As soon as I was pregnant, my mother -in -law came to take care of it diligently. Two months later, I decisively sent my mother -in -law

Hello everyone, my name is Wang Xue, I am 35 years old.

In the years when I married my mother -in -law’s house, my mother -in -law and I have been getting along with each other. Although it is not particularly good, there are few contradictions. Basically, everything will be discussed together.

But after I was pregnant, I found that my mother -in -law’s approach was particularly unreasonable and made me particularly uncomfortable.

I was married to my husband at the age of 25. After marrying him, I regret it, because my husband is like a general, and the family is average. I don’t know if I promise to marry him.Where did he go?

But marrying and marrying, I can never divorce. After all, I just got married. If I leave so soon, I will be laughed at by my friends and relatives, and I will not be able to pass my face.It’s not so easy.

So I will live like this with my husband, but we will not be married for a year, and my mother -in -law urges us to hurry to ask for the child. She said that while we were young, the children born were healthy, and my body recovered.It’s faster.

At first glance, my mother -in -law was thinking for me, but after the detailed product, I knew that my mother -in -law wanted to rush to hug her grandson, because the neighbors next door of her hometown were hugged to the grandchildren, and her neighbors would be.Holding my grandson in front of my mother -in -law.

My mother -in -law was panicked in my heart, so she urged us to have one quickly. In fact, I don’t want to have children so soon, because our conditions are not very mature now, and my husband’s salary is not very high. I am my own own. I am myself.The work has just stabilized.

I think I’m getting married so early, so I want to push a few years. At least the child will have money to raise him, because I know that my husband is more honest, so I will not let him give him to my mother -in -lawIt was said that it was a showdown with her mother -in -law.

"Mom, I can understand the mood of holding my grandson, but now we are when we are in a business, I want to wait for the economic foundation to be stronger and more child, so that after the child is born, we can also give him better economic conditionsYou can also make up for us less, what do you think? "

"Elementary school, you also make sense, but you still have to give birth to a child as soon as possible. In this way, your body will recover faster. At that time, I was born late.On the bed, you can’t get out of bed. "

"Mom, I have a good intention, so, so, I also give you a certain period. I’m almost 26 years old. I will let you hold the fat grandson before 28 years old. How about?"

"Okay, okay, as long as you plan it yourself, I will not force you as a mother -in -law, you can do it yourself"

After I finally relieved, I didn’t have to be sprung up by my mother -in -law anymore, but at the age of 28, I was a little anxious. That year, my child was pregnant, but my own body had a problem., Must perform surgery.

Because the surgery needs to be used, and it also affects the child. At that time, the doctor suggested that I kill the child. After all, the child has not been formed, and the month is not very large.Essence

At that time, to be honest, I was particularly difficult to choose, because I wanted the child, I also want a good body, but I didn’t have such a perfect thing. Finally, for my own body, I had to bear the child to kill the child. After allIf the body is recovered, you can continue to ask for children.

After getting rid of my child, I positively cooperated with the doctor for surgery. After a while, my body was recovered. During this period, I also thank my husband and mother -in -law for their meticulous care and consideration, especially my mother -in -law, I also have her to her.A big change.

If I put it before, I think my mother -in -law would still be difficult to move me, and I always felt that there was a gap with her, and after the child was killed, I also felt that she would blame me. After all, she always wanted to hug her grandson.

But after my surgery was discharged from the hospital, I knew that my mother -in -law was not such a bad person. She still took care of me, and I did n’t blame me to kill the child, and I always comforted me in my ear.road:

"Xiaoxue, as long as you recover your body, it is our biggest gospel. The child is gone. You can ask it later, but you must have a good body."

After hearing the encouragement of my mother -in -law, I was very warm in my heart, so since then, my mother -in -law and I have become more harmonious, and if we encounter inconsistent opinions, we will also discuss it.

There is no big problem in the body, so we have to calm down.

But how can I relax my heart, I am in my 30s, and I am about to live the best age. If I can’t conceive, I want to be a test tube baby.

But my husband advised me to persist again. If he said that if it is not true, it is not too late to do test tubes.On it.

So we continued to work hard for a few months, and finally I was pregnant with my wishes. At that time, my husband and I were so happy that I immediately told my mother -in -law to my mother -in -law.

My mother -in -law was particularly happy when I heard it, and I still said on the phone to come and take care of me. At that time, I felt that there was no need for this. After all, I was still small in the month.I have no pregnancy.

But my mother -in -law just wanted to come to take care of me, and said that I would come and cook for me and help me clean up the housework. At that time, my husband also advised me to let me agree, so that I can eat ready -made meals every day.

At that time, I thought about it and felt that my husband said it was very reasonable. After all, my mother -in -law’s meals were really delicious, so I agreed to come to take care of me.

In order to make my mother -in -law live comfortably, my husband and I gave the big master bedroom to my mother -in -law. We lived in a smaller second bedroom. At that time, my mother -in -law did not agree with us.To live a larger bed, I will be comfortable to sleep.

But the mother -in -law felt very comfortable after living in the big master bedroom for a night, so I did not mention it after changing to bed with us, so my husband and my husband have always lived in the second bedroom. My mother -in -law lives alone in the master.Lie.

Because I was just pregnant, I was still insisting on my work before I was born, but my colleagues usually took care of me, so my body was still able to eat it.

After the problem of work is solved, I dare not be sloppy in the usual nutrition. Although the baby is still small at this time, the nutritional nutrition needs is still very large.

After reading a few parenting books, I set myself a daily nutritional indicator. For example, I have to drink a bottle of milk every day, and the fruits must eat one. Of courseWait, I bought myself a little.

In addition to these, I also let my mother -in -law cook a boiled egg every day, and there are fresh vegetables every day, as well as lean meat or something, I can make a little bit.Essence

At first, my mother -in -law still did this as I said, but before she persisted, she felt a little impatient. She felt that I could drink milk and eggs every day.Essence

And the fruits are so expensive, and it costs a dozen or twenty dollars to buy it. She thinks I am too wasteful. If I really want to eat fruit, she will let me buy some cheap or not very fresh fruits to eat.

I was a little uncomfortable when I heard my mother -in -law say this. I think I want to eat. I do n’t want to drink it myself, but I want to supplement the nutrition in the baby.It is more healthy.

But my mother -in -law insisted that I was wasteing money. She felt that I was still so small in the month, and the baby didn’t need much nutrition at all. As long as I eat normally every day.

But I don’t want my baby to lose on the starting line, and I managed to conceive such a baby. I definitely wanted him to absorb more nutrition in my stomach and grow better.

So in the face of my mother -in -law’s fallacy, I do n’t recognize it. For this reason, I did n’t quarrel with her. At that time, my husband was sandwiched in the middle. He was particularly embarrassed, but for the baby, I did n’t want to admit defeat. Two months later, I decisively sent it.Get away, mother -in -law.

I think my mother -in -law is helping in our house, and I always stop me buying this, but I bought these for my baby, and I did n’t spend her money. They all spent our own money.

I don’t want the money to spend it, and I still suffered a stomach, so I decisively sent my mother -in -law and never wanted her to take care of me at home.

I also thought about it later. If my mother -in -law was unwilling to come to take care of me, I took my own mother to take care of me. No matter how I said my mother must take care of it better than my mother -in -law.

Do you think I do this right?

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