At the age of six, my mother was reported during pregnancy. If she was born, my dad would not be guaranteed to work


Some family problems and cultural phenomena exist in modern society.From the superior treatment of girls as the only child at home, to my mother’s rigorous words and behaviors of her daughter, these phenomena are worthy of our phenomenon.

For only children, we should face up to the problems we encounter.Although more attention and preferential treatment in the family, on the other hand, it may also bring a certain amount of burden and pressure.As the central figure of the family, they need to pay attention to their words and deeds at all times to maintain family harmony.At the same time, the expectations of parents may be higher, which will make children feel more stress and burden.

The following is an experience of a only girl. After reading what I think, please leave a comment.

Author’s point of view:

As a only woman, your family background may be different from others, but this does not mean that you need to bear additional responsibilities or to suffer more.Your good life should not be beaten, forced to be sick, and cannot pursue your own happiness.Such thoughts and behaviors are not only very immoral, but also may have a long -term impact on your physical and mental health.

First, let’s discuss the role of parents.Parents should provide love and support for their children, not intimidation and threats.Of course, they can guide and adjust their children’s behavior, but they must not take violent means or speech damage.As a only woman, maybe your mother can understand your special circumstances, but she still needs to be responsible for her behavior.

Second, let’s discuss the attitude we should take when facing the challenge.When you are sick or facing frustration, all you need to do is not to give up or accept failure, but to actively find solutions.If you can’t go to college, you can consider other vocational skills training, or go directly to workplace work.If you fall in love, you need to weigh whether your choice is correct and open and frank dialogue with your family.

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