Although the baby is not afraid of cold, the living environment cannot be too cold, and pregnant mothers need to pay more attention in summer

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Looking at the mobile phone information at home, the three -child policy was released; suddenly received a message from a friend in the group: she was in the middle of pregnancy, but she had a miscarriage.

I couldn’t help sighing. The same day, some people were happy, some were sad; some people greeted their freshmen excitedly, and some people were sad and hopeful …

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Although I have never met with this friend, I have also communicated more or less in recent years. I know that she wants the baby’s urgent mood and know how easy she is. I shared the joy of her wish to pay for the first time.I also heard her all kinds of shattered thoughts about the blame during pregnancy …

In this abortion, she was in pain, but she was helpless. In fact, she was really too much.

The temperature rose sharply two days ago, and its own raging mode was opened in the summer, and endless light and hot fluff surface were opened to the earth and people.As a pregnant mother, she is even hot and unbearable. She couldn’t help eating ice for a few days in a row: ice watermelon, ice cream, ice milk tea … One day in the air -conditioned room that stayed at home 24 hours a day, the room temperature remained at 24 degrees.

As a result, from the night before, I felt a little painful in the lower abdomen. By yesterday morning, I started vomiting and had bleeding. The family was busy sending her to the hospital. There was a symptom of miscarriage. Although the doctor tried his best, it was a pity that the baby still did not stay.Come down.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Later, an familiar doctor judged that this had a lot to do with the poor physique of her friend itself. Of course, it was also greedy with her, eating too many cold things, and kept staying in a relatively low temperature space.As a result, the uterus is too cold. In the cold environment, the baby is difficult to develop and develop, and eventually leads to tragedy.

In fact, pregnant mothers are not unable to eat ice cream, nor can they not stay in the air -conditioned room, but they must stop everything in everything.If it is blindly cold, it is easy to cause a series of unnecessary troubles.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

In the stomach of the pregnant mother, the baby is accurately speaking in the uterus of the pregnant mother, and the general state is usually very comfortable.Because the amniotic fluid was a constant temperature, the fetal baby drifted away freely, and occasionally turned his head, occasionally kicking his legs, and interacting with your mother …

However, this "small house" of the baby is very scared.Because the temperature of the uterus is low, it is no longer suitable for the growth of the baby.The so -called "Gong Han" is not just that the temperature inside the uterus is low, but that the function of the uterus is in a relatively low state.In this way, for the baby’s baby, the uterus is no longer a space for his own arrogance, but it becomes the sadness of "the house is leaked but it is rained".

Under normal circumstances, if the female palace is cold, the chance of conception will be low. Even if it is conceived, it may cause the baby to develop normally for this reason.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Summer is a very beautiful season. Although the sun is like a fire, looking at it, the fruits and vegetables are the season, which can make people full; many small parks are also lush green plants and big trees.Take a walk, which will make pregnant mothers not only get physical exercise, but also enjoy psychological relaxation.

Therefore, such a beautiful season, as long as the pregnant mother takes care of her actual situation, compared with her unhappy, properly converge, and can spend this season easily and happily.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

First of all, the appropriate amount of ice and cold drinks can be eaten.

Healthy pregnant mothers do not have to be too concerned about "cups and snake shadows" because of all kinds of worry. Under the hot sun, when their mouths are very snoring, occasionally a ice cream to cool down, or a cup of cold drinks to relieve heat. There is no problem at all.

It’s just that if there are pregnant mothers with signs of abortion in themselves, don’t try it like this.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Secondly, enjoying the air conditioner is completely fine.

To give a simple example, whether it is because of the hospitalization and hospitalization or delivery in the hospital. Where is there no air conditioning?You can blow the air conditioner in the hospital to cool down. Is it not possible to get your home?

So as long as it is correctly blowing the air conditioner, it is not necessary to worry too much for pregnant mothers.

Before using the air conditioner, you need to clean it, especially the components of the inner air conditioner need to be cleaned regularly, especially the air filter, otherwise the cold wind will be dirty.

The room temperature should not be too low. Generally, the temperature is 26-28 degrees, and the state of the whole person is comfortable.If it is to be in a public space, it is best to have a thin coat to prevent the temperature from being low.

Don’t stay in the air -conditioned room for a long time, but also pay attention to the regular opening of the windows to ensure health!

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Third, pay attention to moisturizing and hydrating

In the air -conditioned room, pregnant mothers will make the sensitive skin that is sensitive during pregnancy more dry or allergic.Therefore, it is best to put a small air humidifier beside you.

In addition, mothers during pregnancy should drink water appropriately to ensure sufficient water in the body, which will effectively alleviate the irritability that is easy to produce in summer.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

As for the nutritional balance that pregnant mothers should pay attention to at all times, there will be no more babies here.

The rich fruits and vegetables in the summer, and all kinds of meat, all eat it!The diet is light, but not picky eaters, and there is no shortage of nutrition that you and fetal baby needs, which is the best state.

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