Amazing truth: Earthly branch originally refers to the process of women who are pregnant and have children

Earthly branch initially refers to women who are pregnant and have children.Xia Zhengjian Yin (with Yinyue as the first month), that is, the first Yin branch was led by Yin branch.The process of gestation referred to in the Earthly Branch is as follows:

Yin: In early pregnancy, men’s and women’s intercourse.

阳: Yin and Yang Jiaotai in February of pregnancy, getting pregnant

Chen: March of pregnancy, a great pregnancy

: April pregnancy, the fetus basically formed

Noon: May pregnancy, fetal movement, the mother who was obviously kicked when the belly drumped up a bag

Before: June pregnancy, the fetus was clear, but the consciousness had not been generated.

Shen: In July of pregnancy, the fetal consciousness was formed. At this time, even if premature birth, there was a certain chance of survival in ancient times.

为: In August of pregnancy, prepare blood circulation and qi brewed for pregnant women.

,: In September of pregnancy, it is about to be emerald. Pregnant women and their families should be careful to protect the fetus.

Hai: October pregnancy, delivery

Zi: Beinborn, wrapped in waist and legs.This month, it is still a hard -to -pass to babies in the ancient environment.

Ugly: In February babies can catch their faces, indicating that the baby’s development is normal and the birth process is over.

The above statement is not a letter of vocal yellow, but from the analysis of the corresponding ancient constructor.

Tiangan support is actually very important for understanding Han culture.Not only because it is used in the calendar, and even the fortune telling; more importantly, the ancient texts of the Tiangan and Earthly Branches are unique (text).

There are 540 "Said", and Twenty -four Tiangan and Titan supports twenty, accounting for one -twenty -fifths.Understand the Tiangan and Earthly Branches, and the related words are easy to understand:

For example, "more, business, edge (edge)" based on the word "C", "Tang, Kang, Yong" based on the word "Geng", "relatives, Yi, and concubine" based on the word "Xin";The word "vibration, shock, humiliation, and farmers", based on the "reform and sacrifice" of "巳", based on "this, engraved, nuclear" of "Hai".

The order of Sky Stems has been headed by A since ancient times.Although the order of the earthly branch remains unchanged, it has gone through several sway.The history of Chating Fa knows:

The Xiali is the Jianyin of the first month, Jianyu in February, and Jianchen in March.The business calendar is the ugly month. In February Jianyin (the current Western calendar is also equivalent to the first month of the first month. Generally, the Western Calendar was on February 4th or the No. 5 occasionally on the 6th, the coincidence …).The weekly calendar is the establishment of the first month, and it is ugly in February (the currently used weekly calendar).The Qin calendar is Jianhai, and Jianzi is Jianzi in February.The so -called Jianzheng is to determine which month is "the first year."

Xia, Shang, Zhou Qin is not the same.In the Han Dynasty, the recovery of the summer calendar was that the first month of Jianyin was the head of the year (Wu Zetian has changed Zhou Zheng, Jianzi) has been in use so far.

At present, it is the summer calendar, and the Xialian calendar is basically resumed from the beginning of the Han Dynasty. From the known period of the known calendar, the summer calendar time is the earliest and the longest.The changes in business calendar calendar do not rule out the possibility of certain political purposes.However, there should be a certain social significance, let’s guess one or two, and the official aunts listen to it:

Xia Li Jianyin is used to guide the creation movement and build people in accordance with the cycle of the land branch. Under the conditions of the Xia Dynasty, the highest success rate is the highest.Yin Li was ugly, ugly in the zodiac as a cow, and the evolution of the glyph showed that the earliest origin of the zodiac was the world of Yin and Shang.

Yin Chao is estimated to be produced for a long time.However, migration is naturally more efficient to transport luggage with energy transportation, but in the Yin Dynasty, which is rough in wheel technology, the animals that pull the car are more practical than horses.Therefore, Yin Li built a Zhengzheng with ugly (cow).

The Zhou Dynasty implemented a segmentation system, and the plentiful of the children was the foundation of the sealing system. Therefore, the Zhou Dynasty was established by the son. At the same time, the zodiac rat corresponding to the earth branch was also a representative of the prosperity.

The most fundamental reason for the changes in the formal may be related to the conditions of ancient breeding offspring:

When the calendar was initially established, people were restricted by productive forces. If you want to ensure the survival of your interest, you must just make a human movement in the spring of the spring.The most likely possibility, which is conducive to the most dangerous confinement time for the newborn mother and child.

Later, the food was rich, and people can ensure nutrition at any time, but the offspring of the offspring of delivery outside the winter must face the possibility of bacterial infection that is higher than winter.The proportion of children who can make confinement is very low.Therefore, after confinement is the first step to successfully complete the breeding of children.Therefore, the second one is the ugly.

Later, our Chinese medicine slowly became a systematic system, and the relevant concepts and medical skills of confinement were established, which greatly improved the success rate after childbirth.At this stage, the monthly moon in confinement is the first critical point point to ensure the survival of the child.So the third is the Jianzi.

In summary, the sub -sequence of the earthly branch headed by Yin is the initial appearance of the earthly branch.If this order is in this order, Jiazi is not the first year of the tribes, but Jiayin.The tributary year is headed by Jiazi, which is likely to be the earliest use of the Ganzhi years in the Zhou Dynasty. Correspondingly, the stem symbols on the Oracle on the Yin Dynasty are used by the Ji Day;(841 BC)

Some readers may be curious why they are paying attention to the order.

From the author’s opinion, when the earth branch is used in the history of the law, it is based on the whole of an event, and the second order is determined based on the beginning and end of the event itself.Therefore, the correct order is an important clue to understand the true meaning of the earth.Then the prelude of the earthly branch based on the summer calendar is: Yin, 卯, Chen, 巳, Wu, Wu, Wei, Shen, 酉, 戌, Hai, Zi, Ugly.

After speaking a lot of related questions, we have officially analyzed the twelve earthly branches:

Among the twelve ground branches, the ancient text analysis of the word has formed consensus (or in ancient and modern, there is basically no objection), that is, the word "child":

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

Chinese multifunctional font library believes that there are two ways to write "Zi" in golden text, one is "", like a young child with a young child, with hair on his head, the door is not closed, and there are two feet. The other is ""Son" highlights the big baby’s head, his arms often wave, and the feet are not developed.The original meaning of writing is baby.Other similar websites on the Internet also have similar views.

We all know that survival and reproduction are most of the lives of the ancients.Since the word "Zi" is a baby, will the earthly branches be related to reproduction.The author once pointed out that Tiangan originated from primitive agriculture, and primitive agriculture is the core survival activity of our ancestors, and our ancestors have developed into an agricultural -based nation based on this.The earthly branch has always been mentioned with Tiangan. Since Tiansan originated from the core of survival, will the earth branch be the core of reproduction -breeding.

In addition, from the initial sequence of the earthly branch, there were ten earthly branches before the "Zi" of the Earthly Branch, and the ancients described the entire pregnancy as October.They are all ten. If "Zi" is a newborn baby, will the ten prefectures before the "son" be pregnant in October.These are a guess before the ground branch, but it does not prevent us from using this as an analysis idea.

There were ten "Zisi" of the Earthly Branch, but there was only one afterwards. Maybe let’s analyze the ancient text "ugly" and try:

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

According to the current information, the pre -Qin word "ugly" use case is used to surface branches except the name name.With no more information reference, the general view is directly based on the structure, with "ugly" as the finger claw.However, the author believes that there is a word worthy of reference, that is, "ashamed":

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

Compared with the ancient texts of "ugly" and "shame", it can be seen that before the body, the ugly part of the "shame" word is different from the "ugly" character.When it comes to the carcass, the two are together.That is, from the book, the earliest constructive significance of the word "ugly" has disappeared.

In fact, the "ugly" Western Zhou Jinwen has become quite different from Oracle.If you look at the "ugly" type of the "ugly" word of the "ugly" character in the background, it is a hand that is grasped or faintly grip, and the "ugly" word "ugly" is more like animal (cats and dogs) claws.

The words "twist" and "New", which are followed, are likely to originate from the understanding of "shame" components "ugly".Before the appearance of the carcass, the word "shame" expressed his dedication (eating) mutton.Therefore, the "ugly" of the carcass contains the meaning of grasping, tearing, twisting.

In addition, the meaning of the word "ugly" in the clown of the idiom jumping beam is twisted, which is used to refer to the fox with a fable, a fox with a turning point.

Anyone who has experienced the experience of babies at the beginning of the primary student knows that children who produce at full moon will grab the face with their own hands for more than a month and two months. Most of the reasons are trapped or itching.

If the word "ugly" is used as the background of the population, the word "ugly" is likely to be a special first -born baby.In fact, there is a "ugly" font body that is quite close to Oracle (Chinese code can be checked):


The two points in the strange body above can be understood as scratches (or scars). In terms of "ugliness" of this foreign body, it is probably a more vivid structure.Because babies at this stage are likely to repeatedly grab the same place.

According to the analysis of the "ugly" of the earth branch above, the exact meaning of the "son" of the earth branch is the baby who is born in January, wrapped in his feet and dances with both hands.Because the newborn baby, his feet are still curled up, only the "child" structure only shows the hands, indicating that the newborn baby.

We guessing the process of "Zi" before the "Zi" process of October in October.The process is slightly obvious, evolving from small to large.As far as our analysts are concerned, the more obvious the situation is relatively better.So the remaining ten ground branches we have started to analyze from the earthly branch "Hai" in front of the "Zi" in front of the Earthly Branch:

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

It is not easy to use Oracle seal engraving. Obviously, the minimum Oracle text is the earliest relic.The figure above shows that before the Western Zhou Dynasty, the structure of the word "Hai" began to change. As for the late Western Zhou Dynasty, the golden text "Hai" was almost close to the structure of Jinwen "豕".See the figure below:

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

Although the glyph is easy to become obvious, referring to the ancient text use cases, the word "Hai" of the pre -Qin Dynasty is used as a person’s name, and the rest is used as a earthly branch "Hai" (see the pre -Qinjiajiawen Jianxian vocabulary database).There is only one possibility in this situation:

That is, before the late Western Zhou Dynasty, people’s understanding of the earthly branch changed.From the word "Hai" to the word "亥", this mutation is caused by the twelve earthly branches of the twelve zodiac signs.The occurrence of this variant is estimated to originate from the calendar.

The earliest calendar is likely to be the Chunyang (tenth day) calendar, or the calendar of the heaven (the earliest five elements concept even derived from the heaven, that is, the sun operation).This calendar stems from the observation of the sun and divides a sun operation cycle (one year).Because observation facilities are required, and there is a certain degree of calculations, this calendar should only be in the hands of a few people like wizards.

At this time, people are mainly concerned about survival.The corresponding historical age originated from Huangdi.Huang Di’s "yellow" did not represent yellow at first, but it should be adults wearing protective gear (see the clumsy "Is the Yellow Emperor really existed").Combining the Huangdi clan claims to have Xiong’s, we can imagine that the Huangdi era was the first era of the ancients from the forest to the plain and began to carry out large -scale agriculture. It is no longer a new era that relies on fire to drive the beast.

Regarding the ten -day calendar, "Zuo Zhuan · Zhaogong Seven Years" contains: "There are ten days in the sky, there are ten people, etc., the next thing, so on."

About the era of Emperor Yao, people who have fully adapted to the life of plain agriculture began to pay attention to racial reproduction. Emperor Yao invented the initial yin -yuki calendar (imperfect solar terms, and it was estimated that there were only four sections of soil at first) were adapting to this need.It is divided into four o’clock in the twelve earthly branches (the legend of the Emperor Yao era Houyi, probably the myth of changing the incident of the pure solar calendar replaced by the yin and yang calendar), and set up officials in the Quartet to respect the people.

This behavior is estimated to be the beginning of centralization. The "Historical Records" records that Siyue has followed the opinions of Emperor Yao, which represents the rebound of central power to central power.

There may be a doubt why the official may be in the twelve preparations, because "Yao Dian" has the words of Zhongchun, Zhongxia, Mid -Autumn Festival, and Zhongong.On the one hand, these four words represent the solar terms, and on the other hand, it also implies three months a season.In addition, the lunar calendar is divided by the moon’s plastic period, and the general year is twelve months.Therefore, the earthly branch is likely to be used for the moon.

From the perspective of the glyphs of the word "Hai", about the middle and late stages of the Shang Dynasty, due to the large -scale settlement of people and the more frequent interpersonal communication, people began to determine a specific time every day, so the twelve earthly branches began to be used for it for use for it for in the useRefers to the twelve hours divided by a day.

But for ordinary people, it is easy to confuse the time to record the hourly branches based on human reproduction, so they use the relatively active animals every day to refer to twelve hours (or some are attached).EssenceSo the twelve earthly branches and the zodiac signs were combined after long -term use of people.

Later, people were used to the time of the earthly branch.

Because the twelve earthly branches were mixed with the twelve zodiac signs, there were some characters in the earthly branch in the golden essay "Hai" in the earth.

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

The figure above shows that we have to restore the meaning of the first (real) of Earthly Branch in ancient times (real), and to avoid reference golden texts as much as possible.

Fortunately, after the scriptures, the zodiacity tendency of the earthly branch has almost disappeared (so the current meaning of Earthly Branch is also worthy of reference).This situation implies a possibility: the ethnic group that created Chinese characters has declined, but silently accumulates strength.Until the Spring and Autumn Period, it appeared again on the historical stage.

This possibility of finding a clue in "Historical Records": Xia Yu is a descendant of the direct -tied to the Huangdi;The legend of Zhou, this implies that Yin and Zhou are not descendants of the Huangdi blood system; Qin Zhixian’s daughter is a direct system of Huangdi (female), and it is said that he also swallowed the eggs and gave birth to Qin.

However, on the relationship, the son of the female practitioner is still the grandchildren of Huangdi, who is the blood of the Huangdi.It is based on the legendary Yellow Emperor’s era. The world of Shang and Zhou Dynasties is suspected to be chaotic. Only the books of the Qin Dynasty will re -inher the original Oracle to a certain extent.

If the reader can see here patiently, there is no doubt in his heart. Why do you say a lot of irrelevant above?

In fact, the history of the twelve hours and the power of the Shang and Zhou dynasties may be foreign. They all proved that the initial purpose of creating earthly branches in the opposite side was for the reproduction of the Yellow Emperor’s race.

Because the ethnic group is still weak, it has created the text but also the broom is self -cherished. Because the ethnic group is still weak, after being hit by the prehistoric flood, Emperor Shun had to absorb the ethnic groups that are not close to the blood relatives such as Yin Qi.Because the ethnic group is still weak, Emperor Yao created the twelve earthly branches. On the one hand, it was used to guide race reproduction, and on the other hand, it was used to replace the ten -day calendar to suppress the forces of the Quartet ethnic groups.The possibility of the background of the earthly branches is quite likely to reproduce human life.

From the perspective of the population of population, "Hai" is the last month of the birth of October. The biggest incident this month is to produce fetuses.Therefore, the word "Hai" can be parsed crying loudly for babies who are still born with the navel cord.The T -shaped component in its oracle is a big head and torso, and the earthly branch "Hai" is expressed by a newborn baby structure.Next, let’s take a look at the ancient text ":":

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

The "" structure is a big ax. In actual use, it is basically used to create "Shou"."" Extension is likely to originate from the "戌" of Earthly Branch.Pregnant women who are pregnant for nine months are very large, and they are about to be echoed. The pregnant woman should be careful, and the family of pregnant women should also protect them carefully.Therefore, the "戌" of the Earthly Branch said that the guardian pregnancy was born in September.Moreover, the structure of the word "字" itself is a bit similar to the abdomen of pregnant women.

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

The picture above is the ancient text "“ ", and the word" 酉 "is a narrow neck tip capacity.This structure of pottery is estimated to be the most suitable for buried in the soil to keep the temperature keep it in a better brew.Therefore, the "酉" word was originally referred to as vinegar brewing (the wine rumors were invented by Du Kang, and Dukang was the Xia Dynasty monarch, and there were many late branches).

Vinegar is southern China, especially the food for confinement in Guangdong (its main function is convergence, stimulating the normal function of the internal organs, and also producing blood circulation and removing stasis or even dampness due to convergence).In the area of Dongting Lake, the ancient times of Yunmeze. The climate in the Yellow River Basin was similar to the south, so at that time, confinement was very jealous.

Breeding confinement vinegar in Guangdong is generally a hundred days in advance.If it is buried in the soil to keep the temperature, it should be possible for three months.Therefore, the "酉" of the earthly branch is a vinegar brewing preparing for confinement in August pregnancy.Next, let’s take a look at the ancient text "Shen":

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

The structure of "Shen" was basically not changed until the early Western Zhou Dynasty. Modern people believe that it is the picture of the night sky that cuts through the night sky.Because the thunderbolt hit the object, it will cause huge destructive power, so it is considered by our ancients to be reflected in the will of heaven.Earthly branch "Shen" extended to children in July of pregnancy already have a complete consciousness and consciousness.

There are mostly wise sayings in the people in our people, which means that children born in July in July are early wisdom.This shows that the children who feed July in July are no different from children with full moon.

Modern science also shows that in July of pregnancy, the development of neuron cells in the baby’s brain has ended.More specifically, around the 27th week, the five senses of the fetus were completed, and the truly effective prenatal education started from this time.It is also because the five sensations are completed, and the words born in July of pregnancy have the possibility of feeding in ancient times.

Especially the sensitivity of the lips around 27 weeks is developed. After the development is completed, once it is touched, the sucking action will be produced.Otherwise, the food is on the mouth, but if there is no basic response, such a child cannot be fed in ancient times.

As for the structure of "Shen", the author believes that it is the transformation of the formation of lightning from the pictograph to the intention.In the "Shen" structure of the carcass, it is a vertical to communicate the world.

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

The picture above shows the ancient text "not". The lower part of the structure is the same as "wood". The upper part is trigeminal, but the fork tail of the Oracle and the scriptures is obviously vertical upward. This is because of the trees in the woods.Strive to get up to the sun.It is a tree seedlings in the word "unwilling".The original meaning of the denying of the word "not" with the word seedlings (unwillingness "or" no "to indicate negative, I am afraid it is one of the distinction signs of the Chinese source flow).

The Earthly Branch is estimated to be relatively "Shen", because it enters the middle and late pregnancy in June of pregnancy, and the stomach is already quite prominent, but as mentioned above, it must be completed in July, and the brain nerve development is completed. At that time, the birth of birth was completed.Babies have the possibility of feeding in ancient times.Therefore, the "not" of the earthly branch means that although the fetus in June of pregnancy is already a little infant, the consciousness is not clear enough. If it was in ancient times, it would not be enough to feed in June of pregnancy.

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

The picture above shows the ancient text of the word "noon". Its structure is generally considered to be the hammer for ancient rice, and it is the first text of the word "pestle".The experience shows that the normal developmental fetus starts to move in May, which is generally. Generally speaking, pregnant women can feel that the fetus is kicking herself, the fetal position is appropriate and the fetal movement is obvious.Bag.

Therefore, the "noon" of the Earthly Branch said that the fetus in May began to tapping in the mother’s belly. When the fetal movement was obvious, there was a "pestle" in the belly.Let’s take a look at the ancient text "下":

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

As mentioned earlier, the "金" Jin Wen is influenced by the ideas of the zodiac, and its structure tends to be like a snake, and even the script is affected.Therefore, modern people have different views on the structure of the "构", one is considered as a fetus and the other is a snake.In fact, combined with other ancient texts containing the word "字" (such as the "sacrifice" of sacrifice), it is not difficult to rule out the analysis of "巳" as a snake.

So the original structure of the word "初" was the fetus.Modern anatomy shows that the fetal bones in April of pregnancy are formed rapidly, so the pregnant woman in April in April is obvious.In addition, in early April of pregnancy, the gender of the fetus can be clearly distinguished.

Therefore, the earthly branch "" is formed by the fetal head and trunk of the fetus in April of pregnancy (the pregnant woman’s belly is obvious).

The word "ancient text" and "change" is likely to originate from the earthly branch "巳".Because women are concealed in the first three months, they can still be concealed in the first three months. By the April of pregnancy, the belly showed her abortion in the past April.Later, the original meaning was annihilated, and the "changed" extension was corrected.

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

The picture above shows the ancient text "Chen".Looking at its structure alone, as modern people, it is difficult to judge the meaning it expressed.However, there is a word with "Chen" as a component. We are actually very familiar with the agricultural (farmer):

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

From the perspective of the "Nong" word Oracle, "Chen" was originally a tool used between forests (fruit trees). Its function is weeding or loose soil, or both.Prove this function.Finally, the structure is shaped as "farm", which should be similar to the reasons of the "C" word (see the analysis of Tiangan C):

Because of the popularity of iron, the tool "Chen" finally changed from a straight tool to a bending tool.The word "C" is changed first, because its body size is large and the technology is simple.In the end, "C" became the most basic hoe, and "Chen" is likely to become a fan of weeds:

Therefore, the ancient text of the word "Chen" is an ancient weeding tool.The "Chen" "Chen" is disgusting to the fetus due to the disadvantage of the fetus (even the environment such as the smell), which drives the pregnant woman to improve.

The author of the same place believes that there are two: one, one, both have similar actions to leaning and shaking ("shock" and "vibration" are from "Chen" and "Zhen".Different body characters).Licking is to exclude the disadvantage of food (environment) and removing weeds that affect the production of crops in their goals, and they are all disadvantaged factors.

Experience shows that the pregnancy is ended in March in normal pregnancy.However, if the pregnant woman fails to make appropriate adjustments in time after the pregnancy is started, the pregnancy vomiting in March of pregnancy is becoming more and more serious.The ancients had difficult living conditions. Even if they knew that they had to make adjustments, they could not make changes without the conditions. Therefore, if the ancients were pregnant, March was likely to be the worst month.

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

The picture above shows the ancient text "上".From the perspective of the structure of Oracle and script, the author believes that "卯" is a component used on the door for Kamen, as shown in the figure (remove the door 闩 and go closer to see, it is directly the pictograph):

Secondly, the ((extension) in the tenon structure also reminds that "卯" is a card hole structure, as shown below:

Third, the ancient text "Liu" with "" as the component can also give clue support. The following is the ancient text "Liu":

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

Regarding the willow tree, we all know that the willow branches are relatively soft and long. The most special is that willow branches grow downward, and many of them can hang to the ground.So the willow branches fit up vertically like the door closed.As shown below:

As mentioned earlier, "门" is the component of the card door on the door, so the extension of the word "卯" is also logical.The dialect "卯 估" is estimated to be derived from closing the door. After the wooden doors with doors are closed, the two doors are closely connected to each other, just like the top, so "卯" can be extended to confront.Therefore, the ancients expressed the biggest feature of the willow tree with the image of "形": the branches drooping and growing, and the branches were closely dependent on each other, which fits seamlessly like the door closed.

Therefore, the "" of the earthly branch is a combination of yin and yang in February of pregnancy, and it is conceived.Because the ancients could judge whether the woman knew her conception through the pulse in February pregnancy.Finally, the word "Yin" is left, let’s take a look at its ancient text:

Excerpt from Chinese multifunctional fonts

Adults know what to do to make women conceive, and the word "Yin" refers to this.The initial structure of the word "Yin" is estimated to be a male symbol, and it refers to a kind of people.

Later, (it is estimated that the late business) added two hands on it. At that time, the zodiac culture began to become popular, and its structure probably refers to the aphrodisiac ability of the zodiac tiger.The book "Yin" returned to its original meaning, and its structure meaning was to use male symbols in the room.The left and right -handed representatives are used for virtual fingers, and at the same time, it is also inherited the "Yin" formation of the previous Zhou Dynasty.

"Yin" is an invasion of yin, and the meaning of this invasion is extremely vivid in the word "acting".The reason why "acting" is evolving and evolution, because water infiltration objects are relatively slow, and with the time of time, the pictures generated by the waters are not the same.

The appearance of the word "performance" in turn proves that "Yin" is Yin and Yang Jiaotai between men and women.The "Yin" of the Earthly Branch uses its original meaning: Yin and Yang Jiaotai between men and women.

So far, the analysis of the true meaning of the ancient branch has been parsed.In short, the earthly branch initially indicated the first twelve months of human reproduction.It was once understood as the zodiac.However, the emergence of scriptures indicates that the meaning of the earth branch returns to the beginning.

However, there is a little question here why the earthly branches end "ugliness".

The author believes that from the perspective of reproduction, the fetus guarantees basically survival to be successful.With the ancient conditions, it is clear that the possibility of dying soon after the birth of the fetus is actually very high.Ancient babies had to face two major tests:

One is the inner. He needs to be transferred to breast milk immediately. There are two possible difficulties here. First, breast milk is not necessarily sufficient. Second, if the baby is not ideal in the mother’s body, the ability to suck breast milk may be discounted.

The second test is the environment. If the baby is born in bad weather, the improper care will cause the disease. With ancient conditions, once the newborn baby is sick, the possibility of death is very likely.

Therefore, the ancients were born two months old, and babies had the ability to capture their signs of success.Of course, twelve plastic wins a year in normal years are also important reasons for the earthly branches.

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