After the cubs of the poor school next door 7

Chapter 7

Cheng Feichi came to the door for the second time, and was not kicked out this time.

Ye Qin looked on the side. For the harmony of the family, Ye Jinxiang didn’t say anything unpleasant. She just sat on the side with her face.

Luo Qiuyi intends to use the love experience of the two as the starting point, and then help them make plans for the future, and said with Yan Yue: "How do you and our family Qin know? Qin Qin is usually shy and not mentioned in front of"

Ye Qin guilty, not just mentioning it, never mentioned it at all, what is the confused one -night stand that is worthy of publicity?

Unexpectedly, Cheng Feichi gave the opposite answer: "At the school sports meeting last year, he gave me a drink."

Ye Qin’s face was aggressive, sending drinks?

After thinking about it for a while, it was a bit impressive. At that time, he was going to sleep in the classroom after participating in the long jump game. He was too heavy with three or four bottles of drinks given by others.

Is that person Cheng Feichi?

… There are so many people on the playground, so it’s too coincidentally.

Luo Qiuyi was very happy. Looking at Ye Qin blame: "Our family has been like this since she was a child.

Ye Qingang was about to refute and heard Cheng Feichi: "But that time I misunderstood, he just found someone to send it, not specially bought it for me." Speaking of a moment of pause, I couldn’t hear the emotions in my tone.Since then, he has been paying attention to him. He is cheerful and popular, and no one will not like him. "

In the evening, Ye Qin lay on the bed to drink milk, and his head was still running.

What Cheng Feichi said, undoubtedly found a grand start of the relationship between the two, and gave him face.

Cheng Feichi also said, no one would not like me?In other words, he likes me too?

But why did he like me?

Do you think I like him, or because of being responsible?

The former has clarified, so just for Cheng Xiaochi?

Ye Qin touched his stomach, and there was a delicate loss in his heart, and the milk was not fragrant.

After turning over, I remembered what Sun Yiran said, humming, thinking that no one would dislike him, right?

I went to school early the next morning, and opened the door to see Cheng Feichi and his broken bicycle.

Ye Qin walked over and asked: "What are you doing again?"

Cheng Feichi: "Pick up you to school."

Ye Qin noticed that the relationship between them had changed. He did not resist, but he didn’t like it. He always felt that this relationship was missing, or what important steps he skipped.

Those who wanted to go to school at all, but Ye Qin was late today, and the time was tense. Cheng Feichi asked him to sit in the back seat and broke into the school gate all the way. He was almost caught by the teaching director.

When he got off the car, Ye Qin complained that his butt was painful. He saw a thick sponge pad in the back seat of the car under the late self -study.

Sitting up and trying, it was much more comfortable. Ye Qin dragged Cheng Feichi’s clothes: "Thank you."

Cheng Feichi didn’t look back on a bicycle and said, "You’re welcome."

After a few days, the pick -up was passed on to Luo Qiu’s ear, so Ye Qin got up late every day. After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he took two breakfast and went to the house.Eat.

Occasionally, conscience also found out that the driver was hard -working, and he had to go to school in cold coldness, and the breakfast was cold at school.Ye Qin thought about a good way, wrapped Cheng Feichi in his arms, and the pocket sewed in it just came in handy and took it out at the school.

For the first time, he took the breakfast that Ye Qin took out from his chest. Cheng Feichi obviously hesitated. After a while, he reached out and said, "Thank you".

Ye Qin didn’t think there was anything wrong. He continued to do so until the message passed along the North Wind to their class, saying that the school grass next door had a object of grass, and every morning, he brought an Omega information.classroom.

Ye Qin felt ashamed. I went to buy a thermal insulation box that day and handed the breakfast in the thermal insulation box the next day. Cheng Feichi hesitated for a long time.Pick the past.

After this period of getting along, Ye Qiaoyue felt that Cheng Feichi was taciton and deeply thoughtful. In other words, it was difficult to get along well.

When he asked him "good", he seemed that he would not refuse people, and he couldn’t see any reluctance from his expression, but Ye Qin could always notice that he was actually not satisfied with the status quo.

For example, this day was entrusted to Cheng Yiran to send a love letter by Sun Yiran again, and was unfortunately arrested.

It was the time of physical education. Cheng Fei saw Ye Qin sneaky to the teaching building and followed the end of the way. From the back door of the classroom, Ye Qin pulled out a pink envelope.? "

Ye Qin was frightened: "Send, send love letters."

"Whose love letter?"

"A girl in our class wrote it to you."

Frankly makes people have nowhere to accuse.

Cheng Feichi’s face was gloomy with the naked eye: "What did you send before?"

Ye Qin honestly said: "Yeah, she is my friend."

He has always regarded "plugging in two ribs for friends" as the most important quality of walking rivers and lakes, let alone send love letters, even if Sun Yiran wants him to help him confess, he is happy to work.

Anyway, Cheng Feichi will not agree, what is afraid of.

"Who am I yours?" Cheng Fei pool asked.

Ye Qin tilted his head and felt that this problem seemed to have known each other. However, his communication circle was too simple. He couldn’t think of other possibilities for a while. He tentatively answered: "Classmate?"

Cheng Feichi’s face was a point.

Ye Qin was busy changing his mouth: "Friends?"

Cheng Feichi’s face was dark.

Ye Qin scratched his head in distress, just once, can’t you be a gunner?

After a while, Cheng Feitong opened his hand and took over the love letter: "Trouble tell her, I said that I received it and I would see it."

As Ye Qin, Ye Qinqin told Cheng Feichi to Sun Yiran, the latter was happy for the afternoon.

The former was inexplicable.

"Can see".

What do you think?Look at it, or do you look at it?

Near the winter vacation, the school had a lecture on the study of self -discipline of winter vacation, and all senior sophomore students had to participate.

At the end of the lecture, a few people in each class were cleaned up. Ye Qin helped the squad leader in name. In fact, he was absent -minded with the broom and stared at the movement of class (1) in front of him.

I do n’t know who found a bag of long balloons, Cheng Feichi was playing with a gas balloon in the girls in their class?

Oh, no wonder you can be a school grass.

Ye Qin refused to lose, and immediately drew a takeaway with his mobile phone. Please eat fried chicken at the scene.

Except for Cheng Feichi, everyone has a share.

After eating fried chicken, the students were around Cheng Feichi, and after a while, they had a balloon doll.

Except for Ye Qin, everyone has a share.

It wasn’t Cheng Feichi who didn’t give it, but Ye Qinla couldn’t get her face.

After cleaning and release, Ye Qin was carrying a small schoolbag, and she passed the bicycle without man in her head.

Broken bicycles followed slowly. He walked fast, and he turned fast. He slowed down and his snoring sounded slowly.

… Don’t chase me?

Ye Qin was so angry that not only the balloon was not mine, the sponge pad in the back seat of the car might not soon be mine.

It was not mine at first, if it wasn’t for Cheng Xiaochi’s portion …

The more you want to get the more sour, the more you want to be more and more blocked. Turn around three steps and take two steps and walk over to the back seat of the car: "Go!"

Cheng Feichi took the car across the car and asked, "Where do you go?"

Ye Qinyi’s posture to sue: "Go to see your mother!"

Chapter 8

After halfway, I got out of the car in the local area, and the pestle refused to go under the building.

"I am to buy something."

As soon as I was about to go, I was dragged by Cheng Feichi: "No, everything at home."

Ye Qin opened his eyes, home?Who is at home?Your family is not my house!

Resolutely go.

The two of them pulled you on the stairs and pushed me. The old man who came out on the second floor and threw the garbage saw it, and said with a smile: "Xiaochi is back with the object."

Ye Qin’s eyes were even bigger. Who was the object with him?

One stepped on the air without paying attention to the air, and he fell down the steps. Cheng Feichi’s eyes quickly stretched his arms and grabbed his waist, and slammed him into his arms.

Ye Qinkan stood firmly, and was frightened by this thrilling moment to jump out of his throat. He didn’t care about his resistance for a while, and Cheng Feichi didn’t rush to loosen his hands. He patted Ye Qin’s back in a hug.Said in your ears, "Don’t be afraid, it’s okay."

Because of this episode, Ye Qin, who entered Cheng Feichi’s house, was very obedient. He sat on the sofa and looked up on his chest, put his hands on his knees, like a primary school student who listened carefully.

In fact, Cheng Xin’s mother, Cheng Xin, did reveal the temperament of the people’s teachers. The smile was full of natural distance. When the tea came over, Ye Qinshou almost overturned the tea cup.

Cheng Feichi was in the kitchen. Ye Qin looked around with Yu Guang, looking forward to him, and chatting with Cheng Xin abnormally.

"I don’t know if you are coming, the family is not prepared at home."

"No need, I like boiled water."

"Eating dumplings tonight, do you like pasta?"

"I like everything."

"Lingzun Lingtang knows that you stay in our house for dinner? Call to report peace, don’t worry them."

Ye Qin remembered, and quickly got a phone call.Luo Qiuyi heard that he was very happy at Cheng Feichi’s family, and repeatedly told him to pay attention to politeness and not to bother others.

Hanging the phone again to Shang Chengxin’s and kind face, Ye Qin had a kind of guilty conscience that was seen through, rubbing his knees with his palm, and looking at the kitchen direction, it seemed to stand up in the next second to help.

Based by Cheng Xin’s words.

"Your affairs, I listened to Xiaochi." As soon as the words turned, the atmosphere also changed. Cheng Xin smiled and looked at Ye Qin, but his eyes were bland. "You can rest assured that it was him who committed it.He couldn’t run away, and what I asked for you to tell your aunt, don’t be wronged. "

After eating the dumplings, Cheng Feichi sent Ye Qin home. Ye Qin said that he would not eat or take a car, and the two walked side by side by side.

After walking for a while, Ye Qin said without saying a word. Cheng Feichi took the initiative: "What did my mother say to you?"

Ye Qin shook his head: "I didn’t say anything."

After walking again, Ye Qin couldn’t hold it anymore, looked down at the tip of his toes, and asked inadvertently: "You … how do you tell your mother?"

"say what?"

"Just us … the two of us."

Cheng Feichi Mu’s ahead: "To be honest."

Ye Qin didn’t believe: "You lie to others."

If the truth is to say, how can you slap?

Cheng Feichi looked at Ye Qin sideways, looked at it for a while, and pulled the corner of his mouth.

This is his first smile tonight, and the street lights on his head outline his face to outline the deeper and charming.

Ye Qin was stunned, and when he came back, he was annoyed by himself. He snorted and walked forward quickly, with Cheng Feichi opened with a distance of five meters.

Walking to the door of the house, he disappeared a little, then slowed down, and stepped on the ground while walking.

He stepped on the shadow of Cheng Feichi, and he was complacent, and Cheng Feichi suddenly spoke: "My mother will not embarrass you, you don’t have to be afraid."

Ye Qingang wanted to say that I was not afraid, what’s so scared, Cheng Fei -pson then said: "I was beaten because it was not because of you. She hated Alpha the irresponsibility."

Ye Qin didn’t understand too much: "Why?"

Cheng Feichi looked at Wanjia’s lights in the residential area in front: "Because I am the product of an alpha irresponsible."

After that day, Ye Qin continued for a while.

Obviously let Cheng Feichi pick up and drop off, and obediently gives him breakfast with body temperature.

Even Zhou Feng realized that he was too quiet recently and asked him what was going on, is he really the object of the classmate with the classmate next door.

Ye Qin pressed his head on the table and let him shut his mouth, turned his head to the table Liao Yifang to discuss with an open mind: "The monitor, the kind of trauma … especially what does the person who from the harm from his parents need it?"

Liao Yifang’s family was happy and had no experience in combat. He just used a little psychological knowledge he saw in the book. He concluded: "Need love, give him enough love, and let him rekindle hope for the world."

Ye Qin blinked ignorant: "Love? How do you love him?"

Zhou Feng looked up hard: "Love, love is made."

Ye Qin slapped to the ground.

The next day, Ye Qin started to do it.

The winter vacation is imminent. The Omega in the class began to weave a scarf. The courseware sits in three or five in groups, discussed the weaving skills, and bite their ears to whisper by the way.

Who do you like the next class?So who is black, do you use big red?Oops, the color of your weaving is so good -looking. Who must like it …

Cut, mother o bang.

Ye Qin disdain to make a bunch of them, bought a stack of stars, a glass can, and began to stack the stars.

While thinking about it, what’s the matter with Cheng Feichi’s parents. Such a good son didn’t know the distress. One would throw one. If he was in Luo Qiu’s belly, Ye Jinxiang would definitely praise everyone, and he could wake up with dreams.

In this comparison, Ye Qin felt that Cheng Feichi was pitiful and sympathetic, so he was particularly safe recently.

At least a little more smile, don’t always face your face, you are not handsome.

Originally, he was leisurely in a small life. Luo Qiuyi saw the two children get along well, and was very pleased. He invited Cheng Feichi to sit at home three times and five times.

Once at Ye Qin’s request, Cheng Feichi took out the unique activity of rolling skin to make dumplings, and coaxed Luo Qiuyu and Ye Jinxiang to be convinced. If it was not enough, it would be probably that they had been taken to the certificate.

Ye Qin also followed the silly music for a while, until he heard that he would let him take a year from Luo Qiu’s mouth.

"I don’t go to school!" Ye Qinteng stood up.

Luo Qiu’s aquattae will have emotions and soothe: "It’s not a drop of school to drop out of school. When the child is born, it is okay …"

"You can’t go to school if you have a child?" Ye Qin said, and said loudly at Cheng Feichi, "Why don’t he want to take a break, do you look down on me?"

Luo Qiuyi still wanted to say something, Ye Qin had turned his head and ran out.

I didn’t know which direction to run outside, and just squatted at the door to get angry.

Cheng Feichi chased out quickly and stood beside him.

Omega in the new era was not to be looked down. Ye Qin was busy standing up and staring at him with his chin.

Cheng Feitang’s lines remained motionless and stood stood by him.

Ye Qin glared for a while, and the wicked sued first: "What do you see me?"

Cheng Feichi won’t look at him anymore.

It is two long balloons. On both sides, the drums are pulled, drums, knotted, and just made a few times in the hands, and they became a lollipop as a large basin.

Ye Qin took it "for his difficulties" and looked at the sky with his neck, so he didn’t even say "thank you".

Hum, seduce Omega’s small trick, smelly Alpha is bad!

"The face is dirty." Cheng Feichi said.

Ye Qin broke his work for a second and hurriedly raised his face.

"Not here." Cheng Fei took a step forward, raised his chin, and the other hand was stained with the oil stained with the corners of his mouth.

The fingertips scraped the lips, the hot hemp was crispy oxygen, and Ye Qin was stunned, and subconsciously retreated.

Cheng Feichi did not let him retreat, followed by a step forward, his arms circled his waist.

"Uncle and aunt are also good for you," In the end, he came to be a lobbyist. Cheng Feichi advised, "Pregnancy is a big deal for Omega, and it must not be wrong."

Ye Qin’s eyes dangled: "I know."

"It will not affect the future advancement in school for one year."

"I know."

"You are still young, there are opportunities in the future."

"I know".

He hates the difference between Omega’s identity.

But he knew that he could not fight for fate, and he was divided into Omega, and he knew that he had lost the right to choose. His life would be stepped forward to look at it at a glance.

Cheng Feichi was still advised that Ye Qin couldn’t listen to one word, and mechanically answered "I know".

He thought blankly that one year of suspension means that he returned to the campus to go to college. At that time, the two would not be a world. It is estimated that it would be difficult to meet. In a few years …

After pondering the results, his chin was suddenly raised, and Ye Qin’s eyes were forced to take a sigh of breath.

Oops, Cheng Feichi seemed to be angry.

Ye Qin noticed that Alpha pheromone became strong in just a few seconds, like a hurricane rolled up flat, surrounding him.

Don’t you just leave?Why is Alpha so stingy these years?Ye Qin was bitter in his heart.

Before he had time to say something, Cheng Feichi’s face was enlarged in front of his eyes. Two dry and warm lips, wrapped in Alpha full of compressed pheromone, fell down.

There should be no one who said it, and the children had it. This was their first kiss.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Qin seemed to be floating in the clouds, and his feet stepped on the soft velvet cotton. The only real sense was that his skin was very warm and gentle.

It seems to know that it should not be out of control at this moment, and Alpha pheromone gradually converges, becoming as clear and harmless as springs, letting Ye Qin’s tension slowly relaxed, and naturally closed his eyes.

When he gathered his mind, Ye Qin found that his breathing was very anxious. He was lying on Cheng Feichi’s shoulder to make a little effort. He wanted to come out of his arms.

He didn’t wait for him to re -the theory and actually extended his body as Omega and shook his head and sighed. He also lay on his shoulder nest, bent over and hugged Cheng Feichi tightly.

"No … you don’t know."

Ye Qin opened his eyes slightly.

Cheng Feichi’s voice was as low as ever, but I do n’t know if it was the illusion. Ye Qin heard a little helplessness from it, and a little bit … wronged?

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