alert!The 49 -year -old woman’s belly is pregnant as in October, and the hospital’s investigation is actually uterine fibroids

Not long ago, Ms. Ms. Ma Ma, Wuhan City, felt unbearable and entered the hospital urgently.

When the emergency doctor saw her bulging abdomen, she thought it was pregnant at first, but the final examination results were another reason.

When Ms. Ma was admitted to the hospital, her abdomen was high, which was very misunderstanding.Ms. Ma said that this big belly has been for some years.

Patient Ms. Ma: "I started to have a pimple in the abdomen in 15 years. I was a little hard. I still slid and I felt that I didn’t go to the hospital without itching."

In recent years, Ms. Ma’s belly has grown longer and bigger, and gradually has pain.As a last resort, she went to the hospital for examination.

Ms. Ma: "I was lying on the bed. The doctor touched my belly and asked me for a few months. I said I was not pregnant. I am 49 years old this year."

The doctor found that Ms. Ma’s belly was hidden in a huge uterine fibroids, with the widest part of 28 cm.

Jia Yijuan, the attending doctor of the Gynecology Department of Wuhan First Hospital, said that most of the fibroids are conscience, but there is also a 1%malignant rate.

If you continue to grow up, you may also compress the important organs around you.To this end, the hospital performed abdominal fibroid resection for Ms. Ma.

Jia Yijuan, the attending doctor of the Gynecology Department of Wuhan First Hospital: "Fibroids are common diseases in gynecology, and it is very rare to grow so big. This patient may usually be neglected for examination, so the fibroids are so large to go to the hospital for treatment."

According to doctors, uterine fibroids mostly occur in women with age age, and the age of onset is concentrated at 30 to 50 years old.After female patients enter the menstrual period, most small fibroids will gradually shrink. However, if the medical examination finds that fibroids are gradually increasing, it cannot be allowed to develop and should be processed as soon as possible.

Jia Yijuan, the attending doctor of the Department of Gynecology, Wuhan First Hospital: "The early trend of female friends who are early, unmarried and unhappy female friends are more likely to occur in uterine fibroids. Women who are in normal age -age periods, female friends between 15 and 49 years old must have a physical examination,Do a B -ultrasound. If you find that you have uterine fibroids, you should review it every three months to half a year, and the uterine fibroids can be treated with surgery greater than 5 cm. "

(Hubei Economic Vision "Live View Live" Reporter: Tong Liang, Li Peng Correspondent: Yan Rui)

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