AIDS has quietly came to us

Not long ago, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Ministry of Education issued a notice: "In recent years, the AIDS epidemic in Chinese young students has risen significantly, especially universities in first -tier cities such as Beishangguang, which is no longer a pure land."

The Xuejun (pseudonym) was confirmed in the infection in the second half of 2009.In my sophomore year, because of the awkwardness with a boy, the Xuejun felt sad and felt that he was too concerned about the boy, and then confirmed his same sex orientation.Through a local "comrades" website, the Xuejun met with different homosexuals and had a relationship.Once I met a handsome guy who felt particularly handsome, he chose two sexual behaviors without wearing a suit.In late August 2009, the Xuejun went to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for testing. The result of the first screen was positive for AIDS virus.Next, take blood test again and confirm the diagnosis.

Unlike the Xuejun, Mengmeng (a pseudonym) is that he knows that he has been infected with AIDS after graduating from college.In his junior year, he participated in voluntary blood donation. After graduating from college in the summer of 2013, he taught as a western volunteer in a rural school.A few months later, Mengmeng went to Dalian to see her boyfriend and talked about the previous experience that had a high fever and had a high fever. His boyfriend who studied medicine was vigilant. He went to the hospital for HIV test.When I learned that the test confirmation results were confirmed, "it seemed like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, and my heart had no other feeling except for fear." Mengmeng recalled.

Feifei (pseudonym) was detected by AIDS during a marriage check. At that time, she had received a marriage certificate at her husband. Fortunately, her husband was not infected.In retrospect, it should be transmitted by his ex -boyfriend. Fifi also learned of drug use after breaking up with his ex -boyfriend.Fifi, who was preparing to be the bride, was disillusioned at the best life journey.

Statistics from the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that the number of AIDS infections and patients in my country in 2014 was 104,000, while the number in 2008 was 56,000.In 2008, the proportion of young people was 55.3%due to sexual transmission, which rose to 94.5%by 2014.Among the infected young students, the proportion of men’s transmission increased from 58.5%in 2008 to 81.6%in 2014, a large increase.

In September this year, the French pharmacy has been launched on the AIDS automatic detector, which allows people to detect and directly detect them anytime, anywhere, and this detection method is extremely simple.Just on the instrument, like a blood glucose test.Fifteen minutes, special antibodies in the blood can be measured after the human body is infected with AIDS.One short bar shows that the test results are negative and the two bars are positive.

Although my country ’s testing of AIDS is not as convenient as France and cannot be directly tested by everyone anytime, anywhere, the following high -risk groups need to actively test HIV to grasp their own conditions.

1. Homosexual and unsafe behavior occurred

With the popularization of various social software and the degree of tolerance of homosexuality, more and more people have sex with functions such as "shaking" and "finding people nearby" with unknown strangers.This is an important way for more and more young people to infect HIV.

According to the results of the research, through sexual contact with HIV virus, men have the highest danger to be transmitted to men, and then they are men, women, women, and women.The infection is dangerous, and then unprotected vaginal sex, oral sex, masturbation.

The data also shows that the risk of male biography is 1/10 to 1/1600, that is, if a healthy man and an infected man do ten non -protected anal sex, there will be an infection with HIV, and the most optimisticThe statistics are only 1600 times.The other dangerous chances are like this. Men are transmitted to women from 1/200-1 / 2000, and women are transmitted to men 1/700-1 / 3000. Women have not yet reliable statistics to women.It is estimated that in Thailand, the possibility of women transmit HIV to men through sexual intercourse to men is infected with an average of 3-6 people per 100 sexual contact.

A survey of gay men showed that in an unprotected anal sex, if sexual partners are in the early stages of the most strong infectious power, the possibility of being infected by the receiving party is 10%-30%.At the stage, the possibility of being infected by the receiver was only 0.01-0.1%, but in the late stage of the infection, the possibility of infection rose to 0.1-1%.It should be noted that the same sex is only a high -risk group of AIDS, which is not equal to AIDS.

2. Drugs

Drug abuse itself does not spread HIV, but because drug users use unclean syringes.In order to obtain pleasure, many people choose intravenous injections, and many people use a syringe and needle that has not been disinfected or disinfected without disinfection or disinfection. Among them, the syringe contaminated by HIVPopularity and spread.Adoptums of drug addicts accounted for about 15%to 17%of all AIDS cases.

Drugs are greatly harmful to health. It can cause physiological dysfunction of human organs and cause dysfunction in the immune system.After taking drugs, drug addicts often have mental stomach, enhanced sexual desire, and sexual intercourse or even incest, which greatly enhances the risk of HIV infection.

3. Pregnant women infected with HIV

The National Health and Family Planning Commission issued a report on the progress of Chinese prevention of AIDS, syphilis, and hepatitis B maternal and infant communication this week, showing that in the past ten years, the spread rate of AIDS and baby in mainland China has decreased significantly, a decrease of 80%. In addition, 2014, 2014, 2014In the year, the proportion of maternal and infant transmission in the new cases of HIV infection in China decreased from 1.6%to 1.1%.

In general, the situation of AIDS through the spread of mother and baby has improved significantly, but in backward remote areas, many people still do not have this consciousness.HIV’s maternal and infant transmission may occur in the uterine cavity, or it may occur during delivery and postpartum breastfeeding during childbirth.Medical experts suggest that mothers who have infected HIV at the time of childbirth should try to feed with caesarean section and milk powder as much as possible to reduce the chance of baby infection with HIV.

In fact, as long as appropriate blocking measures are taken, HIV infection can also give birth to healthy babies. AIDS’s mother -to -child blocking is to provide a series of service measures in the process of pregnancy, vaginal delivery and breastfeeding for HIV.The maximum likely to reduce the chance of vertical transmission of AIDS mother and baby.If you do not take any measures, the chances of pregnant women with HIV to the child are between 35%and 45%.After implementing the comprehensive blocking method, the chance of spreading mothers and infants can be reduced to 2%-5%.

4. Blood donation or blood transfusion

In recent years, our country has become more and more promoted by blood donation, and more and more people have joined for free blood donation, but some people are infected with HIV due to blood donation. A large part of the reason is illegal operation.Therefore, friends who donate blood free of charge must choose a regular blood collection center or blood collection point. The needles and blood bags used in these places are disposable, and they have a standardized operating process. It is safe to donate blood at a regular blood donation point.

Some media reported that a five -year -old girl was infected with HIV due to the previous surgery blood transfusion. Here I had to mention the "window period" of AIDS testing. After HIV entered the human body, it would take a period of time to produce antibodies.The antibody detection was negative again before, and this time became the "window period" of AIDS.If the infected person donates blood and the blood test is in the "window period", it will not be detected.

At present, with the advancement of medicine, it can only shorten the "window period" as much as possible, but it cannot be controlled to zero.

The former AIDS virus is far away from our lives, but now it is getting clearer.Understanding the channels of AIDS, we should establish a moral sexual behavior concept of sexual behavior and clean up.Consciously stay away from drugs in life, and regularly investigate HIV.For those who accidentally infect HIV around them, they give more care and care, because they will not be infected with HIV carriers and eating, etc., and do not have to panic.

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