Asba sweetly turns over, can you drink drinks on cancer?

Good guy, happy fat house water is not fragrant?IntersectionThe news of Asba’s sweet cancer recently has read it, right?As soon as the news came out, the beverage brothers couldn’t sit still, and hurried out to respond.

Vibration Forest: Our products do not contain Asba’s sweetness, everyone can rest assured!

Nai Xue’s tea: Don’t get wrong!My home uses the natural sugar "Luo Han Fruit Candy"!

What is this Asba sweet and can cause such a great discussion?In fact, it is one of the most common artificial sweeteners, which can reach 160 to 220 times of sucrose.It means that you only need to use it to meet the ideal sweetness requirements, and the cost is only 9.4%of sucrose.

The cost is low and the effect is good, so many foods and beverages labeled under the market on the market actually use sweet tastes such as Asba Sweet, such as Coca -Cola Zero, Fanta Zero Card, Pepsi Cola Zero, etc.Thousands of products.

But don’t panic!Although "carcinogenic" sounds scary, according to Lu’s news, international cancer institutions may list Asba as "2B", that is, "it is possible to cause cancer to humans."In addition, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization Food Additives Joint Expert Committee (JECFA) also investigated the impact of Asba sweet on human health and will announce its investigation results on July 14.look!In other words, this is a message without real hammer.

But having said that, as everyone pays more and more attention to physical health in recent years, the major food and beverage giants take health as the selling point, and the labels of 0 sugar, low sugar, sucroseless and other product labels have made "sugar -free" flowing into traffic.password.

From 2016-2020, the market size of the sugar-free beverage industry in China increased from 3.12 billion yuan to 11.78 billion yuan. It is expected that by 2027, the market size will reach nearly 27.7 billion yuan.

As the first Coca -Cola to introduce Asba sweetly into the sugar -free Coca -Way, the data of the 2022 financial report also shows the excellent performance of sugar -free sales, an increase of 11% throughout the year.The "sugar -free" wind brought by Coca -Cola also fed the raw materials behind it.For example, Asba’s annual sales are as high as US $ 1 billion.

Now Asba Sweet Station is on the forefront, which directly benefits competitors.After all, sugar is not only sweet, but also beessol, moss, Aya, and chlorofin.Isn’t this?On June 30th, the concept stock of sugar on behalf of the sugar opened up sharply.

But the question that everyone cares about is: Can Asba sweet still eat?

After Asba is sweet, it will produce harmful substances such as citizen, phenylalanine, and methanol in the human body. Excessive intake will hurt the nervous system. The focus is on this "quantity"!A small amount of Asba sweet does not constitute a risk, and a healthy adult weighing 60kg drink 12 to 36 bottles of sugar -free drinks a day to damage the risk of health.Who said who would show 12 bottles a day?

And according to information disclosed by the media, IARC will list Asba sweetly as a 2B carcinogen.The side side by side is red meat such as boiling water above 65 ° C, pig, cattle and sheep, and staying up late.There is also a 2A level, what tobacco, alcohol, betel nut.

Therefore, Qiu Xiang felt that we really don’t need to be anxious. There is a saying: "Everything is poisonous, the key lies in dosage."But it is certain that if you drink drinks for a long time, no matter what sugar, it will cause a lot of harm to the body.If you really think about health, drink less is the last word!

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