After the divorce, I found that the twins were pregnant.

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After a month of divorce, I found that I was pregnant and was pregnant.

After the ex -husband and his mother knew, I hope I can bring them to a child.

In fact, my relationship and I were pretty good.

At that time, we rented a two -bedroom room. Although the days were hard, they were also very happy.

I was not pregnant for two years when I got married. Later, my mother -in -law moved over to live with us. Every day I had a child in our ears.Wanderer.

After more than a year, my stomach still had no movement.

My husband and I went to the hospital for examination.

The result of the test was that he was fine, but the doctor said that I was difficult to feel, and pregnancy may be more difficult than others.

My mother -in -law heard that she was unwilling and encouraged her son to divorce me.

At the beginning, my husband didn’t listen to her, but later he heard it too much. He felt that if he really had no children, he couldn’t accept it. He gradually quarreled with me.

In the few months of divorce, my month hadn’t come for a long time. At that time, I was in a bad mood and busy, and I didn’t care.

Until a month after divorce, one day I suddenly felt weak, uncomfortable and couldn’t vomit. I thought it was a cold, but when I entered the pharmacy, I bought a test stick and went home to check it.It was the long -awaited "two bars".

I burst into tears at the time.

In order to be cautious, I went to the hospital immediately for examination.

The doctor told me that I had been pregnant for more than two months, and the twins were pregnant.

At that moment, I really realized what it means "inadvertently inserting willow and willow."

After my relatives and friends knew, I advised me to remarry.

However, I have no idea about remarriage.

The indifference and selfishness of their family had made me chilling.I also heard that his mother had already arranged a blind date with Zhang Luo.

After my mother knew that I didn’t want to remarry, let me think about whether these two children would be. After all, I am still young. If you want to marry someone again, it will be more difficult to bring two children.

My work income is also average, and economic pressure will be great in the future.

I was dragged to more than 6 months of pregnancy in the contradiction.

Their family did not know where to hear the news of my twins. The ex -husband sent me a message and did not make a remarry. I just hope that I can give a child and let them bring them, and let me say it.

After inquiring about inquiries, my mother told me that his mother helped him to meet each other with a car with a good house and a good condition, but the woman was a few years older than him, and the two were interacting.

I instantly understood the reason why he didn’t want me to say, and a chill rose from my heart.

I was uncomfortable with pregnancy, but he started a new life, and I really wanted to make a noise.

After knowing it, my girlfriend persuaded me to persuade me. A new relationship that stirred Huang was just a breath. It was not good for me. It is better to consider how to raise in the future is the best choice for children and yourself.

Expert interpretation: Between the choices, the child is important

Emotional expert Ni Rui

Wenqin: Hello!

"There is no filial piety without descendants."

This kind of old concept that has been passed down for thousands of years is deeply ingrained in the minds of many Chinese people, which is too difficult to change.

It is not uncommon for your mother -in -law to have a child to have a child to have a child.

I am very happy that you are "inadvertently inserted willow and willows", and three months will be the mother of two children.

If you support it alone, you must want to give birth to the two babies healthy and safely.

And what you are tangled now is that what should you do if your ex -husband wants to bring a child to raise it?

After the divorce, he found that he was pregnant, and the children were usually raised by their mother.

According to Article 1044 of the People’s Republic of China:

The relationship between parents and children is not eliminated by their parents’ divorce. After divorce, the children are still the children of both parents regardless of their parents or mother.

After the divorce, parents still have the right to raise, educate and protect their children.

After the divorce, children under the age of two are raised directly by their mother.

If the children who are two years old, both parents do not agree with the raising issue, the people’s court will judge the principles of the most conducive to minor children in accordance with the specific circumstances of the two parties.

Those who are eight years old should respect their true wishes.

From the perspective of laws and regulations, your two children, before you are two years old, are best raised by you. After two years old, if your ex -husband still insists on bringing one to raise, you can negotiate both parties, and the court will not be judged by the court.

Wenqin, you have to consider these issues now.

First, are you possibly the possibility of remarry?

Remove can naturally give two children a complete home, after all, you were quite loving before.

But it is clear that you have no thoughts now, and the indifference to your ex -husband’s family is already chilling.

When your ex -husband sent a message to tell you a child but did not propose a remarry, you also found the reason. He has opened a new life.

Second, do your personal financial ability are enough to raise a pair of children to grow?

Is there sufficient fertility and educational funds?In case of difficulties, do you have a corresponding guarantee? Because you have to be responsible for their lives.

Third, if one of the children raised by my ex -husband, how would you treat the child who is not around you?If he doesn’t let him take it away, how should the child’s father’s support obligations be negotiated?

Wenqin, you have to consider multiple parties according to your actual situation, from emotion, law, and actual situation. Many things can be negotiated before the child is born, so that your children can grow in a healthy and loving country.It is not an item for parents.

Between the choice, the child is serious!

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