Be careful!In this case, it is not suitable for pregnancy

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It is not advisable to get pregnant during travel

Honeymoon travel has become a fashion, but newlyweds often ignore contraception during the journey. As everyone knows, the bride is very inappropriate at this time.

Because the husband and wife will be excessively consumed during the journey, and there is no regular life, there is no regular life, and often lack of sleep. The nutrition of three meals a day is also prone to unevenness. Therefore, not only will it affect the quality of the fertilized eggs, but it will also cause uterine contraction, so that the uterine contraction will be caused, so that the uterine contraction will be caused.The bed and growth of the embryo are also affected, causing abortion or aura abortion.The survey shows that about 20 % of women who are pregnant during travel have a threatened or early abortion, and 10 % develop into secondary infertility in the future.Therefore, even on the way to travel, we must pay attention to adopting contraceptive measures to avoid accidents.

It is not appropriate to get pregnant after dyeing

Preparing for the first half of the pregnancy and during pregnancy, it is best not to dye your hair.Hair -dye is a chemical item with some carcinogenic substances that penetrate into the body through the pores of the scalp, affecting the baby’s development and causing fetal baby deformity.Aesthetic preparation women should think about the health of the baby in the future and temporarily give up their hair dye.Preparation for men should also try to avoid hair dyeing, because the husband and wife sleep with each other, and the wife will touch her husband’s hair more or less, and harmful substances will also affect the baby’s baby.

It is not advisable to get pregnant immediately after receiving X -ray irradiation

X -ray is a short wavelength electromagnetic wave. It can produce physical and biochemical changes through human tissues, which may cause varying degrees of damage.Although the amount of rays of different X -rays on the human body is small, it is easy to damage the genital cells and chromosomes in the human body.Therefore, X -ray irradiation should not be accepted within a time before pregnancy.

If you accidentally accept X -ray perspective, especially those who are perspective, you will be safer to get pregnant after 3 months, and the shortest will take 1 month.If the menstruation of a month is late, and it may be pregnant, and it is necessary to conduct X -ray examinations, you must tell the doctor that you may be pregnant with your pregnancy. The doctor will tell you whether you can perform X -ray examinations.When X -ray examination must be done, the abdomen must also be blocked.In addition to preparation for pregnant women and pregnant mothers, women of childbearing age should not be performed before menstruation and menstrual periods. It is best to conduct within 10 days after menstruation.

Abortion and ectopic pregnancy should not be pregnant within half a year

Artificial abortion surgery is mainly to attract or scrape the pregnancy through negative pressure. This will cause the endometrium of women to be damaged to a certain extent. To restore the endometrium to normal, there is a process.Generally, at least half a year after abortion, or even one year, you can try to conceive.In this half or one year, we must strengthen nutrition and consume more vegetables, fruits, yam, soybeans, etc. to condition the body.

If it is repeated natural abortion, you should consider the reasons before considering pregnancy.Women suffering from ectopic pregnancy are often not completely unblocked. It is very dangerous shortly after being cured by out -of -uterine pregnancy. It is very likely that ectopic pregnancy occurs again, because the incidence of repetitive ectopic pregnancy can reach about 15 %.

You can get pregnant 2 years after surgery

Porttal fetus refers to the disappearance of the placental velvet matrix microvascular, which thus the velvetic mass effusion forms a variety of blisters, which looks like grapes.After the hydatidiform is cleared, it may not be completely cured. The nourishing layer cells that have been hidden in the veins can be re -activated after a period of time (mostly one or two years), and even malignant changes have occurred.Therefore, patients who have performed after hydatarius surgery must be reviewed on a regular basis. Once early diseases are found, they can be treated in time to obtain better treatment results.After the Portugal Palace is clear, at least 2 years of follow -up can be taken to conceive again.

2 years after uterine fibroid surgery before pregnancy

Uterine fibroids are formed by the hyperplasia of uterine smooth muscle cells. It is the most common benign tumor in female reproductive organs.How long can I get pregnant after surgery of uterine fibroids, which is related to the number of fibroids, the size of the fibroids, and the part of the fibroids.If there are not many fibroids, and on the membrane (outer wall of the uterine), you can get pregnant half a year after the uterine muscle tumor surgery; if the fibroids are large and the number is large, it needs to be contraceptive for 2 years.EssenceThose who are pregnant after uterine fibroids should go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time. This is because abnormal possibilities occur during childbirth than normal uterine, and they need to be observed closely.Uterine fibroids can be recur after surgery, so it should be checked regularly after delivery.

One apple every day is conducive to detoxification before pregnancy.

Men’s frequent yam can improve sperm quality.

Soybeans and soy products can help women after abortion to condition their bodies.

Women with chronic diseases should become pregnant under the guidance of a doctor

Some diseases are chronic diseases, such as diabetes, epilepsy or hyperthyroidism, etc., which require long -term treatment and regular review.Women with these chronic diseases should consult the doctor in detail before pregnancy. Doctors may have to make a comprehensive evaluation of whether they are suitable for pregnancy and whether they need to replace the drugs used for treatment.

Many patients with disease should not be pregnant during treatment.First of all, many drugs have teratogenic effects and are not good for fetal baby development. Second, pregnancy during treatment will increase the mother’s disease; in addition, the disease itself is harmful to the development of the baby.Hepatitis and other will be transmitted to the baby, and there will be danger of premature and miscarriage.Those with heart, liver, kidney disease, and abnormal organs should be temporarily contraceptive.

For patients with reproductive system diseases, even if they are not serious, they need to be cured before pregnancy.For example, bacterial vaginal disease may cause premature breakthrough and miscarriage of the fetal membrane, which is not good for the normal development of the baby’s baby; cervical polyps will also have a adverse effect on future delivery.

Men have diseases such as gonorrhea, prostatitis, and dexterous veins, and are not conducive to fertility. Fertility problems should be considered after treatment of rehabilitation.

Those with long -term medication should not be pregnant

Some women need to take some drugs for a long time, such as hormones, antibiotics, antivirus, antidepressants, etc. These drugs will have a certain impact on germ cells to varying degrees.Eggs take about 14 days from the early egg cells to mature eggs.Therefore, do not rush to get pregnant after taking the medicine for a long time.Women who take drugs for a long time are best to ask a professional doctor to guide the pregnancy to determine the time of pregnancy.

It is generally believed that the dosage of the drug teratogenic is between the dose of temporarily damage and death by the baby. In most cases, the dose of teratogenic dosage is narrow.Taking a certain drug for a long time during pregnancy may increase the relevant enzymes, and then reduce the amount of drugs in the body; on the other hand, reuse using a certain drug, due to the reduction of metabolic vitality or the accumulation of the drug, can cause the teratogenic effect to be strengthened.Some drugs have been positive, while others are still doubtful, but they should be vigilant.

Many people are superstitious about Chinese medicine and believe that traditional Chinese medicine has no side effects. In fact, most of the Chinese herbal medicines have adverse effects on pregnant mothers and fetal baby.Therefore, you must use traditional Chinese medicine before pregnancy, and western medicine should be used more carefully.

It should not be pregnant when the season is hot or cold

Early pregnancy is the initial stage of the baby’s cerebral cortex. If the weather is hot, it will affect human appetite, resulting in a decrease in protein intake, a large amount of body consumption, and affecting the development of the baby’s brain.In the severe cold season, pregnant mothers are often active indoors, with fewer fresh air, increased opportunities to contact the respiratory virus, and it is easy to catch a cold and affect the development of fetal babies.

Remove the in -palace during pregnancy.

Some women choose to bring the in -the -palace in -palace (commonly known as a contraceptive ring) to contraception.If the contraceptive ring is not suitable or shifted in the uterine cavity, it is prone to pregnancy. The probability is about 10 %.The contraceptive ring is placed in the uterus as a foreign body, which can interfere with fertilized eggs and bed to play a contraceptive role.However, regardless of the length of the loop, it will cause more or less damage and impact on the endometrium. In this case, pregnancy is not good for the growth and development of the embryo or fetal baby.Because this may cause a large amount of bleeding or abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, it will also increase the probability of premature birth, abortion and fetal baby’s development.Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, you should go to the hospital to take out the contraceptive ring and give the endometrium a period of recovery. Generally, it is advisable to remove the contraceptive ring two or three menstruation.In addition, women who take oral contraceptives should also get pregnant after half a year.

Injecting rubber vaccine can not get pregnant for less than 3 months

After pregnancy, once infected by rubella virus, it may cause congenital malformations in the baby.In order to avoid rubella virus during pregnancy, the most reliable method is to inject rubly vaccines before pregnancy.However, cutting can not be injected within 3 months after the vaccine is injected or pregnant, otherwise the virus in the vaccine will directly affect the baby’s baby and cause abnormal development.Therefore, the injection of rubber vaccine must be vaccinated before pregnancy, and it is not possible to get pregnant within 3 months after injection, so as to prevent the rubella virus in the vaccine from adversely affect the baby’s baby.

The rubella vaccine must be vaccinated before pregnancy and cannot be pregnant within at least 3 months after vaccination.

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