After the one -night stand, the child did not recognize the man.

A man and B women’s friends introduced each other. Everyone drank together, and X behavior occurred after drinking.Later B women gave birth to a son, asked the A man to meet, informing the children that they were born with them, negotiated with them, and had the problem of parent -child identification and child care.

The next day, the A man did not appear, but found an appraisal agency from the Internet to let the B woman take the child over, saying that she had sent the blood sample to the appraisal agency.However, after the identification results were made, it showed that there was no blood relationship between the two sides.B woman suspected that A man packed his own blood sample, so she asked to re -appraisal and was rejected.Since then, women B have continued to negotiate with A man, and they all ignored them.As a result, the woman B sued to the court and asked the A man to pay the support fee of 10,000 yuan a month to his 18 years of age.

During the court trial, women B applied for parent -child appraisal. A man refused on the grounds that he had cooperated with reputation and privacy.Essence

Although A man said that the blood sample appraisal report was obtained by sending the blood -like blood -like samples of paper towels before the complaint, the appraisal agency did not sample or confirm the sample source on the spot, which was obviously not enough to be the basis for denying his child’s biological father.According to relevant regulations, one party requests to confirm the parent -child relationship and provide the necessary evidence to prove it. If the other party does not have the opposite evidence and refuses to do parent -child identification, the people’s court may make sure that the claim of the parent -child relationship is established.Therefore, the A man refused to cooperate with the parent -child appraisal, but also refused to identify the samples of his blood samples with the sample of the appraisal.

After the trial, the defendant abandoned the mineral water bottle that he had been drinking in the court in court trash bins.On the same day, women B applied for identification based on the abandoned water bottle as the inspection sample. After the court approved the judicial appraisal center to perform DNA typing and comparison on the saliva of the child’s blood bottle mouth, the inspection result was the results of the inspection results.: The genotypes of the saliva spots at the mouth of the bottle mouth meet the genetic conditions of the child’s biological father.

Therefore, in this case, because the A man refuses to perform the parent -child identification, it has the conditions to apply the rules of presumption of presumption, but in the end, the mineral water bottle that the male he is drinking during the trial discarded the "extraordinary branch" behavior in the court trash can.A solution path.The process of drinking water and preservation of water bottle have been proved by trials. The whole process guarantees the consistency with the appraisal and inspection materials, and the source of the inspection materials and the identification procedure are legal.The court ruled that A man paid a monthly payment fee of 2,000 yuan a month, until the child was 18 years old.

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