Before pregnancy, do this!This will not cause harm to the fetus

During pregnancy is a very special period. If you have a cold and fever, you ca n’t take medicine easily, and you ca n’t eat the sea at will. Even if you look at the teeth during pregnancy, you will become a tricky problem.What are the adverse effects of periodontal disease during pregnancy?Can I look at their teeth during pregnancy?

Periodontal disease will affect fetal health

Dental disease is mainly caused by anaerobic bacteria infection. The bacteria itself and other metabolites will release some inflammatory factors when gum inflammation, which may cause poor blood sugar metabolism in pregnant women and even premature birth.It will cause nutritional imbalance and indirectly affect the health of the fetus.

In 1996, the Research Report of the American Society of Dental Diseases was also published: Pregnant women have the chances of abortion, premature or newborns with severe periodontal disease, which is seven times that of general oral health and good pregnant women.So pregnant mothers must not be ignored.

If you have a tooth problem, you must deal with it before pregnancy

Before you are pregnant, you must build a healthy oral environment -asking the correct brushing method of the dentist (using the bell brushing method to avoid the horizontal "saw" teeth), the attachment of the plaque with the dental floss, and regular tooth washing to the teeth.EssenceIt is necessary to brush your teeth carefully and treat the tooth decay in the mouth, so as not to be pregnant, and even do not want to go to the dental medical treatment. Therefore, the timing of the treatment of tooth decay has greatly increased the opportunity of postpartum tooth damage.

Will pregnant women treat their teeth harmful to the fetus?

Generally, simple tooth washing and replenishment can be treated during pregnancy, but if pregnant women are emotional tension, there is a risk of abortion in the early stages of pregnancy;When you get up, take a break to avoid suddenly standing and cause dizziness (the relationship between posture of posture).

By the end of pregnancy, the condition of pregnant women is the most stable, and the stomach will not be too large. Most of the dental therapy (such as tooth washing, dental complement, root canal therapy, etc.) can be completed at this stage.However, dental surgery (such as: ductive petal thorium treatment, eliminating wisdom teeth, and tip of dental root) Due to the long surgery, the pressure on pregnant women is relatively large, so it is recommended to postpone postpartum treatment.

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