Awkward!After pregnancy, why do pregnant women always like to stink?

Many people always feel difficult to teeth about farting, and they feel embarrassed when farting in public. Are you willing to fart in public?

Do you still need to say!It must be no!willing!meaning!

After many women are pregnant, the number of farts has increased significantly.For pregnant women, love farting is actually a normal phenomenon, but it does not seem to be good regardless of it. Most of the fart means digestive problems, such as flatulence, things that are not digested, and so on.

@May 28: Now I am pregnant for almost 4 months. I love farting from more than 1 month of pregnancy, and my stomach is swollen every time I fart.

@I have been pregnant for almost two months. I feel nauseous every day after pregnancy. I dare not eat too much every day. I feel that my belly is particularly swollen when I eat something.And often fart, the fart every time is particularly smelly.

@: Many pregnant mothers have this situation, which is normal. Although it is not very elegant, there is no way to avoid it.

1. In the early stages of pregnancy: caused by the transition of hormone secretion.

2. In the middle and late pregnancy: the uterine expansion, compress the intestine, makes the intestine not easily move.

Not only is it easy to fart, but the number of times the toilet will increase, and it will be serious in the later period.

Pregnant women often fart are mostly indigestion. As long as they diet through a reasonable diet, they can improve them to varying degrees.

1. It is recommended that you have a reasonable meal. Vegetables and fruits can eat more and a small amount of meals.

2. Sit down or lie flat to relieve your mood, and eat some dry bread or biscuits.

3. The liquid and solid food must be separated to avoid increasing the chance of nausea.

4. You can eat some dry bread or biscuits before you get up in the morning.

5. Poor walking during pregnancy, walking is also a good way to promote intestinal motility.

6. It is recommended that pregnant women drink more warm water and not drink cold water, which will cause intestinal colic and compress the uterus.

7. Avoid stimulating drinks such as fried food or coffee.

8. Cooperate with massage to improve discomfort:

After 1 hour after meals, gently lie down, 45 degrees and a half lying position, and the massage should not be too large, about 4 to 6 times a day.Starting from the upper right abdomen, move it clockwise to the left upper abdomen, and then massage the left lower abdomen. Remember not to massage the part of the middle uterus in the middle.

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