Are you planning to prepare for pregnancy? Are you right?

Preparation is very important for husbands and wives who want a baby, especially for older women. Generally, older women themselves will reduce pregnancy rate. Once any disease occurs, it will cause failure to conceive.EssenceSo, how can you make you get pregnant quickly? These a few fast pregnancy tricks come and try.

The first: Moderate exercise of husband and wife pregnancy to increase the quality of egg babies and sperm

We should all know that if women want to conceive, in addition to their own eggs, they need the sperm of the other half. Only the two are combined with fertilization, and the pregnancy is really completed, but if the eggs and sperm quality are not very good, they are not very good.It will directly affect women’s pregnancy, so couples should strengthen their exercise at this time, appropriately increase physical fitness, and increase the quality of egg babies and sperm, so that you will get pregnant as soon as possible.

Second: Couples are unavoidable before pregnancy

Many pregnant couples think that as long as we buy ovulation test strips and find our own ovulation period, pregnancy is a matter of time, but in fact, pre -pregnancy examination is also very important. If you have not done a systematic pre -pregnancy examination, even if you find itIn accurate, disease problems will affect pregnancy, so it is recommended that you do not ignore pre -pregnancy examinations.

Third: Finding the ovulation period is important

I believe that the sisters preparing for pregnancy can only greatly increase the probability of pregnancy only in the same room during ovulation, so most sisters will choose this time for the same room to get pregnant next month, but it is difficult to achieve for sisters with menstrual disorders.Therefore, we can also use ovulation test strips, hospitals to monitor B -ultrasound or have some abdominal pain, leucorrhea, and breast pain symptoms when ovulation or ovulation. We can also find the ovulation day in time.

Fourth: Don’t forget to quit smoking and drinking

You must know that tobacco and alcohol are standard for men, sometimes there are women smoking and drinking, but for men and women who prepare for pregnancy, these bad habits must be changed in time, because nicotine and alcohol in smoke will affect the quality of sperm and eggs., Even fetal malformations, so quitting smoking and drinking must be done.

Fifth: I am pregnant with a good mood

In recent years, negative emotions will indirectly make pregnancy more difficult, so intended to want the baby’s husband and wife must maintain a good mentality, actively face the trouble brought by pregnancy, and suffer from disease in time.I can also get pregnant soon, but if there is no disease, I always feel anxious, and I can’t get pregnant quickly.

Reminder: Are you on the road of pregnancy now? If you are preparing for pregnancy, you may wish to try it. If you have used these methods, but you still ca n’t do it in time, the doctor will judge what disease you belong to by checking.And symptomatic treatment, let you hug your baby as soon as possible.

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