Before giving your baby a hukou, spend more attention at this step, baby will be grateful for you in the future

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Within one month of birth, the parents can go to the local police station of any husband and wife to go through the households for the household.

Before going to the household registration, prepare the required information in advance, such as "Medical Certificate of Birth"; parental marriage certificate, ID card, household registration book; family planning certificate, etc.

In addition, there is a crucial step, which is to spend more attention to the child’s name.

Generally speaking, when applying for a hukou, the name should be consistent with the name on the birth certificate.But if parents want to replace their names for their babies, they still have a chance.

Some places stipulate that it cannot be replaced after the birth certificate is issued.However, when the child’s parents go to the household registration, they can apply for a new name from the household registration department at the same time.The name on the birth certificate is used as a name, and it will also be registered on the hukou copy.

It is estimated that some people will think that the name is not a code, so it will not be so troublesome.When the child is big, if you do n’t want to call the original name, just go to the police station to change it, it ’s just a few minutes.

But in fact, this is not the case.As the child is getting bigger and bigger, after the name is changed, a series of other series of data documents will also be changed.

However, some information wants to change the name, but it is not solved by the police station.Therefore, instead of all kinds of trouble at that time, it is better to spend more thoughts before the account.Children will really be grateful for you because of a nice name.

So, what are the issues to pay attention to?

Avoid using raw characters

Give your child a name, it is best not to use a remote word.Although it can avoid heavy names, it is really troublesome.For the time being, not to mention the embarrassment of the teacher when the name is not right, and even affect the child’s daily life.

For example, applying for social security, buying train tickets and aircraft tickets, seeing a doctor, applying for a bank card, driving license, mortgage, and even examination registration, etc. As long as the computer enters the name of the computer or verify the information on the ID card, there will be no child names that cannot be made from the name of the child.Passion.At that time, not only delay time, it is also easy to mistake.

The reason why the identity card can be made in a complete name is that other institutions cannot be hit because the public security population information system will continue to add new discovery rare words.However, other departments do not have a dedicated font and cannot share raw characters.

Don’t be too individual

Following a long time ago, a couple in Anhui named the child "Wu Shiyi". After the homophonic "5 billion" became popular, the name of the post -90s parents in Shandong gave his son "Mr. Zhang", which once again caused heated discussion.

The child’s father explained that the reason why this name was taken was because his wife always felt hungry during pregnancy and had five meals a day.

The old man at home teased and said why he was always hungry. He would be hungry in the future.Then he said to become President Zhang.Of course, on the one hand, the word "total" is composed of eyes, mouth, and heart, which means intelligent.

In this regard, some netizens questioned, "Don’t you feel embarrassed? Children will go to school and work in the future, so how can teachers, leaders and colleagues shout? Will it be too grassy?" "

As a result, the response of the children’s parents is also very interesting. They bluntly give up the name to their son, just to prevent him from working, not being managed, you can live freely, worry about money, and do not like things.And even if their sons are ordinary, their money is enough for children.

Uh … it seems that there is no shortage of broken silver.

But to be honest, given the child name, no matter what the meaning is, the child must not be troubled first.After the child is not allowed to go to school or even enter the society, it is nicknamed and laughed at others.This is at least what we should take into consideration.Otherwise, it is really clumsy.

Knowing a friend, because her name will appear in the textbook, she is particularly nervous in advance.When I finally arrived at that lesson, when the teacher read the word, the whole class laughed.

After class, classmates often use this word to laugh at her.Even because of her name, she has been particularly inferior since she was a child.Even when she grows up, she doesn’t like to introduce her name to others.

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