Are you pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?IntersectionCan a child who is pregnant still require it?

"After taking emergency contraceptives, I found that I was pregnant. Can the baby still ask?"

Lutonga encountered many people in the clinic to consult the emergency contraceptive pill and was still pregnant.

From the beginning, it has not been taken by contraceptive measures or found that the condom was accidentally slipped afterwards. Many people would choose emergency contraceptives after eating!For those who do not want children to do well, just go to regular medical institutions.But for some people who love children or cherish their bodies, they are very painful. They are afraid that children who have taken emergency contraceptives will be deformed.

Why did you get pregnant after taking medicine?

First of all, the effective rate of emergency contraceptives cannot reach 100%.Studies have shown that the contraceptive effect of emergency contraceptives can reach 80-90%.

First, take emergency contraceptives correctly

When you buy emergency contraceptives in the pharmacy, there are generally two specifications: 0.75mg (2 pieces) or 1.5mg (1 piece). You must carefully read the drug manual. The dosage of the two doses is different.If you do not take medicine correctly, it will cause contraceptive failure.

1.5mg (1 tablet): Take 1 tablet within 72 hours of no protective sexual life or contraceptive failure

0.75mg (2 tablets): 1 tablet for the first time within 72 hours of no protective sexual life or contraceptive failure, and then take 1 tablet at 12 hours

If vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking the medicine, take it once once.It is best not to smoke after taking contraceptives.

In addition, some drugs will reduce the blood concentration of contraceptives (left amphobenone), which will affect the contraceptive effect.The most common drugs that induce liver enzymes such as Liping, Hypnosis and Anti -Cacultus drugs (sodium benol, Camari, Topimidone, etc.), Bosontan, small forsythling plant drugs, etc.

Can the baby who is pregnant with an accident want?

WHO gave a statement about Zuojino Peridone emergency contraceptives. The statement pointed out that there is no data that there is no data to indicate that the child who gives birth after taking this drug is higher than the abortion rate of those who do not take the drug.That is to say, children who fail the failure of Yu Ting/Zuo Nuo Peridone/Emergency contraceptive contraceptive can continue to be pregnant.After the failure of emergency contraceptives, pregnancy is not a medical advice from the doctor’s perspective.

The prospective father and mother will still worry, will the children born like this be deforming?

There are still two types of pregnancy after taking contraceptives:

The binding sperm and egg are combined, and the medicine is only used after the fertilized eggs.Then the medication is in the stage of "all or no" in medicine. To put it simply: within 2 weeks after fertilization, the impact of external factors on the impact of fertilized eggs is deadly and aborted early; either there is no impact.Being pregnant normally is a healthy baby.

Drugs are delayed when the ovulation time is delayed. When the sperm and egg are combined, the drug has long been metabolized, so let’s not worry about this situation.

Tongtong warmly reminds you: If you cherish this unexpected fate, don’t be too tangled, as long as the baby can develop normally, the contraceptive pill will not cause harm to the baby.If you really do n’t plan to ask for a child or you ca n’t pass the mind, it is recommended to go to a regular medical institution as soon as possible. The larger the number of pregnancy weeks, the greater the damage to the body.

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