Auntie pain?The warm palace sticker of the beautiful crying, the essential oil is hot, the heating temperature for 12 hours is more ingredient

Auntie will come every month.

But do you feel: we treat others as relatives, but it just wants to be ancestors ???

When you have a menstrual pain, you really feel that women are super wronged !!!

Almost every girl has felt this pain

It’s like being taken with a needle with a needle.

It is more serious like being thrown into the drum washing machine. Those metal sharp parts are constantly rolling, crushing our lower abdomen again and again !!!

Most women think that dysmenorrhea is a common phenomenon, and it is not a big deal.

As everyone knows, dysmenorrhea is just a problem brought by Gong Han. Many of the harm that you have not noticed is approaching you quietly.

For example: poor complexion, dull complexion, kidney deficiency and chills, qi deficiency and aging, infertility, prone to gain, etc.

Therefore, women should not only pay attention to the problem of dysmenorrhea, but also more importantly to solve the palace cold, that is, -warm!palace!

Especially now the weather is getting colder and colder, but we must never make the uterus cold.

When it comes to the warm palace, everyone may subconsciously think of products such as hot water bottle, warm baby, and warm palace belt.

But they are essentially just a "heating body", and they can only temporarily relieve symptoms, and the problem is always there.

Compared with these traditional methods, European and American countries, which pay attention to women’s health, have now adopted a more secure and natural care method- "essential oil thermal palace".

What I recommend to you today is that at present, the newly refreshing advanced technology, the Binwan warm palace post.

As long as you stick it in the physiological period, you can feel that the whole body is warm, very comfortable, and the phenomenon of long -term dysmenorrhea can be relieved!

Speaking of the Binwan brand, it has been very hot recently.

With the quality of product quality, the Nasdaq on the Nasdaq in the New York Plaza as early as 2017.

At the same time, it has also become the love of many female stars.

There are more than 30 well -known media that cooperate with it.

The brand becomes strong because of making female products attentively, and physical care is trustworthy.

The Binwan Anshuo Palace I recommend today is a very popular star product.

还 Not only will it be fever, but also specially materials

(12 plant essence+5 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine herbal essence, all passed organic certification)

外 Essential oil ingredients are "lock" with amoun

(Refresh the traditional "plaster sticker" form, so that the effective ingredients do not volatilize a little)

得 is better than the packaging of beauty products

(Continuing the Binwan family’s feeling of "comfortable and advanced", the reputation has always been good.)

Its "gift box bag packaging", the packaging of the warm patch is also like the shell, and the texture is full of texture.

Tear it out, take out the "warm care sticker" and spread out, peel off the sticky lining paper.

Break "Ans bottle" again.

(Ans bottle is not glass, but PP material, and children can easily open it, and will not scratch their hands.)

Pour the herbal essential oil up, the liquid penetrates quickly, and there will be no strong Chinese medicine flavor.

Only when your nose is closer can you smell the elegant plant aroma. Friends say that there is a taste of orange peel.

Finally apply it to the lower abdomen ~

Paste it in the menstrual pain, and the lower abdomen started to be hot in about five minutes.

Its warmth is directly to the pain, not only the pain is quickly eased, and even the mood will unknowingly relieved.

And you can post 8-12 hours.

It has a "temperature control sticker" and feels that when the temperature is high, you can stick it.

But every time I feel the temperature is very comfortable, I have never used it.

Obediently posted it for five consecutive days, and this month I did not hurt my menstruation this month ~

Under my Amway, the warmth has become a standard for many friends. Friends who were going to leave for leave in the past, are now very energetic.

Two steps against Gonghan

活 Essential oil penetration -promoting blood circulation and connected

透 Heat thermostat -transmitted bone and wet

The traditional "plaster sticker" on the market has no effect because it is easy to volatilize essential oils in stickers.

And Binwan warm palace stickers, use ampoules to pack essential oil independently

Keep the activity of the ingredient, a piece of essential oil sticker = 5 tablets of paste, the penetration rate is 70 times higher.

Don’t look at it only a small bottle, but concentrates 12 plant essence+5 kinds of Chinese medicine herbs.

Among them, the essential oil content of ordinary Ai is only 0.54%, while Binwan’s selected 蕲 Ai contains 1.06%.

Medical books of all ages have recorded wormwood as the king of Baicao, especially for qi and blood, cold and dampness, and warm uterus, it is the existence of God Herbal.

The 17 categories of precious ingredients such as ginseng, wormwood, Moon See Grass, and Chuanqiong can work together to slowly support our uterus.

when we:

During the dysmenorrhea, there are angelica, cinnamon, frankincense, and sweet almonds to help us quickly relieve the pain.

When insomnia, mood is not controlled, lavender, and Ou Baiyu can make us softened.

During the infertility, the sage is very similar to estrogen and can help us conceive.

Even when the whole person is fat, the geranium can improve edema, and the effect on the small belly is more obvious.

(Friends who have used have praised)

Not only essential oils, during the use process, the natural ore in the protective sticker will gradually release heat, accelerate the process of dispersing cold air and humidifying poisoning.

Baby Nuan cannot contact the skin, and it usually gets cold and it will be cold for an hour.

However, the Binwan protective sticker can directly contact the skin, and it continues to stabilize 50 ° thermal moxibustion for 8-12 hours.

The rise of the abdomen can effectively alleviate the spasm of the smooth muscle of the uterine level and the pain.

BMJ, a professional medical publishing institution under the British Medical Association, has confirmed that the analgesic effect of hot compresses and analgesic drugs.

▲ The picture shows the BMJ research report)

The translation of the line section is: continuous local hot compress effect is equivalent to ibuprofen (an analgesic anti -inflammatory drug)

In addition to being useful for menstrual pain, I will also use it to stick my neck and waist. When sore, it is too comfortable to have a warm thing.

When everyone is cold, they can also be used as warm baby.

5000 cases of skin tests showed that the allergy and adverse reactions of the essential oil of ampoules were 0.

And Binwan’s entire bottle of essential oil has passed a number of organic certifications, all of which are famous institutions, and the report has authority.

The ingredients are not false, and the safety is effective. Everyone can use it with confidence.

The cold winter is coming. Compared to drinking more hot water, I really recommend that you store a few boxes and see it when you post it.

Whether you use it yourself, or send your mother or friends, it is very suitable.

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