Ask for the heart, the woman’s menstruation is late and thinks about pregnancy, and then come to the flood of the gate. Director: This is the disease

Ms. Yan in Weifang wanted her child for a long time, but now the two have been married for two years. Ms. Yan’s belly has no movement at all. Maybe she wants a child too much. Once her menstruation came for two days late, Ms. Yan thought happily thatI was pregnant. As a result, I used a pregnancy test stick to test a lonely bar.

Menstruation is delayed, and women think they are pregnant

I thought that there was a problem with the pregnancy test stick, and the result of changing the other test strips was still a bar.Ms. Yan was still a little lucky. On the same day, she went to the pharmacy to buy a new test paper and prepare to re -test the next day.As a result, her menstruation came that afternoon.This disappointed her. She thought she was pregnant, but the result was delayed menstruation.

But this time the menstruation did not end in four or five days as before, not only the amount of menstruation was large and the time was pushed back for a week.This made her feel a little worried that her infertility would be related to the changes in menstruation.After seeing traditional Chinese medicine conditioning menstruation, she thought she could get pregnant smoothly, but her menstrual flow was still many, and she had dysmenorrhea.

When she told these questions to her husband, her husband was even more worried about her body. The husband and wife did not continue to check in the local hospital, and the two discussed that they came to Jinan.I diagnosed them. After detailed consultation and examination of the two, I found that there was no problem with the man, but Ms. Yan existed in uterine adenomia.

The endometrium is the endometrium to cross the uterine cavity and the muscle layer binding to the uterine muscle layer, which causes inflammatory response, leading to the hypertrophy of the surrounding muscle layer.There are usually three major manifestations of adenomy muscle: dysmenorrhea, menstrual flow and infertility.

Patients with uterine adenomia usually do not have obvious pain. Most of them have dysmenorrhea during menstruation. This is the most obvious symptom of uterine adenomy muscles. Ms. Yan is the case, and the pain will gradually increase.It is mainly pain in the middle of the lower abdomen.

Conditioning therapy, successful pregnancy

This kind of dysmenorrhea is obvious during menstruation, because the uterine adenomyosis is due to endometriosis, from the uterine cavity to the muscle layer and glandular body of the uterine, and then it will be tide of each menstruation.This part of the endometrium will produce analogy like menstrual blood, which has obvious pain.With the development of the condition, pain can start from about 1 week before menstruation, or can be extended to 1-2 weeks after menstruation.

There is no medicine that can treat uterine adenomia.The best treatment is to treat symptomatic treatment, and choose the right treatment method according to personal conditions.Comprehensive consideration of age, fertility requirements, and clinical symptoms.Women like Ms. Yan who need to give birth can be treated by taking drugs, or pre -treatment of hormone agonists with gonadotropin, and auxiliary fertility such as ovulation promotion after the uterine narrows.

Hormone -promoting hormones to reduce estrogen hormone levels at the central level, artificially simulate the state of "ovarian momentum", can reduce the lesions while improving dysmenorrhea and bleeding symptoms;Improve the internal environment of the abdominal cavity, improve the tolerance of the embryo, and increase the pregnancy rate.

After three months of conditioning treatment, I promoted her again, and Ms. Yan successfully became pregnant in the month.

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