Be careful in this disease infection, or if you don’t do it well, it will bring family disputes …

Recently, Xiaobian’s home has really almost happened to the family war

At a family gathering

The cousin accidentally revealed that she had mycoplasma infection

My aunt is anxious now!

"Isn’t this a sexually transmitted disease?"

The rattan in my uncle’s hand is just ready to draw out

I shouted

"Stop! Who said this is a sexually transmitted disease!"

Today I will give you class!

Those rumors and truth about mycoplasma

They are actually

A type of microorganisms that look similar to bacteria

So when explaining to the patient, the doctor will say that you are a bacterial infection.Chlamydia can be divided into dozens of types.Among them, the main infections that can cause the human urogenital system include: humanoid mycoplasma, reproductive mycoplasma, resolving chlamydia, and tiny tadpoles.Among these types, the most common clinical infection is clinically commonly used by solving the branches.

Mycoplasma infection may lead to symptoms in men and women.Mycoplasma exists in the vagina, the outer mouth of the cervix, around the urethral opening, and the urine. It is mainly exposed to infection (so it is also a sexually transmitted disease); followed by maternal and infant transmission, such as when the mother has mycoplasma infection, it can be transmitted to the birth canal to infected to it to the birth canal to it toNewborn; may also be transmitted indirectly, such as towels, baths, places, and swimming pools.


Mycoplasma has the phenomenon of planting in the urogenicism trail

Most of the mycoplasma positive is the carrier

Do not cause any symptoms or diseases

Symptoms without symptoms do not require treatment

Some may cause diseases such as urethritis, cervicitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and corresponding symptoms.Such as urethritis, frequent urination, urgency, and pain can occur; cervicitis can increase leucorrhea, sore lumbosacral region, and cervical congestion; pelvic inflammatory disease, lower abdominal pain and so on.If you are pregnant, it may cause choric membrane amnioticitis, leading to abortion and premature birth.

Regardless of men and women

If there are no symptoms such as urethritis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease

Even if the mycoplasma is positive

No need to treat

Therefore, one of the husband and wife found that mycoplasma positive. If both sides have no symptoms, it is not recommended to check the other party; if there are symptoms, it is recommended to check it. At the same time, the two sides are treated together to avoid sexual life during treatment, or use condoms.

No symptoms, you can not treat

Those with symptoms need to be treated

If you are preparing for pregnancy, the symptoms will disappear after treatment.If you are pregnant, choose the appropriate treatment plan according to the symptoms and gestational weeks.During pregnancy, if the man detects positive, has symptoms, or abnormal semen examination, he needs to be treated, and it is recommended that the woman treats at the same time.

So don’t listen to the wind and rain!

Don’t misunderstand mycoplasma infection!

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