After the man secretly paid his ex -wife, he pumulated the current Hu Hui (64)

Assistant Li pushed Zhang Yifan out of the mother and infant goods store next door.He went to buy small clothes for children who were not born, and saw that Xia Lingxiao and Shen Yunxi took An An to try their clothes, and secretly paid the account.

Just stepped into the H.S women’s clothing store and heard Luo Hongyan’s sharp cry, Zhang Yifan’s eyelids jumped, letting Assistant Li pushed him over.

Wu Xiao and Zhu Yan went to the bathroom, and when they came back, they saw a pregnant woman pulling Tao Wenli and scolding.

Zhu Yan was furious, and he rushed to the tear like a guardian: "Just stay at home with pregnancy. How can I run out to make money?Don’t blame others? "

"You … my god, husband, they partnership, bully me together, grab the skirts I see!"

Luo Hong Yanbin wanted to scold, and Yu Guang saw Assistant Li pushed Zhang Yifan in, squeezing two drops of tears in grievances.

Zhang Yifan was sitting on a wheelchair, and he got angry with a cold face: "So many people bully a pregnant woman, too much! If the children in her belly are a bit lost, don’t want to run one by one!"

Eyes were sweeping fiercely on Tao Wenli.Tao Wenli was not afraid, blocking Wu Xiao and Zhu Yan.

The shopping guide led the manager to rush over, and the manager bent down and lost money. "Sorry! Sorry! Mr. Zhang, do you think of this?"

"Yes, we are not unreasonable people, and Yan Yan is sitting for a while. Don’t be tired, I’m not afraid!" Zhang Yifan reached out to grab Luo Hongyan’s waist. The movement was a bit funny, because the pregnancy waist was thick, he couldn’t hold it.Essence

"Several beauties, what about you?" The manager asked with a smile.

They all said that they reached out without laughing, and their faces were still given.Tao Wenli looked back at Zhu Yan: "Okay! We are also very reasonable."

In the rest area, the manager understood the situation at the time, bystander ~ Shoppy lady explained the facts.

The manager hurts the whole process. What is it?The pregnant woman looked at the clothes that could not be worn, and was taken away by another beauty who could wear this clothes!

He wanted to die in this password, how to deal with, and the guests on both sides could not offend.

Damn, this pregnant woman should not go to the mother and baby products shop to buy things, and there are, you can’t avoid some pregnant women and make up for?

The manager questioned himself from a heavenly man, and Zhang Yifan asked impatiently: "You, do you think about the solution? My wife only bought H.S’s clothes, and bought several sets last month, and she also looked at it first.Among it! We now swipe the card "

After saying a "pop", the silver card was shot on the table in front of the manager.These words have just told him that Luo Hongyan just told him, and wanted the manager to show her the skirt in the sharing of their old customers.

"This …" The manager didn’t dare to reach out and turned to Tao Wenli: "Beauty, do you see, let this dress give her, a pregnant woman! You can choose others, I will give you 70 % off! Give you a gift"

"Pap" Tao Wenli also took out a card from the bag and patted it on the table: "I got the clothes first, naturally mine. Unless you want to buy this clothes, I don’t say that I do n’t want to say this clothes. I don’t want it.? "

The manager took it up and looked at it.

platinum Card!

There are three types of cards consumed here, silver, gold and platinum.The category of the card is higher than that of the level, which shows the status of the cardholder, and the amount of the card is very different.

Tao Wenli stepped on the wooden bench next to the wooden bench: "The clothes, I bought it, no discounts don’t send it without sending it! Besides, you can’t ask me if you send me.I killed you, then I feel distressed. "

Zhu Yan is Tao Wenli’s loyal fan: "A lives, Lili, you can’t learn bad."

The manager was guilty of seeing the Platinum Card, and this would be scared to urinate.

A total of five unlimited consumption cards issued Platinum, and the logo on the card was from Jiangcheng Tao family.

Jiangcheng is the old nest of the Tao family. The Tao family is a big family.The in -laws of the Tao family are still in the province.

Nancheng’s economic life pulse is basically surrounded by Jiangcheng and Lingcheng.Therefore, the Tao family can’t mess with it, nor does it dare to mess with it.

The manager turned his head and pushed Zhang Yifan’s wheelchair to complain next to him.

Xia Lingxiao, they quickly bought the necessities and came here to find someone.After a walk around, I saw Tao Wenli standing with a man and a woman in the rest area.

"Hey, do you fight with others? Go! Let’s help." Shen Yunxi stunned his sleeves and was excited about chicken blood.

Xia Lingxiao stopped her: "Wait for things to figure out and help."

"Don’t need you, you can bring the baby, just go with Yun Duo." Shen Yunxi was crazy, and he dragged Li Yunuo and ran.

Li Yunduo might as well be stuck by the pull, but fortunately Shen Yunxi dragged tightly.

Li Yunduo is a good girl. He has seen this momentum and was frightened.She saw Tao Wenli like a female hooligan, and kept her legs on the stool.

Shen Yunxi is a big deal. He asked: "Wen Li, is this bullied?"

Wu Xiao explained: "That fat woman grabbed the skirt in Wenli’s hand!"

Zhu Yan was gloating with his eyes and oblique Luo Hongyan, with an expression you want to die.

Assistant Li quickly stood to Luo Hongyan to protect her.

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