After the flow of people, can I regulate my body through moxibustion?Old traditional Chinese medicine is recommended like this

In modern society, more and more girls go to the hospital for miscarriage surgery. No matter what causes, they can not deny that people’s physical damage to women is extremely harmful. This has become a common phenomenon.There is no way to prevent it and it is difficult to prevent it. It can only warn female friends to protect their bodies more.

I believe that female friends also know that women’s constitution is cold, so women are more afraid of cold and sickness than men in winter.The old people say that women have children, which is equivalent to walking from the ghost door. It is actually unreasonable, not to mention leaving the little life directly from the stomach.

Every time I do the flow, the body will lose a certain amount of blood and nutrients. This will make the woman’s weak body weaker, which will lead to anemia and qi deficiency. It may be difficult to recover for a year and a half.The reason why girls go to the hospital to do abortion are really bad for their bodies.

After the flow of people, the body is not good. Everyone will naturally find a way to restore the body into a healthy state. It is good for diet and medicine. In fact, the purpose is similar, and moxibustion is often mentioned by people.

With the development of science and technology, more and more people believe that the old ancestors have more valuable things, so the old methods of moxibustion this treatment are becoming more and more popular.effective.Many people are worried about whether the cost of moxibustion will be very high, or if it has a bad impact on the body, you can rest assured that as long as you use the right method, there will be no major problems.

Moxibustion should also understand it. It is generally through burning the wormwood strips and stimulating some key points to achieve the treatment effect.This is still very useful for most people, but female friends who have just finished the flow may have to pay special attention.Because the body is relatively weak at this time, it often bleeds from time to time, so the timing of moxibustion and related taboos of moxibustion should be understood. Once you do n’t pay attention to it, the method is useless, you may be right, you may be right.The body causes difficulty in making up.

For good health, everyone is better to cultivate after abortion for a period of time, wait for the body to recover almost before moxibustion treatment.Moreover, some people do not recommend moxibustion, such as pregnant women, Baoma who is breastfeeding, older old people, etc. I believe that everyone has also experienced this.The protection object does not allow a little loss, so it is best to avoid the lightning area when choosing moxibustion treatment.

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