Another side of the historic giant: Tang Yinba’s worry and panic

Li Teng (Department of World History of Shanghai Normal University)

"Arnold Tangyin Bi Bi Bi Biography", [Midea] William McNel, Lu Hou volume translation, Shanghai People’s Publishing House, May 2020, p. 429

Perhaps, Arnold Joseph Toynbee (April 14, 1889 -October 22, 1975) will not be regarded as expertsThe most famous and most well -known historians in the twentieth century.Generally, readers will know his "Historical Research", even except for himself and the choice of Somerville, who compiled the original, no one has read this volume of works.Perhaps, some people think of his "impact -response" theory, and Fei Zhengqing borrowed it into the study of modern Chinese history.The famous global historian McNiel’s "Arnold Tangyin Bybi Biography" provides us with extremely fresh and rich information for us to understand the inner world of this historian giant, so that we can see the other side of Tong Yibi.

Tang Yinbi’s granddaughter said that the Latin most often cited by his grandfather was "Nil Desperandum" (never desperate).In her opinion, this is the role model set by Tominbi for children.However, if a person often hangs on his mouth is "don’t despair", his heart may be very anxious, and he is often on the edge of despair.

Highlight of your youthful time

Tang Yinbi has shown genius from an early age.He has studied Greek and Latin at the Woodton School in Kent County since he was ten.In order to obtain scholarships from top public schools in the future, Tong Yin has a strict self -discipline life than he is, and these habits have affected his life.After a failure, Tominby became the winner of the Wemosm public scholarship in 1902.In fact, the more famous Eaton Gong and Harro Gongxue, which are more famous for us, are later than Wimmer’s school, and both are based on their management model.The strict management system and institutionalized bullying behavior made Tangyin hesitant, and dormitory without heating even made him almost die because of pneumonia.At that time, only his pet was accompanied by Tang Yinbi: an owl with a name that was not called "Heidevi".

In Wimmer’s school, the core homework is to learn ancient Greek and Latin, not only to read classical works widely, but also to learn prose and rhyme in ancient languages, and strictly follow the rhythm.Neither can not use the inferior Greek in the New Testament, nor the second -class vocabulary of the Roman "Silver Age".Even though they had entered the twentieth century at the time, there were almost no natural science courses such as physics, chemistry, and biology in public school. Modern history and literature were mainly taught by mathematics teachers.In various awards, Tang Yibi can almost get the top spot.

During the public school, Tang Yinbi wrote a cross -drama in Latin and won awards.In this virtual and real story, a fictional Roman emperor was called Emperor British, and then controlled Gaul and Italy and was killed in the war with the East Emperor.The dead emperor’s soul was out of extinguish and crossed the streets of London in the 20th century. At that time, the British were celebrating a new contract with France.The interpretation of the international relations of the fourth century and the twentieth century showed the prototype of Tangyin’s grand vision in the future. These were written in Sissero -style Latin.

After entering Oxford University, Tong Yibi overcame the difficult adaptation period again and became the attention of the entire college.No one suspects that this young man will definitely achieve excellent achievements in the future.Although it has long been trained in classical language and literature, Tong Yibi still maintains an objective reality judgment.He believes, "In any case, Darkry’s impact on this world is always greater than Virgil."Like scholars and other scholars such as Mark Bloch, Tominbi also opposed Hegel’s purpose of "ghost", and he is more inclined to explain history with changes in Bergson philosophy, especially emphasizing "intuition".At the age of 22, Tang Yinbi was determined to become a "great historical scholar". To imitate the five volumes of German historian Eduard Mayer’s five volumes of "Geschichte des Altertums", it will surpassThe rich details of ordinary scholars are weaved into dazzling scrolls.He must continue to plan his future career and determine to become the master of this major.

Tong Yibi when studying at Oxford University was about 1925.

The sense of economic worries of lingering

As a British living in the early 20th century, even the "middle -class upper -level" family faces the danger of accidental swallowing at any time.The flowing channels are always open.Tang Yinbi’s father Harry once also wanted to imitate his brother to seek a faculty in the university, but the Paliol’s lecturer told his brother that there is no difference between the university teachers and the businessmen who sell tea.EssenceHarry finally served as the Minister of Charity Association in a small town, while helping the poor’s self -reliance, received a meager salary.Their family income does not even have the possibility of living independently. In order to maintain basic middle -class status, they can only live with Xiaoti Yinbi’s uncle.

Tangyopi’s father Harry is undoubtedly an idealist.The traditional concept of poor poverty is being blocked by the increasingly popular socialist. The so -called "charity" behavior that treats the standards and not the root causes will eventually be futile.His long -term inspection in northern England caused him to depth in depression until he was admitted to a mental hospital in 1909.That year, Tang Yin was just twenty years old.Old Harry lived in a mental hospital for thirty -two years until he died in 1941. Tong Yobi had passed the year of knowing his destiny.The situation of his father and the family economy’s constraints left a deep shadow in Tang Yinbi.He has always been very worried that this crazy condition is genetic, and he is afraid that he will become that way, especially when he is in trouble, this idea is lingering.

There is no doubt that lack of money is the theme of Tang Yi’s life.At this point, many people (especially young teachers taught by universities in colleges and universities in the early 21st century) should be able to suffer.For example, Tang Yibi loves to travel and travels many times in Greece and Asia.But every time he travels, he will record his spending in detail, and even calculate the spare money that he needs to return to Britain.He particularly hates the bargaining in the market, and he is more afraid of being deceived and spent more money.Throughout his life, worrying about incompetence has been lingering him.While serving as Professor Corais, he bargain for his salary; when writing an international affairs report in Chatham Building, he still refused to give up writing articles for the Times and other publications, because these manuscript fees were for him for him.The guarantee of "accidental joy in life".

Tang Yinby has been writing constantly. In order to obtain more manuscripts, the editors also calculated the issue of more tax taxes.After World War II, Tang Yibi was regarded as a prophet and became famous in the United States.He not only called on the United States to "consciously replace Britain", but also acts as the "leader of the remaining part of the Christian civilization" to fight the threat. At the same time, after the "Life" magazine refused to publish his contract about the fate of the United States, he still asked the other party to pay a oneA high manuscript fee of thousands of dollars.He was particularly willing to go to the United States, and always asked the organizer to give him a long rest time in the series of lectures.In this way, he can use the vehicles, air tickets and accommodation provided by the organizer to give lectures on the same topic elsewhere to earn additional income.After retirement, he became more clear about his goal, that is, to continue academic work, make more money, and see a greater world.After the "History Research" has achieved great success, the taxation has continued, but Tonin Bidi is still very anxious about financial issues, especially that the tax officer will suddenly impose a high fine or levy extremely high taxes on him.

On March 17, 1947, Tong Yibi appeared on the cover of "Times Weekly".

Tang Yobi and Ikeda’s talks won his name in Asia.In the five -day interview in 1972, in addition to paying the "consultation fee" of Tongin 3,500 pounds, the price of the Price Association also had to pay him at the time of his wife and assistant Veronica’s "thank you fee"At the same time, Ikeda also brought some Japanese art as a" meager gift ".Especially with the aging of the age, Tang Yinby’s dedication to money has damaged his image and grace, and even affects his behavior.When we look through the bargaining letters, we can’t help but think of how Tang Yobi under the spotlight condemns the poverty of greed and praise the poverty of St. Fangji.Tang Yin is better than himself, and also shows the complexity of history and humanity.

Marriage and family

The marriage with Rosalle is not only what he wish, but also the source of his pain.This marriage has been opposed by Tomobi, because Rosalle is a traditional liberal nobleman, the daughter of Gilbert Murray -in our words, it is "too high in ingredients."Murray himself is also a classic scholar. The compiled ancient Greek drama works are all the rage on the London stage in the early 20th century. He also served as a Professor of Greek from the University of Oxford from 1908 to 1936.In the nearly 30 years of teaching Oxford, Murray focused on transforming classical education and research of Oxford University, trying to associate the ancient world with the real world.Murray played his father’s role in Tangjin’s life and eventually became the father -in -law of Tang Yinby.

Gilbert Murray’s old age photos and signatures

In 1913, Tang Yinby married Miss Rosalle.As a very unsuccessful novelist, Rosalin has a sharp temperament and is more vanity.When she was born in a wealthy family, she would never save money as Tang Yin better when facing economic difficulties.After their marriage, Tang Yinby’s salary as a professor is very high (different from the current professor), and he can often write articles for newspapers in exchange for a lot of manuscripts, but it is always difficult to accept Rosalin’s use of bank overdrafts to use bank overdrafts.To maintain a very high level of living.The debt is extremely painful than the soup.Nevertheless, Tang Yin was better than "petting" Rosalle, and endured the economic pressure brought by Rosalle.However, he did not really participate in the management of the family, or helped his wife to share the specific affairs of the child.Because he has a big book to write, this book is "Historical Research", which is called "nonsense book" by Rosalin. Tang Yinbi often rushed from me in this name in his letter.

In the autobiographical novel "Happy Tree" (1926), Rosalle described her dissatisfaction with this marriage.She described her life with "literary techniques" without concealing.The heroine in the novel grew up in a rural castle. After marriage, there were three children. The rich grandmother refused to give them additional economic help.This is exactly the same as Rosalle’s life!The heroine’s husband (Shiro Tangyinbi) is an expert who studies ancient inscriptions. She was unable to participate in the army due to physical reasons.This is also a real life.At the end of the novel, the 36 -year -old Roseinde said borrowed the heroine: "My childhood is very happy; I am a wrong person, but the one I love deeply died in the war.That’s it. "In addition to Tang Yobi’s family and Rosalle’s family are not right, this dissatisfaction may also be related to the premature interruption of the interruption.Before and after marriage, they were all people with a strong energy, but after the third child was born in 1922, they thought that only if they were completely broken, they could avoid Rosalin’s continuous pregnancy.More children.

Tomosi’s first wife, Roseline Murray

Before a thorough break with Rosalle, Tang Yinby was also obsessed with the outstanding medieval historian Irene Ball.Ball is called the most famous women’s history and medieval economic history experts in the first half of the 20th century. Unfortunately, in 1940, he died early in 1940.Her "Middle Ages" and "Medieval British Female Institute" are two books, which are regarded as a representative study of Cambridge’s economic and social history.In 1929, the two happened to travel in China. Irene’s amazing beauty, sophisticated clothes and the conflict between the two conflicts in the Far East, both made the soul upside down, so that the hotel room of Irene at night, requiredShe should not marry a fiance who is already engaged.Compared to Tangyin, Irene is more calm.In the last communication between the two, Tang Yibi signed "always belongs to you", and wrote a poem "Schoen Niu" in Greek to express his feelings.

Irene Ball (1889-1940)

1939 was the dark year of Tang Yibi.In February, his mother died; in March, his eldest son Tony fired a shot in the quarrel with his fiancee and died a few days later.This year is also the year of World War II.During World War II, Rosalin lived alone in London, and often wrote a letter to work in Oxford to work as a "coward". He said that he was afraid of the air raid against London.In Oxford.In the fall of 1942, the relationship between Rosalle and Toninbi had become an deadlock and officially separated.Before the divorce, Tang Yobi asked himself in the British Institute of International Affairs, Veronica Bolt, would she marry him if she was abandoned by his wife?Bolt promised.Since 1925, Tomobe has written the "International Affairs Report" with his own strength, and Bolt has been the most powerful assistant for the long -term.Needless to say, Tang Yibi has an unparalleled talent, which can build a clear discussion system for a variety of complicated current affairs in the year.As a result, Tangyopy and Rosalle were finally divorced in August 1946; in September of the same year, 57 -year -old Tomberg and Bolt remarried.

Pessy and love for the world

In addition to family life, especially economic concerns, Tangyinbi is often worried about the decline of Western civilization.After reading Spengler’s "The Fall of the West" in the summer of 1920, Tang Yinby began to consciously build his own great work.His earliest starting point was two axioms: First, the smallest unit of historical research should be a complete society, not part of the part of arbitrarily.Second, the history of all civilized society is parallel and accessible in a sense.A variable is the difference between the traditions of various nations.In that summer vacation, he listed the top ten characteristics of a civilized society in the manuscript of "The Secrets of the Man". These were based on the ancient history of the Aegean Sea to the two river basins.

Needless to say, although the legendary Tong Yibi always said that he hopes to live in Xinjiang, China in the fourth century AD, the 23 -year -old Tang Yinby wrote to his mother and said, "At the current stage (that is, the rise of China until the annexation of the annexes until the annex of the annexationSo far), Public student students in England will compete for the leadership of the world with young German elites. "He was afraid that "China becomes the center of the world, and we will become the ‘southern guy’." Therefore, Britain should "armed to teeth", to rule India, develop West Africa, and even establish colonies in Canada, just like the ancient Greeks once governed Asia.In "Nationality and War", Tang Yinby even revealed the ideological tendency of "yellow disaster".He believes that China will compete with the "New British Empire". This new British Empire is composed of various republics in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and South America."Promotion".However, Tang Yibi, who was young and felt that "war is fascinating", did not serve military service when the outbreak of the First World War.He himself has always insisted on dysentery and always preserved the proof issued by the doctor at the time.

Later, the brutal Tang Yinbi of the war changed and hated the war for life.After the First World War, Tong Yibi was appointed at Professor Koalas in London’s Professor Koalais.Tang Yin has special feelings in Greece. In the inauguration lecture of Professor Corais, he believes that from ancient times to the Middle Ages to the modern world, Greece has always been the outpost of Europe in the East, and its history is full of unique suffering.Since Greece, Tang Yinbi has begun to include the history of the entire Eurasia.At that time, Tang Yibi’s thinking framework was still within the dual -east -west framework.Talking about the Battle of the Anatolia Plateau in Greece and Turkey in the early 1920s, Tang Yibi’s obvious pro -illegal argument made Greece sponsor who supported this professor’s seat.Enjoy the high salary donated by the Greeks, and reprimand the Greek government and praise the Turkish people, which threatens Tonin’s position.Tang Yinbi has always tried to persuade Britain and other European countries to recognize Muslims’ demands with European ethnic groups.From the perspective of Tangyobi, Muslims have more suffering than Greeks and Oriental Christians. The crimes of Turks are "the result of this civilized earth collapse, not just the fault of the murderer."Moreover, he believes that the impact of Islamic Native Trusterists is very small, so there is no need to worry about it.

The publishing of "History Research" in the 1930s also catered to the anxiety at that time, especially in the first three volumes, Tang Yinby’s decisive elements of the disintegration of civilization.With the text of "Prophet’s Tone", Tang Yinby extended his histori -vision to a broad field of vision that was unprecedented or even imagined.There is no doubt that all researchers will inevitably be affected by the era, especially in the impact of the Second World War.Tang Yinby believes that a certain form of world government will be inevitable, which may be the ultimate destination of all mankind.On the one hand, he was happy to see such an empire, because in the empire covering the global empire, there may be no world wars.On the other hand, the violence in the process of the establishment of the global empire must hate Tang Yibi.In the turbulent era, Tong Yinbi began to return to the spiritual world when he was a kid, and he regarded Christianity as the highest belief.After World War II, especially after the pain of the rupture of family relationships gradually failed, Tong Yibi was relieved from the lofty sense of suffering, and turned to more free oriental religion, especially Buddhism.

Tangyinbi’s writing method: Write, write constantly.

Under the pressure of heavily, in the hidden concerns of the moment, Tang Yinby still completed a masterpiece like "History Research".His work efficiency and work intensity are high, and no one can.For example, he wrote a report on the Institute of International Affairs in the Institute of International Affairs was the famous historian Jeffrey Paleklav. Not only did he not be able to complete the report on time, he had to resign in despair.In the next pen and concerned about the theme, Tang Yinby is a genius that is not the world.But in addition to his unique genius, more importantly is his dedication to his selected goals.No matter what happens, whether it is Rosalin’s complaints, the noise of the children, and the news of the suicide of the son, in what shock and pain, Tang Yinbi can still sit at the table and continue writing his book.Build the world historical system in his mind.This kind of self -control is the guarantee of his success, and at the same time, he cannot play the role of a good family life. These have later paid him a heavy price.

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