Aibao basically confirmed that the status of the second child Fubao Korean princess is not guaranteed?

In today’s Bao family video, the breeder and the veterinarian checked the body for Aibao and used the instrument to scan on Aibao’s belly.

After everyone’s discussion, Grandpa Jiang euphemistically explained the situation, but he couldn’t stop the smile in his eyes.

Grandpa Jiang said that because of physical reasons, Aibao may not be out of the field next week, and it will be temporarily replaced by Fubao outside.

Because of rigor, Grandpa Jiang did not say that Aibao could not go out of the field because of pregnancy.But looking at the smile in Grandpa Jiang, and the veterinarian scanning the belly of Aibao, there is still time, and you can basically determine that Aibao is pregnant with a second child.

And our Fubao is also a sister.The first thing to do first is to help the special mother class on behalf of the body, let the mother rest in the interior, and go out to work by themselves.

Because the second child is coming, everyone will have more concerns, such as whether the second child will affect the return of Fubao to the country, will the second child be divided into everyone’s attention to Fubao.

In fact, there is no need to worry about this. The return time of Fubao is settled for a long time. There are special contracts, and they will not return because they have a second child.

The arrival of the second child will not have an impact on the status of Fubao. Fubao is still the most famous and favorite panda baby in South Korea.

The fragrance of Japan, the Mount of the United States, is the most popular among many pandas.The important reason is that this is the first giant panda in China, which is not the same as other giant pandas, so the panda born later is more cute and beautiful, it is not the first one.

The breeder also said that Fubao is the most unique panda baby.Every step of Fubao’s growth affects the hearts of fans at home and abroad, not only in the hearts of breeders, but also the unique existence in the hearts of fans.

I just hope that after a second child, you can arrange the hand reasonably. The newly born brother and sister need to take care of, but Fubao also needs to take care of it.Don’t neglect Fubao because of his younger brother and sister. Fubao is a delicate little bear. He hopes that Fubao can have a happy time to travel to Korea.

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