At 23 weeks of pregnancy, the experience of fetal deformity for induction of labor

Originally, it was a painful experience. I didn’t want to repeatedly unveil the scar and did not want to continue to indulge in grief.But no matter how painful it is, it belongs to your own, and you should face it positively, so writing this article can also be regarded as an end to this experience. The pain is buried in your heart.Life will continue!

In early February 2021, I realized that my menstruation did not come, so I used the pregnancy test stick to test it. That day my husband had to witness with the toilet.I didn’t think of it, I felt that we were unsuccessful that we tried so many times, and this time it was impossible to be so lucky.Permeated the urine on the pregnancy test stick and handed it to my husband without looking at it at a glance, and washed his face and brushing your teeth.After a while, my husband looked forward to asking me what the two red lines meant. I said casually, of course, it was pregnant. My husband said that this is the two red lines!We won the prize!I thought he lied to me. After taking the pregnancy test stick, it was really two red lines. I looked at my husband excitedly, really wow, I’m really pregnant!At that time, the mood was really incredible, happy, shy!I finally want to be a mother!Her husband was also excited, excited, and even half an hour later, he ran to the toilet and picked up the pregnancy test stick from the trash can. Tell me that you look at it and the color is deepened.I know this is steady.

Later, we tested it again and went to the hospital to check the diagnosis of pregnancy.My husband and I told my parents with excitement that I could finally not be sprung up by my parents.

At 5 weeks of pregnancy, there was obvious pregnancy, and it began to realize that it was not easy for women.Don’t eat it, worry about no nutrition, and hungry in the stomach.Eat it, you ca n’t see anything greasy, you ca n’t eat anything, you can only eat pickles with pickles every day. My parents are worried that I ca n’t eat my body like this.My husband also cares about me even more, and always gets up in the middle of the night to get me. Basically, I don’t let me do anything.

At 7 weeks of pregnancy, I helped Grandpa to lift a very heavy wheelchair. On the evening of the day, the coffee -colored secretions were scared to look at the information of her husband, fearing that the baby could not keep it.The next day the shop was particularly busy. Originally, I discussed with my husband to go to the hospital for examination, but because of the constant customers who came, I could not take off. I could only receive it.My husband was very angry that day and felt that I was irresponsible to my body.I also blame myself. Fortunately, I went to check the doctor and said that I had a fetal heart and went back to observe. I didn’t have any problems in the follow -up.

I worked hard until 13 weeks of pregnancy, spent every day in various pregnancy vomiting, and even fainted once.I discussed with my husband to decide to return to Yunnan to raise tires. I also missed my mother’s dishes. I may have a better appetite when I come back.So we set off back to Yunnan, and the appetite slowly began to recover.NT and Tang Si were successfully passed.But I never expected that happiness was stuck in the four -dimensional arranging deformed examination.

On May 27, at 23 weeks of pregnancy, I went to the Municipal People’s Hospital for inspection according to the appointment time. Because the baby did not cooperate, the doctor checked it twice and said that some places did not see the need to review again.In fact, at the time, I felt a little bit in my heart.On May 31, I thought it would be Children’s Day tomorrow. The baby must cooperate with the doctor. It is a gift for Children’s Day.Lie on the inspection bed again with a sorrowful mood.This time, the two doctors were checking. Listening to the doctor’s conversation, I became more and more disturbed. I know that the baby must have any problems.After a long period of time, the doctor told my baby three problems!(Clears and palate, small mandibular, there are deformed deformities in the left hand.) Of course, I feel that my heart is fistful, and the tears rotate in my eyes. I forbearing the inner uncomfortable to ask the doctor’s severity in detail.When I came out of the inspection room, my mother waited at the door. She seemed to realize what I saw that I didn’t come out and asked me what the situation was. At that time, I couldn’t speak sadly, only to say somethingRegister to see.Although there is still a trace of luck in my heart, I know that the baby may not be able to keep it, and go to the path of the obstetrics, every step, every second, I feel particularly long.Multiple surgery; I know that children’s left -hand deformity means that they will face many ridicule in the future.I don’t understand why this happened to me.

Although the doctor said that the cleft lip and palate repair technology in the doctor’s office is already very advanced, she also said that it was okay now, it is not too late, it is better than the birth.Let me have planning early, in fact, the doctor has implied it very much.

On the way home, I was almost silent, pulled down the hat, and burst into tears silently. The entire mask was crying.I started to find how Baoma who had similar experiences made decisions on various softwares, and to check how the possibility of recovery after birth in this deformity is that the cause of recovery.Do you usually do anything that hurt your baby?After telling the results of the inspection, he didn’t want to ignore anyone, and returned home and hid in the room to silently shed tears.The baby seemed to feel my sadness and moved around in my stomach.I think that day is the darkest day in my life.

My husband settled the ticket to Yunnan the next day, I went to pick him up, and changed another hospital by the way, and went to the municipal maternal and child health hospital to review it.The doctor asked me if I didn’t give up again?I couldn’t help crying again in my eyes. When I was lying on the bed again, I watched the baby moving on the display. I was not firm again, maybe it was not so serious.But fate is how to play with people. This review is clearer than the last time. The baby’s left hand has three fingers a shortage of fingers, and the cleft lip and palate are still serious.All doctors advise me to give up, don’t give birth to regret it, and let the child suffer.

Although I was in a lot of calm mood under my husband’s enlightenment, I knew that I couldn’t escape, but I always felt very sad when I felt the fetal movement in my stomach.

On June 3rd, the induction of labor was determined. The family members said that the doctors of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital were particularly good. They would not be fierce. So they decided to go through the hospital hospital for hospitalization.Shrink.

There was a heavy rain that afternoon, and there was a big rainbow in the sky after the rainstorm. I told my husband, you see, the rainbow came to pick up our baby back to the sky.

Palace pain began to appear on the afternoon of June 4th, and for a while, the baby moved a little frequently in his stomach.But the fetal movement slowly disappeared, and it replaced it with clearer contraction pain.At eleven o’clock in the evening, I caught the edge of the bed and prayed that the palace mouth was faster. My husband kept massaging me back, which could relieve a little bit of pain.At one o’clock in the morning, I couldn’t bear my husband to accompany me to sleep like this. I could only call him to sleep and tell him that I would sleep for a while.But the pain became more and more severe. How could it be so easy to fall asleep? At 3 or four in the morning, I walked around in the ward alone. I couldn’t stand it. I woke my husband to wake me to walk in the corridor.

Looking at the time in the corridor, I felt that every point was torment, waiting for the doctor to get up to check me.At 6:30, the nurse got up and took me to check the palace mouth. I didn’t expect to see the palace mouth so painful.When the nurse reached in, the lower body felt like a knife was stabbed, and the pain could not help howling.I thought it was possible to give birth, but the nurse said coldly that the palace mouth was not opened at all. You need to pain at least ten hours. I can bear it, go back to the ward to sleep, raise a good spirit, eat something, To replenish physical strength, it is more painful.

Listening to despair, there is no way, I can only go back to the ward and stay, barely ate a few porridge, it is really a little sleepy without sleeping all night, and I fell asleep on the bed a few seconds.But the contraction pain can let me go like this.More and more severe, more and more frequent pains, wake up in sleep, and my husband walked to his side to appease me in time.At that time, I was so painful that I wanted to die, and kept moaning and crying, but the doctor checked the palace mouth but only had a finger, praying that the doctor had a needle and pain for me. The doctor said that I was the first tire.Like the birth of a child, you have to go through the process of opening the palace mouth, but the normal delivery is cooked. The baby will cooperate with your mother in your stomach, and you will excrete the fetus from the uterine shrinkage through drugs.It hurts a lot, but I can only endure it. The doctor gave me a needle and barely tolered the pain for a while.But after the efficacy, the more severe pain came.It feels like the waist is about to break, as if being hit by a hammer.The physical pain, coupled with mental torture, the sleepy eyes cannot be opened. Closing your eyes in the space of a few seconds of the contraction and falling asleep, constantly dreaming, and then waking up by the pain againEssence

It’s almost 12 noon, my mother is here, and the moment I see my mother’s coming, the spirit can no longer be stretched anymore.I started crying that I couldn’t stand it. I gave me anesthetic and took it out for me. I couldn’t hold it.The doctor couldn’t take me to the delivery room to check the palace mouth, and only had two fingers.The doctor said to endure it. At least it will be given to the 4th finger before it can be born.I have been in pain for more than ten hours, I really can’t hold on, and I started to work hard.The doctor said not to be struggling, otherwise it will tear the cervix and cause severe bleeding!But at that time, I couldn’t hear these, and I was struggling. I already felt that the fetus was at the vaginal opening. The doctor quickly called my husband to hold me on the childbirth.I cried loudly on the bed, and the fetus was discharged after a few minutes. At that moment, all the pain disappeared, and the stomach was stunned all at once, and I only felt a stream of heat flowing down.I was also quiet in an instant, listening to the doctor and family indifferently that the fetus was the same as that of the fetus, and the deformed parts were in line.After disinfection, the doctor said that the palace was cleared in the afternoon, and took me back to the ward to rest.I looked up and asked the doctor, whether it was a boy or a girl.The doctor picked up the fetus and showed me. He was a boy.The fetus has been formed. It looks strong in body, long legs, thick hair, closed eyes, long eyelashes, like husbands.I can’t bear to continue watching again, I said to take me back to the ward.My husband hugged me back to the ward. As soon as I lay down the nurse, I tied me up various instruments to start the postpartum recovery. I closed my eyes and fell asleep immediately.Until the nurse came to wake up his stomach.

I thought the process of induction of the childbirth was painful, but I did not expect that the more painful torture was still behind, and I had even given me a psychological shadow.

Doctors and nurses take turns to check the house every day. Each time the inspection, press the stomach, and the pain in the stomach is not easier than the palace shrinking pain.Fortunately, the time is short and can still endure.

The most tortured was the Qing Palace.The first clearing palace was performed on the afternoon of the day after delivery, and there was no hemp medicine. It was directly cleaned. It may be because the vagina of the uterus has not been restored, so the first Qing Dynasty was not painful, but it was a little uncomfortable.

On the 3rd day after induction of labor, the B -ultrasound was reviewed. There were residues in the uterine cavity without cleanliness. The doctor arranged the Qing Palace again. It was still not anesthetic.Feeling the pain in the uterus.

On the 15th day after induction of labor, I still bleed, and I even felt pain around the anus, and the stomach was twistence when I urinated.I returned to the hospital to review again and found that there were still residues in the uterine cavity, and there were infections, and the blood was high. The doctor arranged the Qing Palace again.No wonder I have not recovered. The doctor immediately called the retired old chief physician to do cervical tear.

There is no hemp medicine in the same third Qing Palace and sutures. I asked to take a doctor that it was unnecessary, but it didn’t hurt, but my body was my own. How can I not know if I don’t hurt.The pain of piercing the body, the pain of the cervix was pulled, and a day when the operating room was crying.Finally until the end of the surgery, I returned to the ward to lose the liquid. The doctor said that I would help me see that the wound was still bleeding. I refused directly. I said no, I am afraid of pain, I have a psychological shadow, don’t touch me, don’t touch meEssenceAfter that, I didn’t even allow my husband to touch me for a long time.

One month after giving birth, I took a month at home for a month. In this month, in addition to the discomfort of the lower abdomen, it is also necessary to endure the pain of raising milk.To go to the hospital for review, what made people collapsed was that the uterus still did not recover well, the endometrium did not grow well, and the uterine cavity still had effusion, and there was infection.Fortunately, the doctor did not call me to clear the palace, and only prescribed some medicine for me.

After taking medicine for more than a month, I finally finished taking it, but I did n’t have the courage to go to the hospital for a review. I ’m afraid of Yin Chao’s probe, afraid of expanding the vagina, and afraid of the doctor’s pointed out.In just one month, I experienced emotional ups and downs, experienced out induction, three clearance techniques, once -cervical tear combination, and repeated vaginal flushing.

The experience of this time gave me a big blow to my body and psychology, and occasionally I thought I still burst into tears silently.I didn’t say to too many people, I didn’t mention it with others.Those who do n’t understand the situation will always stare at my belly when I encounter me. Maybe they are doubtful that I am not pregnant. How can I see it? I can only escape the eyes of others embarrassed.Essence

Later, a friend who was also induction of labor in Dayue talked about her experience. In the same situation, she did painless induction of labor, and almost did not feel the pain. The Qing Palace did only once.good.I only knew that my suffering could be avoided. I just blamed that I had no opinion at first, and I hurriedly decided.

Write this article, I want to be relieved slowly.Secondly, I hope that if there are the same situation as me, I have to refer to several hospitals when induction of labor, and choose a hospital that minimizes pain to the greatest extent.

It’s not easy to be a woman, love yourself!

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