American men used drugs to get pregnant, and she really gave birth to a girl in October!sci-fi movie

The man drank the magical potion, his stomach raised into a ball, and he gave birth to a girl in October in October. What is going on?

The beginning of the story must start with a scientist. Arnold is studying a pregnancy potion. Women will not have a miscarriage when they drink, and men can get pregnant and have children.It was very successful, but this medicine was not obtained. The human body trial approval of the Federal Drug Office was not available. Therefore, the funder had been pumped away the funds and equipment. Therefore, they had to cancel the experiment.Mary occupied it. Seeing that the experiment was about to succeed, Arnold and his partner were very unwilling. Just when the two were unprepared, the partner had a bold idea.If you have data, you can persuade investors with data, so you can continue experiments with funds.

Arnold was very struggling when he heard his heart, but he was very glorious for the science, so he agreed to the partner’s idea, and then partner came to the laboratory of female scientist Mary, because Mary studied egg frozen projects, so the partner took advantage of Mary to take advantage of Mary.I don’t pay attention, stole the eggs at will, extract Arnold’s sperm, and injected them into Arnold’s stomach. After everything was ready, Arnold applauded the potion of pregnancy. After a few days, Arnold had a good.The pregnancy response, can’t eat anything, want to vomit when you smell a little greasy, the whole person is listless, and he feels very depressed.

In order to take care of Arnold, his partner invited him to live in his own home. This is also more convenient to collect receipts. As the belly gets bigger and bigger, Arnold is like a person, exuding a woman’s glory, and his body also happens.Great changes, the nipples became very sensitive, the belly gradually became bigger, and it became more and more emotional. I often thought about it. Watching a soap drama will be touched.Without a sense of security, very sticky.

One night when my partner was going to a ball, Arnold, who was broken, also wanted to go, begging the partner to bring himself, but the partner couldn’t hold him, and brought him to the ball. At the ball, Arno saw Mary who was out of his travel.It was amazing, so I went forward to say hello. Mary felt that Arnold became very gentle, so the two of them took a pattern and wiped out the spark of love. After the dance, the partner told Arnold that the experimental data had been collected.Continue to take the medicine, but Arnold had feelings for the child in the stomach and couldn’t bear to give up him, so he continued to secretly drink the potion, but the paper could not be covered after all. Over time, Arnold’s belly’s belly’s belly’s bellyIt became bigger and bigger. One day Arnold felt hot and wanted to take off a piece of clothes, but inadvertently revealed his belly. He did not blame him after his partner found it. He still took care of him and helped him cover it.

But the accident still appeared. On this day, Arnold and Mary dated in the restaurant. The two talked at the dining table very happy, but when they talked about Arnold, they said the experiment.Her secret, she was worried that she would have no children in the future, so she secretly frozen her eggs in the laboratory because she was afraid of being discovered. She also named the eggs second. Anuo was shocked becauseThe egg that was taken back from the partner was also called II.

So he hurried home and asked the partner before he knew that the baby in his belly was really him and Mary.The truth, but Mary was shocked after knowing it, and I was afraid that any one would not accept it. Mary felt deceived. They did not do anything, and the child was already pregnant.Explaining this absurd everything, but I did not expect that unlucky things hit together. His boss suddenly appeared because he accidentally learned Arnold, and he developed a pregnancy potion and successfully made himself pregnant.I want to snatch the results of the experiment and take away Arnold.

But motherly love is great, especially when his child is dangerous, the power of motherly love broke out. When he saw Arnold falling his shoulders, he fell his boss on the ground and escaped the laboratory.It is not good for Arnold, and the partner disguised him as a pregnant woman and sent it to a pregnant woman’s nursing home. But Arnold’s appearance was really amazing.This look, the dean expressed his understanding and arranged him a luxurious large bed room. Since then, Arnold has been pinching his throat, eating with a group of pregnant women every day, learning about childcare knowledge, and calling Mary every day to expressLove, finally Mary forgive him, and often came to the nursing home to see him. The two often couldn’t bear loneliness and did something unbelievable.

Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, he came to the days of Arnold’s production. On this day, Arnold was preparing for dinner with a plate. Suddenly, a stomach had a colic. The partner and Mary received the news, and quickly came to the nursing home.I went to the hospital, but I did not expect that the Black Boss learned the news and convened a group of journalists to be blocked at the door of the hospital. He hated Anno who wanted Anno to lose his fame, but when he drove to the hospital, he came down from the car and came down from the car.But it is the ex -wife of the partner, and the ex -wife of the partner is also pregnant, but it is not partner. In order to protect Arnold, the partner had to go out of this strategy. It turned out that he had expected this.Arnold, stole the window and slipped into the hospital.

The reporters did not see any pregnant men, and they accused the boss of the Black. The leader fired him directly for the sake of peace. In the end, Arnold gave birth to a girl. The family of three lived happily together. The film ended here.

This movie was released in the 1990s. The film interpreted the physiological changes of women during pregnancy through the perspective of men’s pregnancy. For exampleA series of changes have made the male lead extremely inferior. He also asked the female lead to accept it, and he has taken the same body shape. Such a gender conversion can better reflect the daily discrimination of women who are discriminated against.The changes that will occur after pregnancy. From the perspective of the shooting age, this film consciousness can be described as a very advanced. Even if the plot is relatively brain, it is undeniable that this is a recommended movie.

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