At the time of Lidong tonic, try the Chinese medicine cream to help you regulate "sub -health"

As the so -called "winter supplement, fight tiger in the coming year", winter is a good time to replenish the body.However, with the acceleration of the rhythm of life, it may not be realistic to stew soup medicine for a few hours.At this time, the time -saving and efficient and convenient Chinese medicine cream is a good choice for winter supplements.

On November 8th, the winter of the Lingnan paste arrived.The Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (5 hospitals) also organized the "Lingnan Paste Festival 2019". The on -site famous medical free consultation, physical identification, health consultation, and cream experience, attracting many citizens to come.The two new "Cordyceps Cream Formula" added to the Paste Festival this year also joined the health camp, and the sugar -free formula is more popular.

In winter, many people know, what’s the matter of the replenishment of the cream?Yang Zhimin, deputy dean of Guangdong Province and Deputy Dean of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced in an online interview with family doctors that the cream is one of the most basic dosage forms of traditional Chinese medicine compound.The essence of grass, glue, and sugar, under the guidance of a professional doctor, is formulated as the protocol prescription according to different constitutional states, and can also be "tailored" according to personal physical fitness.

Compared with the familiar drinking soup and supplement, the ointment party has the effects of strong constitution, anti -fatigue, and immunization.The state, especially suitable for social pressure, staying up late, less exercise, easy fatigue, cold hands and feet, insomnia, and long -term body in a "sub -health" state.In addition, it is easy to use the cream, which can save the troubles brought by the fried soup medicine, and the effective ingredients are high, the force is eased, and it is easy to survive and band. It is the ideal health product of modern people with fast -paced life.

Professor Yang Zhimin reminded that the cream is best used in winter, reflecting the meaning of "winter collection", but it can be taken until Lichun.Generally, it can be achieved for more than 1 month in a row. As the time of taking increases, benefits are more obvious.Of course, there are many types of creamy prescriptions. Which kind of cream is selected in detail? It is best to discriminate the demonstration under the guidance of a doctor and choose the appropriate cream according to your physique.If you are in the occurrence of acute diseases, patients with thick tongue coating and poor digestion are temporarily not suitable for the creamy prescription; pregnant women do not advocate the cream prescription during pregnancy.

Speaking of the cream supplement, it is not a new thing.Since the Lingnan Paste Festival was held in 2009, this year has been the tenth, and a large number of "cream" has gathered.In this cream festival, the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine launched two "Cordyceps Cream Formula" officially launched, and the camp’s camp expanded from the original 13 species to 15 types.

"The new cream is added with Cordyceps, especially for people with fatigue, energy overdraft, poor sleep, and decline in body comprehensive function. It has a peaceful taste and is more suitable for most people." Professor Yang Zhimin introduced that the past prescriptions will put them in the past.Sugar, or sugar, but this year’s new creamy prescription will not even add the most basic sugar substitution, hoping to maintain the original flavor of the medicinal materials.Because the traditional cream is made to add sugar to become a cream, the sugar -free ointment also means that it has higher requirements for the cooking process, and also puts forward higher requirements for the compatibility and selection of the medicinal materials.

Reminder: The ointment must not only be consistent with the personal constitution, but also correspond to the time.Professor Yang Zhimin reminded that Guangdong has been late in winter this year, and the heat has not completely dissipated. When starting to eat cream, you can start with a small amount and gradually increase.In addition, from this year’s climatic characteristics, in the second half of the year, pay special attention to the problem of cold and dampness of the spleen and stomach. You can choose to strengthen the spleen and spleen ointment to replenish the spleen and stomach and enhance the ability of the spleen and stomach.excess.

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