After the birth of the woman is discharged from the hospital, the blood gauze is discharged.

Recently, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Beijing, reported that his lover left a gauze in the body after a delivery surgery at Beijing Anzhen Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University.When he asked the hospital’s obstetric ward to negotiate, the person in charge said that he could be private. Since then, the person in charge said to it that the relevant situation was handled by the hospital’s department.On May 16th, the reporter of the upstream news (newspaper mailbox: was interviewed and learned that at present, the Beijing Municipal Medical Regulation Commission has been involved.

After the woman was discharged from the hospital, a group of blood gauze was discharged from the toilet

Mr. Zhang told the upstream journalist that in August 2022, his lover Ms. Zhao was diagnosed with pregnancy, and immediately found the nearest Beijing Anzhen Hospital to establish a file to prepare for delivery here.At 1 am on April 23rd this year, Ms. Zhao had abdominal pain, so she rushed to Anzhen Hospital and was admitted to the obstetric ward for delivery after emergency department.At noon that day, Ms. Zhao had a smooth delivery surgery in the delivery room of the hospital, and the delivery process was smooth.

On April 24th, Ms. Zhao was discharged under the guidance of the hospital, and then symptoms of continuous abdominal pain appeared. On the evening of the 25th, a blood gauze was discharged from the body during the toilet.

Gauze discharged in the body.

"Our family is scared. I watched similar incidents on the Internet. There were infections and even dying." Mr. Zhang said.On April 26, Mr. Zhang found the obstetrics of the hospital. In the afternoon of the same day, Mr. Zhang sent Ms. Zhao, who was weak after childbirth, to the Emergency Department of Anzhen Hospital and did 5 examinations in the hospital, namely: B -ultrasound abdominal cavity; endoscopy; endoscope;Check the lower body; microorganisms of vaginal secretions; blood drawing test; reaching out to the lower body examination.Relevant doctors performed a medical examination for Ms. Zhao, eliminating the possibility of foreign matter in the body.Mr. Zhang said that the relevant inspection costs were paid by himself.

The recording of the negotiations provided by Mr. Zhang to the reporter showed that the relevant personnel of the obstetrics of the hospital acknowledged that the gauze was left during the surgery, and the midwifers made a mistake after the patient’s surgery.A head nurse who claims to be the direct manager of the person involved hopes to reconcile with the affected side.After several negotiations with the obstetrics department of Anzhen Hospital, Mr. Zhang believed that the private method could not protect the mother’s rights and interests. The follow -up problems caused by this incident could not be guaranteed.

Gauze discharged in the body.

On May 4th, Mr. Zhang said that the guidelines of the Department of Economic Affairs were contacted to the Social Work Department of Anzhen Hospital, hoping to negotiate with the hospital directly, but the hospital’s social worker department did not directly accept it. Instead, Mr. Zhang guided Mr. ZhangA appeal.

The Beijing Medical Development Commission has been involved

Recently, the upstream journalists went to Anzhen Hospital with Mr. Zhang. One of the heads of the obstetric department received a reception. When asked and the specific location and role left by gauze, they refused to answer on the grounds of failure to post on the grounds of the person involved, and said that everything was intersecting.Handling by the Social Work Department of the Hospital.Director Zhang also said that if Ms. Zhao feels uncomfortable, she can seek medical treatment at any time, but the relevant costs need to pay it first.

Subsequently, the reporter came to the Social Work Department of the Hospital. A staff member named Feng said that the patient had applied to the Medical Development Commission. It is expected that the medical transfer commission will make a judgment and mediation on the matter 30 to 45 working days.

On May 16th, an interview with upstream journalists learned that the Beijing Medical Regulation Commission has been involved, and the Medical Development Commission has notified the hospital and Mr. Zhang to submit relevant materials.The staff said the case was in line.

Upstream journalist Shen Du

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Responsible editor: Fan Yongsong Liyang

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