Because a dog man entered the police station, a dog man entered the police station

Because "eat" a dog

The man entered the police station

"The winter solstice, dog meat fat", the weather has become cold recently. Many citizens like to eat dogs and lamb to resist the cold. Some criminals have also followed the dogs raised in the countryside and waited for the opportunity to kill.

Recently, the Police Station of the Economic Development Zone received an alarm from Mr. Chen, saying that a gray shepherd was stolen.Mr. Chen said that the shepherd was purchased in December 2017.On the morning of the 22nd, Mr. Chen found that the dog was missing and looked around at home.Three days later, Mr. Chen checked the surveillance videos around his house, and found that the dog had been stolen.

From the surveillance video, it can be seen that at about 1 am on December 22, a white car drove slowly from the direction of Yazhuang, and slowly followed Mr. Chen’s dog.When lying on the ground and sleeping, a young man came down from the car, caught the dog into a white bag, and carried it on his shoulders and fled every day.

The police investigation found that a person near Tongling West Road was consistent with the characteristics of the man who stole the dog in the surveillance video. The police showed a brief inquiry room for the man.Seeing the police, the man was a little panicked but confessed to the illegal facts of his theft.Subsequently, the police verbally summoned the man to the development zone police station for investigation.

Suspect Sun, male, 28 years old, from Fenggang County, Guizhou Province.In January 2013, he was sentenced to seven months in prison by the Ruian People’s Court for theft."I heard that eating dog meat in winter is a big tonic. My wife is pregnant. I think about making up for her." Because the dog meat in the market was high, Sun had a crooked thought.In the early morning of December 22, 2018, Sun and friends drove back to Wenzhou with friends. When I was passing by Donglongcun Plaza, I found that the dogs of Mr. Chen’s house were not tied to the rope.No one took advantage of it, got out of the car and stole it.

Because of a dog, Sun finally "eat" himself into the police station.Although Sun took the initiative to pay Mr. Chen’s losses afterwards and obtained timely understanding, the stealing dog had been illegal, and Sun Mou, a stolen person who stole an illegal actor in accordance with the law for 8 days.

Correspondent Chen Mengzhang Xia Yuqing

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