Always sore back during pregnancy?Don’t find the reason for the reason for the pregnant mother, but there is a problem with the sitting posture

For pregnant mothers, all aspects of life after pregnancy need to pay attention to, such as diet, sleep, etc., and sitting posture during pregnancy cannot be ignored.If the pregnant mother’s sitting position is wrong, not only hurts her body, but also has a great impact on the fetus, especially after the third trimester, the fetus is getting larger and larger, and the pregnant mothers should pay more attention.The following sitting misunderstandings, never touch after 8 months of pregnancy, otherwise it may affect the fetus into the pot.

Sitting position is too low

Due to the large stomach of the mothers in the third trimester, if the location is too low, the legs cannot be stretched out smoothly, then the belly will be oppressed by the legs, and it is easy to extend the time of the fetus into the pot.In addition, the low sitting position makes the body in a tight state, which will affect the blood circulation, cause the pregnant mother’s legs to sour, and the body will have edema. Therefore, pregnant mothers must avoid this misunderstanding.In addition, in order to prevent edema during pregnancy, it is best for pregnant women to put on breastfeeding underwear, because it has no steel rim bondage, coupled with a large expansion space and high -side wings, it will not make the pregnant mother’s breasts feel tight.Blood circulation helps expectant mothers stay away from edema during pregnancy.

Sitting down for too long

Many pregnant mothers become more and more lazy in the third trimester. They often stay on the sofa or bed for more than half a day, but there are many disadvantages to sit or lie down for a long time in the third trimester, which is easy to increase fat accumulation.No good.Therefore, appropriate exercise during pregnancy, pregnant mothers often walk down and climb the stairs, are all good choices. You can wear comfortable home clothes in exercise, loose and soft, and cotton material is also very breathable. The most important thing is that the most important thing is thatThe face value is very high, and there is no sense of disobedience even if you wear it.

Stick Erlang’s legs

In life, many people like to lead Erlang’s legs when they are sitting, but this sitting posture is taboo for the expectant mother who is pregnant.Not only will it hurt the legs, but it will also affect the fetal position.Because the pregnant mother only has a unilateral hip force when the legs are in the leg, the fetus will shift the direction. After a long time, the fetal position may change a lot, and it will affect the potting time.

Lying on the sofa

After the third trimester of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will feel tired because the belly becomes bigger. At this time, the pregnant mother does not like to sit straight, but is used to sitting on the sofa or bed, as if more comfortable.However, in fact, this sitting posture has serious problems. Because the pregnant woman is half -lying, the waist is suspended and loses support. Therefore, the spine will bear huge pressure and make the pregnant mother feel back pain.

During the third trimester of pregnancy, it is not far from the production of fetal, so pregnant mothers must not make mistakes. The above four sitting positions, pregnant mothers should avoid it in time, try to keep up as positive when sitting, and get up for the event in about half an hour.

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