AMH0.01 menopause girl successfully

Red Net Moment News November 7 (Correspondent Yang Qi) Ms. Cai, 28 -year -old Ms. Cai for one year, was unsuccessful, and even menstruation did not come for several months. A comprehensive inspection in April found that AMH (anti -munch tube hormone) was only 0.01ng/ML, FSH (Fermented Hormone) also reached 43.69U/L, suggesting that her ovarian function has reached the level of menopause. She can’t believe that such a young hersThe doctor said that the test tube also hoped to be slim. Sure enough, the follicles could not be obtained in the later stages, and the test tube was powerless.

Ms. Cai found Professor Liang Huizhen, the director of the Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Department of Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and Director Liang was good at combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine conditioning for pregnancy. Many infertile sisters successfully conceived. Director Liang watched her inspectionAs a result, Ms. Cai was really a serious decline in ovarian function, and she was really difficult to get pregnant. However, Director Liang thought that whether she could succeed or not. She wanted to condition Ms. Cai first to condition her body, improve her physique, and strive to fulfill her dream.Ms. Cai also tried to try to make the last effort.

According to Ms. Cai’s situation, Director Liang first made her Chinese and Western medicine assessments. It was found that Ms. Cai not only had premature ovarian failure, but also accompanied by thyroid dysfunction. The core of treatment was to try her arms and improve her endocrine function, ovarian function andEstimation environment.

Director Liang arranged her internal Chinese medicine, nesting cream, bubble pot, and bed pot, combined with the warmth removal drug moxibustion and external treatment, and the whole disease of Ms. Cai was escorted.

With the cooperation of Director Liang’s superb medical skills and Ms. Cai’s own positive mentality, Ms. Cai was naturally successful.

AMH comes from the ovarian. It can be used as an evaluation indicator of ovarian function. It evaluates ovarian reserve function and predicts the effect of ovulation. It is also of great significance to predict the ending of test tubes.The reference value of AMH is about: 20 to 40 years old is 0.24 ~ 11.78ng/ml, and 41 to 50 years old is 0.00 ~ 1.22ng/ml (the reference value of each hospital is different, for reference only).When AMH decreases, it means that the ovaries are aging, that is, the decline of women’s fertility.However, AMH cannot fully estimate the decline in ovarian function in the future. It is recommended that if AMH has a low tendency to detect AMH, it is best to plan for fertility early to avoid delaying the best time to give birth!

Director Liang Huizhen reminds the majority of women: Although ovarian function gradually decreases with age, it also has a lot to do with hereditary, living, mentality, and eating habits. Sisters must pay attention to it.When you eat supper, your ovaries will become "old" with your body.If you find that you have problems with ovarian function, you must adjust it as soon as possible, adhere to the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, strengthen the maintenance of Chinese medicine, and cooperate with acupuncture and meridians to improve ovarian function. Do not wait until the end cannot be recovered.

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