Bananas are really radiation!Can you eat it?How many roots are there to danger?

The picture below is the banana shining by the black light light, is it magical?

The so-called black light is not a pure dark environment, but a device that can release ultraviolet light waves that can release 330-400nm.Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the chlorophyll in the banana will emit fluorescence.

What’s even more amazing is that bananas will not only shine under the exposure of ultraviolet light, but it can even radiate itself!This causes many people to have fear and doubts: Can we still eat bananas?

First of all, we need to clarify a concept: What is radiation?

The so -called radiation refers to the phenomenon that part of the electromagnetic energy emitted from the emission source (electromagnetic wave, etc.) from the source of the venue from the field source, and then no longer return to the field source.It can be a certain particle or a wave.

When you hear the word radiation, the first thing you think of is the various radiation in the universe, or the radiation generated by nuclear energy.But in fact, as long as the temperature is higher than the absolute zero, all the objects in nature will emit radiation. The most typical of which is infrared radiation.Including our human beings, there will be radiation.

Depending on the source of radiation, we can divide radiation into natural radiation and artificial radiation.Natural radiation may come from the cosmic celestial body, radioactive elements of nature, and substances that generate radiation in nature; more common medical rays, telephones, networks, and so on in artificial radiation are.

Many people have a misunderstanding that non -natural things are bad, and artificial radiation is more terrible than natural radiation.However, the essence of it, the principle of artificial radiation and natural radiation is not different. The impact of the two on the human body is actually the same.

We often hear a sentence: "Aside from the dose, toxicity is to play hooligan," is the same reason for radiation.Whether radiation is harmful to the human body is mainly due to the radiation dose.Only when a certain amount of doses can radiation cause serious damage.High -dose radiation can destroy human tissue or DNA, causing disease or even death.

According to the level of radiation energy, radiation can be divided into two types, that is, ionizing radiation and non -ionizing radiation.

The so -called ionizing radiation means that its energy is high enough, so that a electrons in the atom are removed, which can directly change the chemical properties of the atom.The radiation of X -ray, radioactive elements, and cosmic rays belongs to ionizing radiation.In the list of carcinogens published by the International Cancer Research Agency of the World Health Organization, ionizing radiation is listed as a type of carcinogen.

The energy of non -electrical radiation is relatively low, and the electrons in the atom will vibrate faster, but it will not become a free state.UV, infrared rays, and microwaves are non -ionized radiation, and their damage to the human body is far less than ionizing radiation.Therefore, the electronic equipment and home appliances we use daily do not need to worry about radiation.

Of course, as we just said, dosage is the most important factor.Even if it is not ionized, if too much is endured, it may cause harm.For example, the ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause skin diseases if they are too much.Therefore, it is also important to avoid the damage of the solar ultraviolet through sunscreen, parasol or sunscreen when going out.

The influence caused by radiation is divided into two types, which are external irradiation and internal irradiation.

The so -called external illumination means that radioactive substances are directly irradiated on the human body, that is, the radioactive source does not need to be in the human body; as for the internal irradiation, the radiation source enters the body through breathing, drinking water, and eating.

So, where is the radiation of bananas?

We know that the biggest feature of banana is rich in potassium -rich elements, so it is very popular on the stadium.It is these potassium that may have radioactivity.

The number of atomic order of potassium is 19, and the nucleus contains 19 protons, but the number of neutron is not necessarily.We know that the number of protons determines the nature of the atom, and the number of different neutron numbers will form different types of homogenin of the same atom.

The most common and stable potassium homogenous in nature is potassium-39, which contains 19 substances and 20 neutrons.Scientists have discovered that no less than 20 kinds of potassium areotopes, which are often mentioned in addition to potassium-39, as well as potassium-40 and potassium-41.Inside bananas, homogenin that may cause damage to the human body is generally potassium-40.According to the above classification, everyone will know that the impact of bananas on the human body belongs to internal illumination.

Still, the damage depends on the dose.As long as you eat less, don’t worry about its radioactivity.The actual situation is that no matter how you eat it, you ca n’t eat the dose, because the potassium-40 contained in bananas is too small, and it can almost ignore it.

Regarding the dosage of radiation, there is a measured unit in physics called Sever.

After analysis, scientists pointed out that the additional electricity dose contained in bananas is only 0.0778 Weisifer.Even if you go to the hospital for a chest CT scan, the dose is 70,000 times the banana -this is not to say that the hospital is not safe, and normal physical examinations are not harmful to the human body.To reach the damage dose through bananas, it takes almost 35 million yuan!If a person can’t eat so many bananas for a lifetime, what can be worried about?

Moreover, the potassium contained in bananas may not be completely absorbed, and the extra parts will be excreted in vitro.All in all, bananas are not fake, but this radiation does not need to worry about natural radiation in our daily life.

In short, whether it is the banana you eat, the microwave oven at work, or the mobile phone under the pillow, it will not cause harm to the human body through radiation.Worried about these radiation work, should you pay attention to your health from other aspects ~

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