Always tight chest tightness and dizziness?Pregnant mother is careful, may be related to these!

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers may have the case of chest tightness and shortness of dizziness. Do not ignore it. The reason may be physiological, but it may also be reminded that you are anemia and you must correct it in time.

The cause of chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness

Due to the increase in basic metabolism during pregnancy, the oxygen consumption increases by 10%-20%compared to normal people. When it is in a low oxygen environment, for example, when squeezing the subway and visiting the supermarket, it is easy to feel dizzy because of hypoxia.Essence

Pregnant mothers are also related to the position. For example, when pregnant mothers lie on their back or stand for a long time, due to the enlarged uterine compression of the lower cavity vein, the blood volume of the heart is reduced, the blood pressure decreases, it is easy to occur at low blood pressure.Condition.

Dizziness in the early pregnancy is also related to the lack of eating. Due to insufficient eating, pregnant mothers may have symptoms of hypoglycemia, causing dizziness.

Dizziness and chest tightness occur in the middle and late pregnancy. Pay attention to whether it is related to anemia.Anemia is light and heavy, but it will have a certain impact on the fetus.When anemia is severe, the fetus is hypoxic and affects the growth and development of the fetus.

These pregnant mothers are more common in dizziness. In addition, some heart diseases may also lead to dizziness, but they are relatively rare.

Therefore, in general, if the pregnant mother only dizzy once or twice, it can be relieved soon, then you don’t have to be too nervous; if you often dizzy, then you should seek medical treatment in time and judge the specific reasons.

How to prevent chest tightness and dizziness

Whenever dizziness occurs, the most important thing is to prevent damage caused by falling.

Don’t stay for too long in places where crowds are dense and airless.

Don’t stand up suddenly, don’t act too fast when you get up, take your time when you change your position.

Don’t take too long, eat less meals, you can add snacks such as milk, fruits, nuts, etc. in the middle of the meal. It is best to bring some candy and fruits with you. After eating breakfast in the morning, go to work to work on the way to work.

After pregnancy, pay attention to increasing the intake of iron -containing foods, such as animal liver, lean meat, egg yolk, dark green vegetables, black fungus, and so on.

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