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On February 17, the emergency department of the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Hunan Provincial Research Medical Research Institute) ushered in the small peak after the holiday, and the observation room received 8 young women with 8 drugs.Asked why, most of them were accidentally pregnant because of the failure of contraception, so choosing a drug abortion to terminate pregnancy.

What are the common causes of accidental pregnancy?

Unexpected pregnancy refers to pregnancy or accidental pregnancy caused by contraceptive measures.A major part of the cause of accidental pregnancy comes from the wrong choices of both men and women in contraceptive methods, such as using safety -phase contraceptives, in vitro radiation contraceptives, and vaginal washing contraceptives. These contraceptive methods can easily lead to contraception failure and accidental pregnancy.

What are the choice of contraception?

There are many contraception methods available at present:

1. The length and short points of the contraceptive effect: long -acting contraceptive method, short -acting contraceptive method.

2. Different scores according to contraception: drug contraception, tool contraception, surgery contraception.

Common tools for tool contraceptives are: in -palaces, contraceptives; drug contraceptives are oral contraceptives; subcutaneous burial contraceptive rules combine the advantages of tool contraception and drug contraception.

3. Different points according to the user’s gender:

Male: Male condoms can be used;

Women: Oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive injection needles, uterine rings, uterine hats, women’s condoms, external contraceptives or ovulation period calculation algorithms.

How to choose the best way for you?

In different life periods, the physiological conditions are also different. Therefore, the best way to adopt the best contraceptive method will be different.

Newly married couple: It is better to take a condom and a short -acting oral contraceptive for men.

Detective couples: It is better to use a condom and a female contraceptive pill.

Women during breastfeeding: The method of not affecting milk and the health of the baby should be selected. Male condoms are used for men, and women with vaginal diaphragm plus contraceptive ointment.

Couples with only children: It is better to use short -acting oral contraceptives for women.If you need to regenerate, stop taking contraceptives.Children are young, and both men and women should not lust to prevent children from accidents.

Miscly decided to no longer give birth to a permanent contraceptive method for male vasal tube ligation or female fallopian tube ligation.

Menopausal women: It is better to use condoms, condoms, and contraceptives.

If there is no contraceptive or contraception, is there any remedy?

If both men and women do not adopt any contraceptive methods during sexual life, or contraception failure, the professional doctor can use contraception measures to avoid accidental pregnancy under the guidance of the professional doctor:

Take emergency contraceptive pills within 72 hours after sex.

Wear the uterine ring within five days after sex.

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(First source: WeChat public account of Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital)

Hunan Medical Chat Special Author: Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Hunan Provincial Research Institute) Emergency Department

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