Before pregnancy, the skin is very good, and acne after pregnancy?Remember 4 o’clock, let the acne far a child

With the release of the third -child policy, many families have begun to have a "baby -making plan", but for women, pregnancy is actually a very tired period, and the body will cause many obvious changes.Moms will find that a lot of acne has suddenly increased on her face. So why do I have acne during pregnancy?

In fact, during pregnancy, the hormone secretion in the body will be severely disordered. In addition, the work and living pressure of pregnant women are relatively large. They often face problems such as insufficient sleep or stay up late.Acne, in addition, if the skin is not clean enough, it will cause excessive sebum to block pores and breed bacteria, which will easily grow acne.

Of course, pregnant women are also prone to gastrointestinal discomfort and constipation. These are all causes of acne during pregnancy. So, what should I do if I have acne during pregnancy?These four scientific "acne" strategies may help you solve the problem!

1. Adjust your dietary hab

Pregnant women need to eat more zinc -containing food during pregnancy, which can not only increase the resistance of the human body, but also promote the healing of postpartum wounds. There are many foods containing zinc in life, such as animal liver, corn, soybeans, radish, etc.Essence

In addition, you can also eat more foods containing crude fiber during pregnancy, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, accelerate the body’s metabolism, and enable excess oil to be excreted well, such as big beans, whole wheat bread, etc.More foods.

However, during this period, pregnant women should also pay attention to eating less foods containing more fats, because of foods with more fats, they have more fat content, and excessive fat intake is not conducive to the health of pregnant women.

2. Pay attention to skin cleaning

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should also pay attention to cleaning the skin on the face. When using skin care products, try to choose more mild products, such as the facial cleanser of pure plants.

In addition, when cleaning the face, remember to use warm water, so that you can effectively remove oil and fat. If you have a pregnant mother with makeup habits, you must pay special attention when removing makeup, that is, the base makeup must be cleaned. After cleaning the skinAfter all, lack of water can also cause acne growth.

3. Massage face skin

In daily life, pregnant mothers can often massage the skin to help promote the blood circulation of the face. After cleaning the face, you can also properly perform face massage to help the skin better metabolism.There will be unexpected gains.

4. Drink water appropriately and do a good job of sunscreen

Water is the source of life. Drinking water before going to bed can provide sufficient water to the cells, making the skin more delicate and smooth. Drinking plenty of water will not only make the skin more shiny, but also increase the elasticity of the skin. To some extent,Drinking plenty of water can also solve the problem of constipation and help the body to discharge food residues in the body in time, which is conducive to detoxification.

Secondly, what needs to be paid attention to during pregnancy is to do a good job of sunscreen, because the skin of pregnant women is particularly fragile. Under strong light, pregnant women not only easily sunburn, but also make the skin grow spots. In this regard, pregnant women can choose to apply paint to apply paint.With no harmful sunscreen, you can also choose a parasol and hats when going out daily.

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