An article allows 42 days of review after delivery

"After 42 days, you must bring your baby back to review!"

This is a sentence that the postpartum mothers were discharged from the hospital, and the obstetricians and nurses repeatedly told them.

Many pregnant mothers are full of questions:

Why should I go back to check after giving birth?Can you not go on a review?

Do I have to go in 42 days?

What to check?

Can you not go on a review?

Today we will answer these questions.

01 Why do you need a 42 -day review

Many pregnant mothers feel that they are recovering well and their bodies are not abnormal. There is no need to perform 42 days of postpartum checking. There are also pregnant mothers who are busy taking care of their babies, and they are busy with work and have no time to check.

Let’s take a look at the real experience of pregnant mothers ↓↓

Not only the problem of uterine prolapse, postpartum urine, and uterine bleeding, and the recovery of blood sugar recovery of diabetic mothers during gestational diabetes, etc., they can understand the physical recovery of the body through 42 days of postpartum examination, so as to make early, early diagnosis, and early treatment.

Therefore, it is important to check 42 days after giving birth!


Why is it 42 days?

For mom

During pregnancy, mothers’ bodies have changed dramatically. After delivery, they need to be recovered to normal after a period of time. Generally, about 6 weeks, and 42 days after delivery are only a rough range.Examination within 56 days is okay.

For the baby

Monitoring your baby’s growth and development is the first physical examination after the baby is discharged, which is critical to the baby’s future growth.


What items are included 42 days after delivery?

The first stop → regular inspection of postpartum

Generally speaking, the 42 -day examination after delivery is the same as the birth check -in. After the doctor takes the doctor, select the following aspects according to the specific situation of the mothers:

1. Check the birth canal or abdominal wound

2. Routine examination of blood, urine, and vaginal secretions

3. Abdominal color Doppler ultrasound examination

4. Review of pregnancy complications \ complications

5. Digital Pposal Mirror Examination

6.TCT+HPV inspection

Second stop → overall evaluation of postpartum

The overall rehabilitation of postpartum refers to the active and systematic rehabilitation guidance and training of postpartum psychological and physiological changes under the guidance of scientific health concepts, including postpartum rehabilitation guidance and training, including postpartum uterine recovery, pelvic floor function recovery, physical rehabilitation, back and back pain rehabilitation, rehabilitation, back pain, back and back pain rehabilitation, rehabilitation, lumbar back pain, rehabilitation of back pain, back and back pain, rehabilitation, lumbar back pain, rehabilitation, lumbar and back pain, rehabilitation, back and back pain rehabilitation, rehabilitation, lumbar back pain, rehabilitation of back pain, back and back pain, rehabilitation, lumbar and back pain, rehabilitation, lumbar back pain, rehabilitation, lumbar back pain, rehabilitation, back pain rehabilitation.Breast lactation and inspection and guidance in psychology, nutrition, etc., promote the rapid and comprehensive recovery of physical health within one year after childbirth, and improve the quality of women’s life.

The first step in postpartum rehabilitation is to conduct a comprehensive assessment. These evaluation data will be for doctors to tailor -made postpartum recovery plans and treatment for new mothers, and also provide data comparison for postpartum rehabilitation effects.

Specific evaluation content:

Body shape, posture assessment

Pen bottom muscle assessment

Evaluation of rectus abdominis

Pelvic assessment

Breast assessment

Pain assessment

Third Station One → Newborn Related Examination

42 days of postpartum inspection is the first step for mothers to start postpartum repair, and it is the beginning of the growth and development of newborn examinations.So what related examinations do babies need to do in 42 days after delivery?

1. Weight

2. Height

3. Head circumference

4. Breast

5. Evaluate development intelligence



The baby’s emotions are prone to change. If the mother chooses to check when the baby is anxious or hungry, it is difficult for the baby to cooperate with the doctor.Under normal circumstances, it is more suitable to do inspection in the morning, because at this time, the baby’s mental state will be better;

In order to facilitate the doctor’s examination, when you go to the hospital, you can replace your baby with clean and loose clothes in advance, and try not to wear more difficult jackets or buckle clothes.

Of course, the doctor will also ask the mothers’ breastfeeding situation, the living conditions of the husband and wife, and the plan to get pregnant again when they come to check. The new mothers can prepare any questions or confuses in advance to facilitate communication with the doctor.

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