After the husband and wife "love", these places are uncomfortable. It may be the "signal bomb" of the baby’s arrival.

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Raining children is the foundation of human beings, and it is something most families go through.Nowadays, pregnancy is different from the past, and it seems that it has increased in difficulty.

In addition to the health problems of human body, many times because the timing has not arrived.Seems to be pregnant is a biological situation, but to a large extent, it also pays attention to fate and luck.

Pregnancy is a matter of "you can’t find it", not to be pregnant if you want to conceive.Some women still have no effect for a long time, while others do not want children, but they are extremely high.

A few days ago, Mr. Wang worriedly took his wife to the hospital. The wife was always uncomfortable recently, and the lower abdomen always felt sore, but it was not a matter of physiological period.Disease.

After examination, the doctor said to Mr. Wang: Don’t worry, your wife has no disease, but is pregnant!

Such an answer made Mr. Wang very surprised, but he was also very puzzled. Why did you still have a small abdominal pain after pregnancy?

1) chest pain

About a week in advance when women are about to go to the physiological period, the chest will feel swollen, and in the early stages of pregnancy, a similar feeling will appear in the chest, so women can easily treat the symptoms of early pregnancy as a signal before menstruation.In fact, there are differences between the two.

The chest pain in the early stages of pregnancy often lasts for a long time because the breasts of female chest increased in large amounts of estrogen and progesterone, which causes the chest tingling sensation.

The chest pain in the physiological period is often more painful, and the pain will disappear immediately after menstruation comes.

Therefore, if the husband and wife are "affectionate", the chest has a long tingling sensation, which is likely to be the "signal bomb" sent by the chest.

2) Stomach discomfort

Data survey shows that about 60%of women will feel stomach discomfort after pregnancy.

Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, flatulence, etc., and even women who have more obvious response will not be able to sleep.

After pregnancy, the cause of stomach discomfort is affected by progesterone levels.Pathotin can cause disorders of secretion, which will affect the peristalsis function of the entire gastrointestinal and intestines, and the ability of natural digestion and absorption will become weaker.

After many women occur in the early stages of pregnancy, they think that they have eaten too much or have broken things, but they do not know that this is also one of the baby’s upcoming signals.

3) Abdominal pain

After the sperm and eggs are encountered, fertilized eggs are formed, and the fertilized eggs need to be bed before they can continue to develop into embryos.

In the process of fertilized eggs, the endometrium will be affected. At the same time, as the uterus increases, the lower abdomen will also be implicated.

This also causes women to have abdominal pain in the early days of pregnancy. In addition to the feeling of swelling, it also feels sore, and it feels similar to before menstruation.

So after the couple "together", when their abdomen appears strange, don’t worry about whether you are sick, but you can consider whether you are pregnant.

In addition to these unknown features above, in the early days of pregnancy, women will change a lot, and they can see at a glance.

1. Easy to fatigue and lethargy

After pregnancy, women often change from the previous "staying up late" and never wake up.

Don’t think that this is a problem with your body, and drowsiness is also a sign of pregnancy.

2. Lost appetite or increased appetite

In the early stages of pregnancy, women will have a loss of appetite. Those foods they usually love to eat now have no interest, and even when they smell some irritating smells, they want to vomit.

Or some women appetite after pregnancy, and they will be hungry from time to time every day. They always want to eat.

Some women who do not experience pregnancy will treat such a situation as a problem with the stomach, but in fact, this is likely to be a sign of pregnancy. If women have these symptoms, go to the hospital to check whether they are pregnant.

3. Menstruation stop

Menstruation should be the most obvious symptom of pregnancy.After pregnancy, if there is no menstruation for more than a month, the probability of about 90%is pregnancy.

Written at the end:

In the early pregnancy, the symptoms and physiological symptoms of pregnancy are the same, so many women are easy to confuse, so women must know how to distinguish it, so as not to quietly come by the baby.

Today’s topic: How did you know that you were pregnant?

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