generally believe that autumn is connected with lung qi, and the dry environment can easily affect the lungs. Therefore, since the beginning of autumn, it is the "golden period" of nourishing the lungs. It is recommended that you eat "2 beans" and drink "3 tea"", Is beneficial to the lungs, and the body can be stronger.

Eat 2 beans:

1. Tofu

Tofu is a soy product that everyone loves to eat. It is rich in protein, trace elements, and sugar, vegetable oil, etc., which can clear the heat and moisturize the lungs.When you are in the lungs in autumn, we can eat some often.

2. Mung beans

We generally think that the effect of mung bean has a strong effect, and we should drink more in the hot summer.In addition, mung beans can also be cleaned up with lung heat. If you want to nourish the lungs, you may wish to drink some mung bean soup often to nourish your body.

Drink 3 tea:

1. Chinese medicine Chinese medicine fat sea

In life, when it comes to fat sea, the first thing everyone thinks should be moisturizing, which is good for the throat.In fact, in addition to this role, the fat sea is also good for the lungs, which can help clear the lungs and have a certain moisturizing effect on the lungs.Therefore, in order to prevent the damage to the lungs of Qiu dry, we can drink some fat sea tea.

Fat overseas oval, cool, suitable for us to drink in summer.It is a seed of plant fat sea. After processing, it can be directly brewed. Among them, it contains chubby sea, galactose, pentagon, etc., which is very suitable for the current seasonal drinking.

When you choose, you can choose the Chinese Medicine Fat Sea. The quality is recognized by the vastness. The particles are very full, the surface is wrinkled, and the color is dark brown.

Soaking it into the water, one is enough. Under the soaking of hot water, it will increase a lot.After soaking, the taste is smooth and the throat will be very comfortable.Frequent drinking can nourish the lungs, but also benefit the throat.

2. Zunyi Mao Feng

It can be seen from the name that Zunyi Mao Feng is related to Zunyi, and Mao Feng tea is a famous tea in my country, which belongs to green tea.It grows in Xiangtan County. The peaks are towering, the stream is gurgling, the precipitation is too much, and the fog is heavy.

Moreover, the scenery here is beautiful, and it is influenced by a variety of plant aromas, which has improved the quality of Zunyi Maofeng.This tea is rich in nutritional. As a typical green tea, it contains tea polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients. It has a good antioxidant effect, so it helps to clear the lungs.At the same time, green tea can also help clear lung heat.

The tea itself is bright in color, bright in color, and very conspicuous. When the tea leaves are not brewed, they can smell a faint tea aroma. After brewing, it is even more fragrant and strong in tea.

When brewing, we should not forget that green tea has requirements when brewing. The water temperature should be controlled, and the water should not be too much. Tea is usually brewed three times.

3, Qingchi chrysanthemum

There are many types of flowers and plants in my country. However, the most suitable for drinking in summer is still chrysanthemum tea. It is slightly cold in nature. In the face of hot summer and fire, it can play a good role.Moreover, chrysanthemum tea can help moisturize the lungs.

my country’s development history has been growing in history. It has been planting chrysanthemums since it was a long time, and the history of drinking chrysanthemum tea is equally long.At present, all kinds of chrysanthemums on the market are dazzling. You may wish to prepare some Qingchi chrysanthemums, planted in the Kaifeng area, and have been famous chrysanthemum tea since ancient times, which once became a tribute.

Because it grows in the four seasons, Qingchu can receive sufficient light in one year, and it is located in the plain, which is also suitable for the growth of tea trees.In addition, there are big rivers through the rainy season, and the water source will not be lacking.Such high -quality growth conditions have also laid the foundation for the high quality of Qingchu chrysanthemum, making it the first choice for many people.

In addition to planting, Qingchi chrysanthemum is also better than many chrysanthemums during picking. The whole process is manually completed, and the chrysanthemum selection is also very serious, so the chrysanthemums are complete.After boiling water, the chrysanthemums are scattered in the water, the tea soup is bright, and the tea taste is strong.

In addition, after the autumn, we can do 2 things often, which is convenient for nourishing the lungs

1. Increase humidity

The weather will become dry after the beginning of autumn. At this time, in order to prevent the lungs from hurting, we can prepare a humidifier indoors to increase humidity and make the air less dry and nourish the lungs.

2. Pay attention to air circulation

If we want to raise lungs, we need to pay attention to indoor air.If the doors and windows are often closed, the air cannot be exchanged well, and the quality is very poor. At this time, the lungs inhaled such air, which is not good for health, and the lungs are easily damaged.

Therefore, after the autumn, it is recommended that everyone often open the windows and ventilate to allow fresh air to flow in, so as to better nourish the lungs.

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