After the husband ligated for a month, his wife had it, but the husband who knew the truth after divorce was regretted

Now everyone pays more attention to contraception. Whether it is a little couple in love or a couple of children, in order not to have "accidental surprises", most of them will take contraceptive measures. Common are condoms, birthplaces, ligation, and so on.Many contraceptive methods are for female friends, but there are also methods of male friends to choose ligations to contraception. For example, the worst body is not suitable for contraception. In short, this is a personal choice.

Recently, Mr. Zhang had encountered a troubled thing. He chose to ligate before. He thought everything was good, but after more than a month, his wife had it, so he couldn’t help but doubt that his wife was carrying him and others.I was innocent, but the threshold in my heart was unable to pass, so they quarreled with gunpowder every day, and they divorced.After asking the doctor, Mr. Zhang felt that he might have misunderstood his wife, because after the male ligation, the other half would still be pregnant in the other half in a short time.But the so -called water covering is difficult to collect, and the disheartened wife refuses to meet him, let alone get married.For this reason, Mr. Zhang felt very regretful.

Why are men ligated, and the possibility of a wife is still possible?It is mainly related to the following situations:

1. There are residual sperm in the body

That is to say, before the ligation surgery, some sperm have passed the vasia tube. These sperm will stay in the body for a while, about 1 month to 2 months, these residual sperm will be completely disappeared or lost vitality. ThereforeDuring this period, pregnancy is likely to be pregnant.

Second, the voltic pipe resumes

This also has a certain possibility, because the vascular tubes have very tenacious vitality. If there are some mistakes during surgery, such as no tightness, which causes the ligation place to resume, this possibility also exists.

Third, the surgery is not done well

Generally speaking, this situation is rare, but everything is not so absolute, and sometimes the surgery is not done well, such as

The ligament or blood vessels are ligated as a vascular tube, so the vasters is still good. Of course, it is normal for pregnancy, but the parties do not realize it.

Although the wife’s pregnancy will not occur after the male ligation, in order to prevent it in just two months after the ligation, it is recommended to take some contraceptive measures. In additionThere are residual sperm.Remember not to doubt the other half casually, only those who trust each other can be happier.

There is also a question that male friends are more concerned about is that if you ligate yourself, will it affect your ability?

The ligation is to ligate the vasters, that is, let the sperm cannot be discharged from the body.There is no effect on the secretion of androgen, so ligation does not affect the ability of men.On the contrary, many men do n’t have to worry about their wives’ pregnancy. There are many cases of improving their ability. In short, they are afraid that after ligation affects their health, it is really worried.However, it is clear that many ligation surgery is now cut off a small section of viaing tubes to prevent postoperative resurgence. Therefore, if there are still men who are planning to have children, consider it carefully.

In addition, compared to women’s ligation, men are more safe than women.Because the body structure of men and women is different, the location of the fallopian tube and the vas The tubes is different. Women’s sterilization surgery should be more complicated and more painful. Sometimes they need to be hospitalized. Men’s surgery takes short time and less pain.There is also a sterilization surgery, just need to take a needle in the vaporum, which is more convenient.

In short, no matter which side of the family chooses contraceptive surgery, it must fully understand the process and principles of the operation, and whether it is really willing to perform surgery, otherwise it may affect the psychology to a certain extent, and even generate greater psychological pressure and family barriers.Then there is no way to lose. The principle of everything is to be effective and convenient, not to find yourself.

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