After the husband was ligated for a year, his wife became pregnant!To this end to the court

Ligation is a common method of contraception. Many couples who already have children have chosen this method to control fertility in order not to give birth.But do you know?Ligation is not 100 % effective, some people will get pregnant unexpectedly after ligation!Today, we will tell you a real story. After a husband and wife ligated, they even pregnant with the third child again!They brought the hospital to the court for this reason, but the results were unexpected!

Huang and his wife already have two children, a son and a daughter. They think that the family is perfect and does not want to have more children.Therefore, in December 2019, Huang had a ligation surgery in a hospital in Xiamen.After the surgery, the doctor told him that the operation was successful, and he would not have to worry about pregnancy in the future.Huang was very happy, and felt that he could enjoy the world with his wife with confidence.

However, I did not expect that in December 2020, Huang’s wife suddenly felt unwell. After going to the hospital for examination, she found that she was pregnant!And it has been three months!Huang and his wife were stunned, and they couldn’t believe their eyes.They doubt whether the hospital did a good job during ligation, or did they deliberately give them a set.They decided to go to the hospital theory and asked the hospital to compensate their losses.

The hospital stated that they had complete records and evidence of Huang’s surgery and results, and there were no problems.They explained that although ligation surgery can cut off the vascular tubes and prevent sperm from entering semen, it cannot completely prevent the possibility of pregnancy.Because some sperm may remain in the vascular tube, and can still enter the body within a period of time after surgery.Therefore, within three months after surgery, other contraceptive measures need to be taken to prevent pregnancy.In addition, ligation surgery also has a certain failure rate and resurgence rate, that is, in a few cases, the vasters may heal or connect themselves by themselves, resulting in sperm into the semen again.These are the normal risks and side effects of ligation surgery, not the fault or intentional behavior of the hospital.

Huang and his wife listened to the hospital’s explanation and were not satisfied.They believe that the hospital did not fully inform them of the risk and precautions of ligation surgery, and did not provide them with effective contraceptive guidance.They believe that the hospital should be responsible for their losses and ask the hospital to compensate them 100,000 yuan.His wife had a flow surgery and caused harm to the body.

This incident caused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens supported Huang and his wife, thinking that the hospital should be responsible, while some netizens thought that Huang and his wife were too much.Mobilization said that this is the surprise given to them by heaven, so that they have one more child.

Here are some netizens’ comments:

– "Can you still get pregnant after ligation? What is this magical constitution? Is it a descendant of Superman?"

– "I think the hospital is not wrong. The ligation surgery is not 100 % effective. This is common sense. And the hospital also has records and evidence, indicating that they have not done wrong. Huang and his wife should be responsible for their own contraceptive problems.","

– "I support Huang and his wife, and the hospital should compensate them. Ligging surgery is a very important decision. The hospital should fully inform them of the risks and precautions of the operation and provide them with effective contraceptive guidance.To do this is to lose their jobs. "

– "I think Huang and his wife are too greedy, asking the hospital to compensate 100,000 yuan, which is too much. They should be grateful for God to give them one child, not complaining and claiming. The child is a gift from God, not a burden on the burden","

How to solve this matter in the end?After the court’s trial, the court believed that the hospital had no fault or intentional behavior during ligation surgery, and had sufficient evidence to prove that the operation was successful.Moreover, the ligation surgery itself has a certain failure rate and resurgence rate, and it does not guarantee that it is completely avoiding pregnancy.Therefore, the hospital does not need to be responsible for pregnancy caused by Huang and his wife.However, the court also believes that the hospital did not fully inform Huang and his wife’s risk and precautions before and after ligation surgery, and did not provide them with effective contraceptive guidance.These are flaws in medical services, and they should be appropriately compensated to the losses caused by Huang and his wife.In the end, the court ruled that the hospital compensated Huang to 4947.68 yuan and compensated Huang’s spouse 9718.32 yuan. The case was maintained by the Xiamen Intermediate People’s Court of the Intermediate People’s Court, and the judgment was now effective.

Through this incident, we can see that ligation surgery is not an absolutely safe and effective contraceptive method.If you want to choose this method to control fertility, please consider it carefully and listen to the doctor’s advice and guidance before and after the operation.At the same time, we must also pay attention to taking other contraceptive measures for some time after surgery to prevent accidental pregnancy.If you have undergone a ligation surgery and you find that you are pregnant, please do not panic or blame yourself or others. Please go to the hospital to check and make appropriate decisions in time.Remember, whether you want this child, you must be responsible for yourself and your child.

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