After the husband and wife are in the same room, if the two parts of the woman feel "pain", most of them are pregnant with a baby.

After the couple in the same room, if women want to know if they are pregnant, they will go to the pharmacy to add test strips. There are also a little female friend who will go to the hospital to take blood tests, which is very poor.

It turns out that after the same room is pregnant, it can be determined by changes in the appearance of women. For example, there are some pains in the same body behind the same room that feel pain, and most of them are pregnant with little babies.

Xiaolin and her husband began to prepare for pregnancy after getting married, but Xiaolin’s belly never had news. This could make the elderly on both sides bad, and Xiao Lin and her husband were also anxious.

Xiaolin believes that maybe she is too anxious, so she couldn’t get pregnant, so she and her husband were ready to travel, relaxed, and might be pregnant.

After the trip, Xiaolin and her husband returned home. After a few days, Xiaolin thought that her chest had some pain, and her abdomen also felt slightly painful. Xiaolin went to the hospital and brought the doctor about her condition. The doctor was right.She said: "According to my many years of experience in medicine, you may be pregnant, go to take blood test."

After the test results came out, Xiaolin was indeed pregnant. This could make the whole family happy. The doctor said: "After a woman is pregnant, a little abnormal situation will appear. If women observe it carefully, they can invented these abnormalities."

1. chest

Under normal circumstances, women’s breasts usually do not feel pain, but after pregnant, women will excrete bold estrogen and progesterone. These hormones will cause breast gland, so women will feel chest pain.

After the same room, that is, in the early stages of the pregnancy, it was not possible to get pregnant after test strip, but the breasts had "perceived".

2, small abdomen

When the male "sophisticated teacher" and the "lady of the egg" run through, the fertilized eggs will be caused. The fertilized eggs need to be in the uterus before they can continue to develop. In the process, the endometrium will be corroded, which will lead to women.Feeling a small abdomen pain.

In addition, after women are pregnant, the uterus will become larger, and they will pull the surrounding ligaments, which will also make women feel painful.

1. Menstruation "hidden"

Women do not have a baby time, and menstruation will come every month, but if you are pregnant, menstruation will be "hidden", so if women have not had menstruation during the livelihood period, then there mayDo further testing.

2. Fine

Because the level of hormones in the body after pregnancy will cause changes in the body, it will cause the calorie consumption to accelerate, and the metabolism will increase. Therefore, pregnant mothers will appear fatigue and lethargy. After three months, this kind of situation will gradually be hidden, so women are female.If you have the same room with your husband recently and become very weak, maybe you are pregnant.

3. No appetite

In the early days of conceived, many pregnant mothers will have a pregnant vomiting response. This is a very common situation. If women often feel nauseous, have no appetite, they will vomit in accident, and they have been in the same room with her husband recently.After early pregnancy test strips, you can also go to the hospital for blood testing.

1. Can’t do it violently

In the early days of pregnant, women need to pay more attention. They should usually be a little bit more important. They should not act violently.Usually rest in bed, sleep on time at night, do not stay up late, and mediate your body to the best situation.

2. Don’t take medicine

If a woman invented that she has been pregnant, from this moment, it is not possible to take medicine, because at this time it is the most sensitive period for the embryo mechanism to the drug. The embryo is very immature. If you take medicine, it may cause fetal malformations and probably have a miscarriage.

3. Don’t radiate

Radiation can cause fetal malformations, which is very harmful. In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to this. Usually, do not do X -ray about CT detection. If the body is severeheal.

4. Add nutrients

Many pregnant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction and have no appetite, but even so, pregnant mothers must not eat tools, and supplement nutrients, otherwise they will use their health and have no good for embryonic development.Pregnant mothers can eat a little light and nutritious food. There is no appetite time, and a little sour food can be eased.

In short, whether women are pregnant, they can be reflected in a little change in the figure. If the couple are prepared for children, women should pay more attention to their chest pain and small abdominal pain.Women should go to the hospital for testing in real time and obey the doctor’s implementation.

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