alert!Five people blow air -conditioning to eat barbecue, but all of them are poisoned

Summer weather is hot

If you can be in air -conditioned air -conditioned rooms

Eat barbecue and skewers a small skewers

Isn’t it beautiful?



Five people have eaten barbecue in the air -conditioned room

As a result, all poisoned, almost life -threatening

On June 18, Mr. Zhang asked several friends to eat barbecue at home."I started barbecue in the morning, driving the door and window. After the barbecue was grilled, my friend came at noon. After I came over, I closed the doors and windows and turned on the air conditioner. At that time, the charcoal fire in the room had not completely extinguished."Essence

According to Mr. Zhang, after closing the doors and windows, several people have experienced discomfort, but they mistakenly believe that food poisoning does not pay attention to it as soon as possible.During the period, Mr. Zhang went to the bathroom. After returning, he found that all his friends fainted. Then they reacted, immediately dialed 120, and opened the doors and windows to wait for the rescue.

Subsequently, five were taken to Hunan Aerospace Hospital for emergency treatment.After being diagnosed with the hospital, the five were carbon monoxide poisoning. After active treatment, the five people have not been hindered.


Counted space is prone to carbon monoxide poisoning

How do you know your carbon monoxide poisoning?

1. Mild poisoning: The patient’s consciousness is clear that there may be symptoms such as headache, dizziness, palpitations, nausea, and vomiting. At this time, it is out of the poisoning environment and inhale fresh air, and the symptoms quickly disappear.

2. Moderate poisoning: Patients have conscious disorders or even coma. They can respond to the stimulation of pain, and the pupils are slow to light reflection and corneal reflection.Difficult to breathe, blood pressure can change.The skin and mucosa are cherry or cherry red.

3. Severe poisoning: Patients have deep coma, moisture breathing can occur, and blood pressure decreases.The skin can appear red or blisters.There are often complications such as cerebral edema, convulsions, dyspnea, dyspnea, pulmonary edema, arrhythmia, acid poisoning and other complications.High mortality rate can gradually recover after active treatment, but there are many sequelae of different degrees.

Remember the emergency measures

1. Open the doors and windows. Do not touch the indoor appliances to prevent explosion.

2. Move the patient to the ventilation, release the clothes, and keep the posture.

3. The head is leaning, and the head is biased towards one side, so that the airway is unblocked, and the vomit is prevents vomiting from inhaling the respiratory tract.

4. Patients have breathing, and they should warm up with a blanket and quickly send them to hospitals with high -pressure oxygen compartment therapy.

5. For those who have coma or convulsions, you can place ice packs on your head. You can wrap the ice cubes with a towel at home to reduce cerebral edema.

Reporter: He Xi Comprehensive Hunan Fire, Anhui Fire

Source: Political and Law Channel

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