After the husband and wife have taken contraceptives, how can there be an early pregnancy reaction?The original committee was like this

Xiaoting’s husband is a soldier brother. It is really good to wear military uniforms. Xiaoting has liked the soldier brother since he was a child.But the essence of things is not as good as it is on the surface, and it is not all enviable things.Since Xiaoting and her husband have been in love, they have always gathered less and more, and they are not easy to see them separately, but the power of love is strong. These difficulties have been overcome by the two.

After a sweet period of love, Xiaoting and her husband got married. On the day of marriage, Xiaoting most hoped that her husband was visiting relatives.As the saying goes, Xiao Bie is a new marriage, and the two couples are sweeter than their love period.But Xiaoting didn’t want to have a baby now. She felt that her husband was far away. The old man in the family was not good at helping. A person was afraid of being busy with the child.It is necessary to solve the problems of the two places, so every time her husband visits his relatives, Xiaoting has to take measures.

This time, Xiaoting took the contraceptive pill, and she thought it was everything, but her husband had gone a few days after giving her disgust, dizziness, fatigue, sleepy, and loss of appetite.Is it really pregnant?But I have taken contraceptives!If this child suddenly comes, it is fate. Can you still ask if you take medicine?With these questions, Xiaoting came to the hospital.Through examination, Xiaoting was not pregnant. The doctor said that she was a premature pregnancy reaction and a side effect of oral contraceptives. Don’t worry, the symptoms will naturally disappear or reduce in a few days.

The doctor told Xiaoting that the current contraceptive drugs are generally hormones, which achieves the purpose of contraception by affecting the fertilized eggs in bed or inhibiting ovulation.There are still many side effects of this type of contraceptive, such as vaginal bleeding, menopause or less menstruation, weight gain, pigmentation and headache, breast pain, enhanced appetite, rash, itching, etc., generally do not need special treatment.Heavy, or you cannot reduce it yourself, you can treat or stop medication symptomatically.

Xiaoting listened to the doctor’s mind, and consulted whether the doctor’s taking contraceptives would affect the future fertility, and whether the contraceptive would affect the child’s development.

The doctor patiently explained Xiaoting.Doctors said that after a long time of short or long -acting hormone contraceptives, about 80%of ovulation is restored within 3 months of discontinuation, and 95%~ 98%of ovulation is restored in one year. It can be seen that long -term application of hormoneContraceptives and contraceptives will not affect fertility after stopping the drug; after stopping the drug, the drug has no effect on the fetus, but it is safe to get pregnant after half a year of stopping the drug. It will not affect the development and health of the fetus.The incidence.

Hearing the professional explanation of the doctor, Xiaoting completely understood.I do n’t know why, after this small wave, Xiaoting suddenly wanted the baby. She called the husband who returned to the army and said her thoughts. Of course, her husband supported Xiaoting.Time is enough to solve the problem of separation between the two places. By then, the two can live together to take care of the baby together!

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