Are you still drinking herbal tea blindly?

Are you still drinking herbal tea blindly?

In July, the fire was on the sky, and the editor began the summer when he hid in the air -conditioned room and didn’t want to go out.

I can’t wait to get into the refrigerator …

In order to extinguish the fire in my heart, I soaked myself a cup of XX chrysanthemum tea to clear the heat, and then continued to work, and then … Then it was tragedy …

Abdominal pain, uncomfortable stomach, all kinds of discomfort followed.

Is it toxic?

No, the spicy strip was given to me next door. He also expected me to pay back his money, and he should not be poisoned!

As a result, there is only one truth!Actually: Ben baby is weak and can not drink herbal tea!

A colleague protest: You are obviously strong like a cow!

Look, you have no culture again!If you look ugly, read more!

Full of physical fitness does not mean that people usually have symptoms such as cold, wind, and sweat. After drinking herbal tea, they will not only increase her herbal tea. In severe cases, they will also hurt the spleen and stomach, and even cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Generally speaking, those with weak spleen and stomach should be cautious, and those with qi deficiency should be disabled.In fact, gastric ulcers really have a certain relationship with its often drinking herbal tea.Staying up late is generally "virtual fire", and herbal tea is generally mainly used to reduce gastrointestinal fire.

Especially girls!The female man should pay attention:

But there are herbal tea that can’t be drunk!The menstrual period is in a state of blood loss, and the resistance is reduced. At this time, if you drink cold herbal tea, it will easily cause qi and blood to be stagnated and stagnant, and the menstrual blood discharges smoothly, causing dysmenorrhea.In severe cases, menstruation can cause irregular menstruation.

So?Those people can’t drink herbal tea?

First of all: friends such as physical deficiency or gastroenteritis, and arthritis should pay attention!The medicinal value of herbal tea is mainly cold!If you are usually afraid of cold or sweating, you will become more and more serious after drinking herbal tea!Some people who do n’t pay attention to hurt the spleen and stomach!This is the reason for my stomach pain to drink diarrhea!

Secondly: Don’t drink a small pot of cold in summer. Many people in summer are afraid of cold because the temperature of the rain and air conditioner is too low.Don’t drink herbal tea at this time.The editor who has read the order knows that at this time, it is necessary to solve the table and use the ginger soup to disperse the cold; of course, if you are in turn, you can drink it, such as the swelling of the throat.

Secondly, the female man who came from the aunt could not drink it. It is estimated that even if I do n’t say that everyone knows it, if you drink cold at this time, you will know that the feeling of dysmenorrhea will beI can’t forget it, I can only learn with tears.

Of course, pregnant mothers do not work: As the saying goes, "it is three -point poisonous medicine". For the health of the baby, the expectant mothers should not drink herbal tea, especially the first three months of pregnancy, and they need to pay special attention.The new mother who has just given birth to the baby is extremely weak. Drinking herbal tea is not only not conducive to the recovery of postpartum viscera function, but also hurts the spleen and stomach, causing cold pain in the future.

Elderly infants and young children are not good!The spleen and stomach function of the elderly is relatively weakened, the spleen and stomach function of infants and young children is not yet sound, and the elderly are relatively weak. This is the old saying caused by kidney yang deficiency.Cold, and when people are older, they are more suitable for eating warm foods to ensure that Wei Yang’s Weiwei is solid.

I was so scared that I poured the chrysanthemum tea in the cup!

Speaking of which, I also want to know that herbal tea can not be drinking randomly. In the summer, it is better to solve the weakness of weakness and bad breath without drinking herbal tea. What is better to drink?

Recommended by Xiaobian -Since you want to drink tea, drink and adjust the healthy health tea!

There are many prescriptions such as common health, such as Xiaobian’s favorite: Coix Seed Health Tea

They are very common ingredients. Use barley, astragalus, ginger, Codonopsis, and red dates to dry ginger. Soak in boiling water for about 5 minutes to drink.

Don’t be afraid to tell you that the effect of detoxifying and anti -cancer, girls can eat more during menstruation, avoiding anemia to enhance physical resistance.Of course, the most important thing is to eliminate dampness. Like many sub -healthy and humid groups, you can drink some supplementary yuan appropriately. You must know that coix seeds are clear and humid and humid, and damp heat can cause the viscera meridians to be blocked, dysfunctional dysfunction, and all caused by each dysfunction.Smooth discomfort, like hair loss, acne, insomnia, more importantly bad breath!

Speaking of which I couldn’t help but glance at my colleagues.

Colleagues on one side: What to see, sell less!Speaking of which is useful!Who said it is so troublesome, who goes to find the ingredients!Can’t it be simpler?

Simple!It’s okay, that is, drinking the packaging of red barley rice, it is okay, and the small bag is put into the cup for two minutes. Are you satisfied?Healthy, practical and simple, happy and beautiful every day!

Colleagues: Get!It has been for so long, and I haven’t moved bricks yet!

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