An old man’s advice: This situation has no money to have a second child

An old man’s advice: If you have no money in this case, you have to have a second child. After 20 years, you will thank me

Regarding the second child, I recently received a message that a mother was tangled.She said that she is now 35 years old and has a daughter of elementary school.She and her husband’s income are not high or low. Each year, remove the necessary expenses of the family, and can go out twice, and the life is beautiful.She and her husband liked their children very much, and had always planned to have a second child.However, the quality of life will definitely decline, so the second birth is tangled … Indeed, many older parents will be tangled with the second child because they are worried about "no money".Every time, when I hear such a question, I think of my uncle’s advice on my cousin, "If you have no money in this case, you will have a second child, you will thank me after 20 years."This mother answer.

I especially want to have a second child. The quality of life of a second child is just a decline in the quality of life, and there is no situation that I can’t go through. I have no money to have a cousin and my mother. I also wanted to have a second child in the past two years, but she predicts that she predictsAs long as you get a second child in your life, the quality of life will fall immediately, and your life will need to be spent tightly.However, if the money saves a little flower, it will not be treated with two children.My uncle saw that she was hesitant and persuaded her: You are not 40 years old, and you want to have a second child. He predicts that the living level of the child will only decrease and not overwhelmed.Even if there is no money in your hand, you have to give birth. The older you are older, the more regrets. I believe you will thank me twenty years later.

Most of the children with many children, parents need to take care of their children. The money in their hands is not as sufficient as raising a child. I explained that before having a second child, they are used to imagine the second child before and after the second child.Human life changes.In the end, it will definitely find that the economic pressure of the second child will grow.However, if you really want to have a second child, don’t think of economic difficulties too much and difficult to overcome.After all, most families are not rich, and having two children must not be as easy as having a child, and they need to live carefully.If you do n’t have enough money in your hand, you will postpone the second child blindly, or you do n’t have a second child. As you get older, you will regret it more and more.The most afraid of you is that you are older, you ca n’t give birth to life, and you are an injection and a medicine to prepare for pregnancy.

When you have a second child early, you can see that the second child grows up early and enjoy the blessing of children. Many people who want to have a second child will treat the problem of no money, and always want to save a few years of money.It was normal, but when I was young, I could think so in my twenties.However, people are in their thirties, and they think that it is not cost -effective to regenerate for a few years.Because the second child is born in the later years, the age is older, which means that there is less time to grow up with the second child, and it is less cost -effective to enjoy the children for a few years.Therefore, if you especially want to have a second child, the quality of life of a second child is only a decline in life, and there is no situation that you can’t live.Twenty years later, you will be able to enjoy your children’s blessings healthy, and you will thank me.(Wen | Wen’er)

The second child is much more difficult than one child. What is going on?It’s nothing more than 3 key factors

[Text/Qian Qian Mom Parenting Scriptures] A post -80s Baoma, who has a female treasure at home, likes to write, read, like to share her parenting experience, and like my mother who likes me.

Introduction: Mother who wants to conceive the second child, compared to a child, feels very difficult. What is going on?It is nothing more than three key factors. You must learn to adjust.

There is a saying that it is in place. "Those who want to have a second child can’t give birth, and those who can have a second child dare not give birth." For mothers who want to have a second child, many people feel that it is so difficult to be pregnant with a second child.It is mainly related to 3 reasons.

1. Causes of age

Women who are pregnant with the second child are generally higher than 35 years old, and the best fertility age of women is 23-30 years (there are other sayings).

For men, there is also the best age (30-35 years), but it is smaller than women’s influence.The older the age, the physical fitness of women has shown a downward trend, especially the quality of the eggs is declining.

Because of the age, all aspects of the body are affected, which is relatively difficult to get pregnant.

2. Excessive pressure

I was preparing for a year of pregnancy, because I was pregnant for a long time, I was nervous before I asked my child, and I was worried that I couldn’t get pregnant at once.Because the stress was too stressful, the ovulation period was not measured that month, and there was no suspense.Both my husband and my family made me relax, my body was fine, I was nervous, and it was so long. I could n’t have the opportunity to this time.

After their persuasion, I relaxed, no longer should be used as a task, and I feel it naturally. In the next month, the ovulation period is tested as scheduled, and I am very confident to conceive my baby.

The mentality is really important. I still want a child, so for a mother who wants to be a second child, there is a child, and the second child can not be pregnant.The intense emotional and ideological burden will affect the function of women’s ovaries through the changes in nerve endocrine, thereby affecting conception.

Before you want your child, you may wish to travel with you. Traveling can relax two people. Maybe there will be surprise!

3. Secondary infertility

Many people should be unfamiliar with this word. They have lived together for a year of childcare and have a normal sex life. They used to be pregnant before.There are no contraceptive measures now, but those who fail to conceive are called secondary infertility.

There are many causes of secondary infertility, such as immune infertility, ovarian dysfunction, fallopian tube adhesion, and male factors.

In the case of not being pregnant for more than 1 year, the cause should be found first, and a reasonable treatment plan is formulated according to different causes.

Why is the child so so fascinating with his parents?After reading, netizens: The genetic factor is so powerful

Why is the child so so fascinating with his parents?After reading, netizens: The genetic factor is so powerful!

Inheritance is a very amazing thing. Some people know if they are a family at a glance. They can look at the people’s eyes, nose, mouth, walking posture and so on.But sometimes if a child and their parents look together, it is not so similar to it, it can only be said to be like God.Many parents said when they quarreled: The child knows at a glance that it is not that I am born, or the child is not like me anymore.But you say that if you do your face to do parent -child identification, it will definitely affect the relationship between the husband and wife. In fact, you can observe these aspects.Why is the child so so fascinating with his parents?After reading, netizens: The genetic factor is so powerful!

Let’s tell how amazing the heredity is

Children’s sleeping positions are similar

Everyone has their own preferences. Even sleeping still has its own postures. Some people like to sleep on their stomachs and sleep on the front, and some people like to sleep sideways.Although everyone has their own differences, the child will be similar to his parents’ sleeping position.Many are the same as the places in hand and feet.

In this world, there are not few people who are similar to sleeping positions. At first glance, this sleeping position knows that it is born.

From the perspective

If the sleeping position is the same as that of people who have been together for a long time, then the appearance is not like this.When the child is born, it may not look like a parent, but slowly growing like a parent, but the gene is really amazing.For example, the children and parents of many celebrities are carved out of the mill. Take Lucky for example. It is exactly the same as her mother Qi Wei. It is also very similar to the athlete Tian Liang and their daughter.It’s very similar to my mother.So this look at it is definitely a biological.Don’t say that the child is not his own stupidity.

Hermore password

At first, people had a slow -moving egg. It was combined with an egg cell and a sperm. The sperm carried the father’s genetic material and the egg cells carried the mother’s genetic material.Therefore, children look like their parents, but people in the world are very similar to those who have blood relationships, but these account for a few.


The expression is not what everyone will do, but the expression that their children will do must be inherited. Not only can they pass through the expression, they can be deducted through the walking posture, and the same characteristic of other characteristics.

"The child meets the mother, cry!" Why did the child become "work" as soon as he saw his mother?

I do n’t know if everyone finds it. It is generally obedient to give the children to others. Once they return to the mother, they start to show their original shape, splash and make trouble, and think of Faer’s noisy people.

After walking yesterday, when I met a few mothers, I talked about this problem. Everyone talked about their own baby:

"Yes, yes, this phenomenon is particularly obvious. When my mother -in -law brought her baby, I was always obedient. As soon as I came back, I started to toss all kinds of toss. My mother -in -law always said that I was too delicate."

"Our family is the same. Once I came back from get off work, I cried loudly as soon as I saw me when I saw me, which scared me and my mother -in -law."

"My daughter is too. When I play with my brother and sister, I get up directly by myself. Once I am present, she becomes particularly coquettish and immediately hugs."


Why is this so?

In fact, it is not difficult to understand. No matter how young, there will be emotions, which is very small in time.If the people around him are not able to give him a sense of security at that moment, or if the intimacy is not so high, children will often hold back their bad emotions.Once I saw his mother, this relationship with him was the most intimate, and when he gave him a safe "backing", the emotions in the heart would be diarrhea, no need to wrong himself.

Especially those children who have not yet learned emotional expression, facing the bad emotions in their hearts, they often express their dissatisfaction with some trivial matters, and naturally they sometimes make some unreasonable trouble.

There is such a paragraph in "American Parenting Encyclopedia":

When your mother is absent, your nanny or family tells you that they are like an angel, in fact, because he does not trust other people and dare not test their bottom line.

But in front of you, the child will want to try all kinds of things, even if it is a rogue, or even a dangerous or difficult thing, because he knows that you will pity the misery; you will help him solve it when you encounter trouble.Essence

This sentence actually explains the biggest cause of the child.

The child’s sense of security comes from the mother

Alan Sagel, a psychiatric professor at the University of California Medical College of the United States, explained: "1 ~ 2 years old is the most obvious stage for children to have stickiness.When safety needs, you will return to the caregiver. "

After the baby is born, he lacks the most basic ability to take care of himself. Under the care of his mother for a long time, it will inevitably rely on the mother.

In the child’s heart, the mother is the one who loves them the most, and the person who can let them "lose his temper". Each time they lose their temper, they are actually expressing some negative emotions.When they feel negative, their only way is to lose their temper and cry.

Therefore, in the face of the baby who "works" when he sees his mother, mothers must not push them away, because this is their needs for security.In addition to giving the child a sense of security, mothers have to do a few things:

Don’t punish him because your baby always sticks to you

We sometimes see this scene: the child is crying, and the mother hugs, but the mother’s face is angry: "What cry! Cry!It’s! "

As soon as the child heard it, he cried even more. He hugged his mother’s leg and didn’t let it go. Wherever he went, he followed, for fear that his mother would really go.

The baby likes to read you, indicating that he feels that you are the most secure and happiest.If he goes fiercely because of this, it will make your baby have great doubts about himself, do you feel that he has done something wrong, is it a mother who really does not love me … at the same time, it will lack a sense of security, which will affect hisPsychological health development.

High -quality companionship

Many times, we mistakenly think that the so -called companionship is that the child is boring to play toys, and you can play with mobile phones, do housework, or some things you think to do and ignore communication with your child.

This kind of companionship is meaningless companion, nor is it necessary for children.

What children need are actually very simple, not how long it must be, but even in a short time, parents can accompany themselves to build a block, read picture books, or run together.They do not need to be accompanied by one mind, but they can feel love during the interaction process. This is the real companion.

There must be a farewell ceremony when leaving the child

When parents want to leave for a few days, they must have a farewell ceremony with their children, telling the child for a few days, when to return, even if the child does not understand, you will know what you have.If you want to leave for a long time, you must video and chat with your children often to make him determine your existence.

The author of "Listening to Child" Patty Whitel said:

"Children like to express all emotions at home and before the relatives, because he can be listened and understood. The more children are understood, the better he will realize in the future."

Although the child’s "doing" is very annoying and very big, this is the manifestation of the child loves you.Children are unprecedented in front of their favorite parents and release their innocent and lively nature, because the child knows that his parents love him tolerate him.

Xiaodou Miao released the "Intelligence and Behavior Report of Chinese Parents on Children’s Health Services in 2019"

Recently, Xiaodou Miao hosted "two -way empowerment, brand practice new perspective and the 5th anniversary of the small bean seedlings" in Shanghai, and officially released the "2019 Chinese Parents’ Attitude and Behavior Report on Children’s Health Services".The report analyzes the results of the behavior data of more than 20 million parent users and 10913 questionnaire surveys, and more comprehensively restores the attitudes and needs of Chinese parents for various subdivisions of children’s health.Grasp the pain points and needs of the majority of parents, and create a more valuable reference for product that meets demand and better products.

Little Doudan is a one -stop service platform for vaccination. Based on vaccination application scenarios, it provides convenient Internet services around the entire process of vaccination. At the same time, Xiaodou Miao pays attention to the health needs of children’s healthy children, give full play to the advantages of the platform, and continuously connect high qualityChildren’s health services have been fully transformed and upgraded into children’s health management platform.Since its establishment in 2014, Xiaodou seedlings have carried out in -depth research on industries facing their own precision children’s parents every year, produced and published in the industry white paper with the theme of children’s health to help children’s healthy industries better and faster.

1. Research user portrait

85.82%is female users, and only 14.18%of male users.

Parents accounted for more than 80%of the post -85s, post -90s, and post -95s.

Parents (0-1 years old) parents are more concentrated, accounting for 61.88%.

Users in first -tier and new first -tier cities account for 32%, and users of 2, third, fourth, and fifth -tier cities account for 68%;

44%of users have a bachelor’s degree (college) or undergraduate (college) or above;

【Parents Focus Focus】

In terms of children’s health, parents are most concerned about children’s growth and development, followed by mental health.There are also preventive/treatment of common diseases.

Second, disease prevention and treatment

[Vaccine Cognition]: The knowledge of science science of vaccine needs to be improved, and nearly 20 % of users still have doubts

It is found that parents’ awareness of "vaccine can protect children’s health" has increased, and nearly 78%of parents can take their children to vaccine in time.In addition, the main reason why children cannot take vaccines in time are children’s physical discomfort or drug effects.In terms of the division standards of first and second -class vaccines, 18.20%of parents still do not clearly divide the standards and believe that it is "medical division."

[Vaccine selection]: One type of vaccine is still the first choice for most parents

During the survey, 82.19%of the parents were more inclined to vaccinate free vaccines in the vaccination of the same type and efficacy of children. Parents thought that free vaccines were safer and the proportion of no money was higher.17.81%of parents tend to vaccinate their own expenses for their children. They believe that the self -funded vaccine covers more diseases and is an effective supplement to a type of vaccine.

[Class 2 vaccine attitude]: The second -class vaccine with a price of less than 200 yuan is most accepted by parents

In an investigation of the attitude of secondary vaccine, 66%of parents were willing to give their children a second -class vaccine with a price of less than 200 yuan.

[Genetic testing]: Nearly 10%of users have done genetic testing, and more than 80%have selected professional institutions

Genetic testing, as a means of effective diagnosis of modern technology and timely preventing potential diseases, is gradually accepted by parents.Among the parents participating in the survey, 8.85%of the parents have performed genetic testing for their children, and 7.38%of them have taken their children to professional institutions for genetic testing.

[Children’s Health Care]: Physical growth testing is the most concerned project of parents. 3-5-tier cities go to private children’s health care institutions for more than 2 tier cities

During the survey, more than 65%of parents had taken their children to do children’s health care. Among them, 57.86%of parents took their children to community hospitals for children’s health care. Only 2.23%of parents took their children to private children’s health care institutions to do children with care.In the children’s health project, physical growth test is the most concerned about parents.

The survey also found that the third -tier, fourth -tier, and fifth -tier cities have not given their children to children’s health care.However, the proportion of parents who go to private children’s health care institutions has gradually been the same as second -tier cities, even more than second -tier cities.

[Children’s medication]: 80 % of users are most concerned about "adverse reactions and side effects"

This questionnaire conducted a related investigation for how parents choose children’s medication in daily life. The results show that nearly 80%of parents are most concerned about the "adverse reactions and side effects" of drugs.

Third, health care

[Children’s health consumption attitude and behavior]: Quality and practicality are the main consideration of parents’ main considerations

During the survey, families based on child health -related parenting monthly expenditures accounted for 35.54%of families, and households greater than 2,000 yuan accounted for 12.50%.At the same time, when parents buy children’s health -related products and services for their children, they are most concerned about the quality of the product, followed by practicality.

[Channel for children’s health knowledge]: Parenting Knowledge APP becomes the first choice channel for acquisition knowledge

Parenting Knowledge APP has become the most important way for young parents to obtain children’s health knowledge at this stage.The second is to consult friends and family.In the face of a large amount of children’s health knowledge, parents are most worried that "the content is unable to distinguish the right and wrong, and dare not believe it easily." Only 8.2%of users said they were not troubled.

[Knowledge payment willingness]: nearly 80 % of users accept knowledge payment

It was found in the survey that nearly 80%of users accept knowledge payment, the main reason is that they can understand and master relevant knowledge more systematic and comprehensively.In addition, they believe that payment knowledge should be more professional and highly credible.

[Feeding method]: Pure breastfeeding ratio in three, fourth, and fifth -tier cities exceeds 50% as a whole

The questionnaire surveyed the feeding method of 0-1 years old. The results showed that the proportion of parents who carried out pure breastfeeding were more than half, accounting for more than 58%, three, fourth, and fifth-tier cities with pure breast milk feeding ratio overall more than 50%.The proportion of families with a monthly purchase of milk powder more than 1,000 yuan is more than 50%in cities at all levels.

[Add food supplement]: 81.51%of the supplementary food added to the baby after May, and rice noodles and vegetable powder become the first choice for children’s supplementary food

Parents added 81.51%to their babies after May.Among them, after June, the proportion of supplementary food for babies accounted for more than 54%.In the purchase of supplementary food, rice noodles/vegetable powder are still the primary choice for most parents.

[Nutrition products]: Nearly 84%of parents will buy nutrition products for their children, and probiotics are the most popular

It was found in the survey that nearly 84%of parents purchased different types of nutrition products for their children.Among them, probiotics are most popular with parents and have the highest purchase frequency.Because parents pay attention to their children’s growth and development, calcium products are also widely loved by parents.

[Washing supplies]: Baby wet paper towels, bath gels/soaps have become daily necessities in the family

The baby’s wet paper towel and the baby’s shower gel/soap have become the daily necessities of parents. The purchase rate is 82%and 80%, respectively.The purchase rate of the baby’s dedicated detergent/washing soap also exceeded 58%.

[Early Education]: Parents pay attention to their children’s education enlightenment and intellectual development.

More than 73%of parents have purchased various puzzle toys for their children, and more than 54%of parents have purchased early education books and audiovisual products for their children.In addition, nearly 10%of parents signed up early education classes and interest classes for their children.

[Child Insurance]: The insurance awareness is high. Nearly half of users buy insurance for children

The survey data shows that nearly 47%of parents buy insurance for their children.Among them, children’s education insurance accounted for 57.24%, and children’s medical insurance accounted for 29.94%.Among families who buy insurance for children, it is expected that children’s insurance expenditures per year are more than 1,000 yuan, more than 60%; more than 5,000 yuan, more than 16%.

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