Behind the doubt of the psychiatric hospital: the past

"In low -income areas, the buying and selling marriage of mental disorders is shocking. Women are fertility tools. In exchange for high -income areas, they will be forced by their families to sterilize, eliminating the trouble of raising for the next generation." Liu Yuqing became pregnant at the mental illness rehabilitation hospital.She said that the sexual relationship was "voluntary", who would choose to believe her?

Written Chen Zhuqin from Handan, Hebei

Edit Zhao Xiaolu

Liu Yuqing was born in August 1997.When it was still in the middle of the middle, the 4800 yuan "introduced" sold her to the Liu family of Zhanghebei.Mom was trafficked from Hebei from the field, and she ran away.The adoptive father Liu Main, his head is not a light, eats a minimum guarantee all year round, he has been a Singleball for a lifetime, and it is mostly to help the elder brother.When she was ten years old, she learned from her neighbor’s gossip that she was not born.

Liu Yuqing married twice.According to the current mother -in -law’s family, the initial reason was that she "did not touch", and then thought of sending her to a mental hospital to see a doctor, but after returning, she was found pregnant."No one forced me." She told the police.But the family did not let her say that.Now, when asked about it, she would say "I don’t know", or "I have taken medicine (confused)."

The husband Yang Gang went to the hospital to find the reason, and Guo Guo, the male caregiver, took the initiative to stand out and take over the responsibility."It’s playing." Mother -in -law Zhang Yun said, this was what she said at the scene to listen to Guo.Two men, their hometown are twenty miles away, but to some extent the same disease: Guo was 31 years old and was a bachelor. Yang Gang had no children to be a child at the age of 22. He was the same "shame" in the countryside.

At the beginning of the year, Yang Gang had depression.Because of Cai Li and handling marriage, more than 100,000 foreign debts were on his back, but he failed to usher in a normal marriage life. The more he thought about it.Several dense scars were left on the small arm, and the wrist was also shallow, and even twice had the urge to jump off the building twice.

The hospital was selected by the Liu family for Xiaoyu. I heard that a guy of relatives’ house was cured. "It was not a major illness, or the divorce was a bit stimulated."

Wedding in the village is the top priority, and it is also the source of many sorrows and joy.Not long ago, an old lady was killed by a car on the street nearby. It is rumored that the driver was on the way to blind dates at the time.Without a driver’s license, the car is borrowed, not so filled the facade, and almost don’t want to ask your wife in the local area.

This is the story of a village that happened in Wei County, Hebei since this summer. The men and women here are as high as 159: 100. Men have more than 11,000 more than women.

Six years ago, the "Vietnamese Bride Escape" occurred here, which caused a sensation in the country. On November 9, 2020, the consecration of the media was projected into this poor corner again.The background board has nowhere to escape.

Liu Yuqing is very thin, a black down jacket, a pair of jeans, wrapped in a weak body.Usually walking in the yard, pulling a pair of cotton shoes barefoot.Before, Yang Gang had seen her watching the fast -handed video to learn makeup.Although the face is facing the sky, at first glance, it is still beautiful.Ordinary dialogue communication is no different.

"Do you want this child?" "I don’t want to," Liu Yuqing said with his stomach, "I have stomach pain, and cholecystitis, I can’t take medicine now."

Children have vague evidence and chips for her husband’s lawsuit.On September 1, the Yang family reported to the hospital after going to the hospital. The Wei County Police claimed that Xiao Yu and male caregiver Guo said in the interrogation that the relationship was voluntary.However, the Yang family resolutely demanded that Guo’s criminal responsibility suspected of rape and the management responsibility of the hospital, and claimed the hospital.Yang Gang said that the police have always said that "the judicial appraisal cannot be appointment" and changed for a few times. There was no following. The pregnancy was more than 50 days during pregnancy, and it was dragged for more than 4 months.They didn’t bottom out, "Broken the child, who knows if the hospital will go to account?"

The lower abdomen was growing, and his family was anxious, and Liu Yuqing followed him.Children must not be required. In the early days of pregnancy, she was hospitalized and took medicine every day.Yang Gang said that the hospital is not willing to provide cases and prescriptions, and there are no medicine boxes and manuals to be discharged from the hospital.

Yang Gang showed that the daily medication prescribed by the hospital for his wife was wrapped in rough grass paper groups.Another small medicine bottle, the original packaging is the stomach medicine.

On November 9th, under the efforts of Yang Gang, Yang Lei, the local urban newspaper intervened in the report.Two days later, Yang Gang finally led Liu Yuqing’s father and daughter to enter the Judicial Appraisal Center of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University.The incident was so popular that relatives of the Liu family were not short of words.They cared about Xiao Yu’s privacy and wondered, "To say the victim, it should be Xiao Yu himself?"

The Yang family is embarrassed by another thing.The hospital said that after the incident, the hospital went to the Liu family twice to condolences to visit, and basically received the patient’s family forgiveness."How do they say that they are also legal couples. Shouldn’t they come to our house to talk?" Liu Main and his grandmother at home explained to their relatives and denied that "the hospital just came to the house to ask the illness, there was a condition, there was a condition, there was someI did not continue to take medicine, did not talk about the "rape", let alone damage compensation.

Behind these wrestling, a major problem of difficult problems involved in the mental disabilities: the recognition of civil behavior capabilities.

"In the era of" General Principles of the Civil Law ", as long as you have a history of mental illness, even if the condition is in the ease of ease or it has been restored, you will be taken for granted as a person to restrict civil behavior.There are progress in legislation. As long as mental patients do not occur during the onset period, they should be a full -scale civilian behavior. "An unwilling to be named monitoring notarization expert said that the above two laws stipulate that the spouse is limited to civilian behavior capabilities.The first guardian of adults (higher than parents and children). Therefore, before the "Civil Code" was officially effective, Yang Gang did have the right to represent criminal reports, prosecution or complaints on behalf of his wife.

The media in the hospital revealed the condition of the three versions, including "admission treatment due to schizophrenia due to schizophrenia", "the hospital judged that she was intermittent mental illness", and the final diagnosis as bipolar emotional disorders (both depression and also depressed but alsoA mental illness with irritability, which affects patients’ lives and social functions), "specifically manifested as loneliness, non -contact person, etc., and it has basically recovered at the time of the incident.Said that after three months of treatment, Xiaoyu has recovered very well, basically recovered, and deny "rape".He also acknowledged that "such a thing happened was indeed a loophole in our management."

It is worth noting that "intermittent mental illness" is not a professional term clinical medicine, but a legal term in the criminal law.The Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and the Ministry of Public Security’s "Answer to Several Specific Applied Laws in the current Rape Case" pointed out in 1984, "Knowing that women are mental patients or dementia (serious)In no matter what means of criminals, the crime should be used as a crime. Patients with intermittent mental illness occur during sexual behaviors during the period of no onset.Abolished.

Professor Zhang Qinting of the Institute of Judicial Appraisal Science of the Ministry of Justice issued a paper in 2019. The above two situations have occurred. You only need to identify the mental state of the victim and do not have to determine his sexual self -defense ability, so as not to cause the case to complicate the case.

In the practice of spiritual judicial appraisal, the identification of sexual self -defense ability is only for those who are sexually assaulted in the suspected rape case to evaluate their meaning, nature and their ability to recognize their own consequences.The judicial appraisal accepted by Liu Yuqing includes three items: mental state identification, behavior observation and treatment, and sexual self -defense capabilities. Only the last one is performed separately, and the rest are accompanied by their families.

The conclusion of judicial appraisal takes one month. The public security department will decide whether Guo will investigate the case for the crime of rape.

Yang Lei recalled, "The doctor said, the CT scan of the brain can’t see any problems, but after the intelligence was tested, it was not as good as a ten -year -old child. When others coaxed her twice, she believed in that kind. What would she say about it?"

However, the low IQ does not mean that there is no sexual self -defense ability.An analysis of a sex defense ability appraisal case analysis of the Ankang Hospital of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau shows that some of the appraisal persons have only 55 IQ, but the social adaptation ability is still good, and it is still judged to be sexual self -defense capabilities.It has a certain relationship with factors such as education, social environment, and mental state at that time. "

"I’m 23 years old, why do you still treat me as a child?" Later, when talking about the results of the intellectual testing alone, Liu Yuqing laughed. She didn’t feel like she was mentally ill.She said she just hated her mother -in -law "scratching" her.She raised the clothes on her chest, "I will take off my clothes and pick my pants. Isn’t this a player?" And the mother -in -law Zhang Yun’s explanation is: daughter -in -law always loses clothes, newly bought clothes, wearThrow it once.She simply locked into the wardrobe and took whatever Xiaoyu worn.

When doing judicial identification, the forensic doctor asked Liu Yuqing if she was "abused" by her mother -in -law. She said nothing, and her husband stood beside him.Right now, she can’t answer when she is pregnant and to be a mother.Zhang Yun also said that when she was pregnant, Liu Yuqing said casually, "The child is gone."

After three days of running, he returned to the home of Wei County from Shijiazhuang. Liu Yuqing took off his black short boots and drilled into the bed as usual.The mobile phone fell in the car of the relatives of Handan’s husband’s house, and she had almost nothing to do.She said that it was dark at night and heard the sound on the beam, as if someone was piercing on it.She couldn’t sleep, and was terrified. When she was young, she was awakened by nightmares.I really want to run to the hut where my father lives next door and lay on the sofa by the bed. "But Dad is a man." She struggled and stopped.

She said she wanted to see her mother than ever.She imagined that she was lying in a quilt with her mother, falling asleep in her arms.The family did not help her inquire, but the "introducer" of the year had long been ill.

After marriage, Liu Yuqing often ran to her mother’s house; after the incident, she wanted to go back to her husband’s house again.Sometimes because of loneliness, sometimes it is good to read Yang Gang.However, as long as her mother -in -law is at home, she still doesn’t dare to live.

The cement room left by his parents during his lifetime, Liu Mun lived for most of his life.If you can’t discuss your wife, it is naturally not necessary to renovate.The red brick is exposed, and the door is the smooth iron wire.The firewood was piled in the soil courtyard, and the raw coal stove leaned against the corner, blackening a small brick wall.

The Yang family was not very good. Now it is covered with two floors. The hall is covered with tiles. The ceiling ceiling is also very sophisticated.Father Yang worked as a construction worker and broke his waist twice. He personally built a house for his son’s marriage.

But just buying these materials, it almost hollowed out the bottom of the house.

"Several counties in Handan City are now popular in colorful gifts, three pounds and one ring, that is, three pounds of RMB 100, which is about 120,000, and then buy a car with a value of at least 450,000.It is necessary to ‘purple and thousands of red a green ", that is, 10,000 yuan of banknotes with a face value of five yuan (purple), a large red ticket with a thousand face value of 100 yuan, and a bunch of banknotes with a face value of 50 yuan (green), a total of about 150,000. Except’Three pounds and one ringing ‘and’ thousands of red red a green ‘, there must be a house, and then set up furniture to calculate at least 500,000 yuan to marry a daughter -in -law. "

In the report of the "Vietnamese Bride’s Collective Escape Incident" six years ago, it introduced the colorful ceremony of rural Handan rural areas in detail. It has not been out of date to this day."I really feel that there are too many home. If our family only has my sister, I will never live so hard." Yang Gang said.Zhang Yun also lamented, "Now I would rather have a doll, and I don’t want to regenerate my son."

Statistics of the sixth census in 2010 show that men and women in the age of 10 to 14 in Wei County are close to 159: 100 than men and women. Men have more than 11,854 more than women. Now they are the age of marriage.The ratio also exceeds 125.

The United Nations clearly determined that the general value domain of the sex ratio of birth is between 102 and 107.

Wedding photos on the wall of Yang Gang’s bedroom.

After reading junior high school, Yang Gang had a fight with someone, and dropped out of school and went out to work.A few years ago, he also had no concept of marriage, and his monthly salary was spent seven or eight.In the blink of an eye, the children around him have two or three years old.The boy was busy Zhang Luo at home.With the urging of her mother, Yang Gang also met several times.The female party asked at least two or three hundred thousand. He had just finished seeing it, and there were seven or eight boys who lined up behind.

Seeing Liu Yuqing for the first time, he saw that she was quiet, and was afraid that he would not match her. "It is not easy to be able to succeed, just want to get married quickly." Her family conditions are not good, and there are fewer gifts.Wan, the lowest in the village.Yang Gang promised, "Married to our house, you don’t have to do anything, we all include it." Because of this, and with the snacks bought for her, Liu Yuqing felt that others were good and moved.

The next day, the Yang family prepared some fruit gifts, and on the third day, she came to the door to settle.Last October, the two sides held a wedding banquet and officially entered the door.But Yang Gang said that his daughter -in -law just didn’t let him touch. "Men can’t accept this kind of thing, and said it was too shameful to say." He told his mother that he also told Laozhang people that he was anxious.Sometimes, Xiaoyu sleeps until one or two in the middle of the night, and suddenly runs to his sister’s room to sleep.Soon, the two entered the state of room, and she slept with her mother -in -law.

Xiaoyu never worked at home. Her mother -in -law told her to sweep the floor and wash clothes. She was unwilling and often disappeared.She depended on the bed for longer and longer, she said it was boring and sleepy.Later, I didn’t want to eat meals.Sometimes I also lose my temper and talk nonsense.Except for playing a small game on a mobile phone, watching TV, she has no other entertainment."She is playing a small game like Tom Cat, and it is a bit difficult to teach her to play a bit, she won’t." Yang Gang said.

Mother -in -law Zhang Yun said that she was washed from her to her home from her to home.Son can have a daughter -in -law, give birth to a baby, and live together, it is enough.In any case, Chuanzong’s succession is a big deal in the countryside.

"The daughter -in -law of the foreign country is still not good. After giving birth to the children, she ran too much." She raised several households around her. "Although the children do not need to be a mother, they are all our old people."

According to her mother’s family, Xiaoyu’s mental condition has been quite normal, but she does not like to talk to people. After marrying, she found that she was dull."Now who’s daughter -in -law will work, they are all for men’s houses, and some are" helping your brother ". Three days to get things to the maid’s house in three days.. "Liu Yuqing’s cousin Liu Wei himself also had suffering.

In rural areas, the women who are unwilling to be in the same room with men are called "Peach Blossom Girl".Zhang Yun asked people who were good at doing things around. Each time Liu Yuqing came to the door, he had to prepare a lot of tribute products and ingots, and spent at least two thousand yuan.They "look" up and down, sprinkle things on her, called the soul to drive ghosts.What was surprised by ,? It seemed that they could "see" them; some people were sick and did not take medicine. Just look at this. Their family could be full of flags like the hospital.I ran three houses, but I still did not improve.In fact, she also understood that most of them were psychological comfort.

Yang Gang opposed the "feudal superstition", and he just suggested that he took Xiaoyu to Handan Hospital to see psychological counseling.He said that he had never thought about mental illness, "I knew that this kind of thing would happen, and I would never choose this closed management hospital."

It was the Liu family and Yang’s Zhang Yunshang, and decided to choose one in Weixian.The Wei County spiritual rehabilitation hospital is considered the most convenient choice because of the high proportion of medical insurance reimbursement and family members does not need to accompany.

Liu Yuqing said that she was "cheated" to the hospital.The reason was a conflict between his home and mother -in -law a few days ago.Dad called her to eat together. She didn’t eat, and her mother -in -law "scratched" her again, and even her father helped her mother -in -law.Liu Yuqing came up and picked up the stick, and almost hit his father’s eyes. "Actually, they ran fast, and it didn’t hurt to hit her." It didn’t take long for her to regret it.

On April 6 this year, under the leadership of Dad, Uncle and mother -in -law, Liu Yuqing stayed into the Wei County Mental Rehabilitation Hospital.They paid more than a thousand deposits and said that for three months and a course of treatment.Liu Yuqing originally thought that it was a comprehensive hospital in various subjects, and I found that it was not for a while.How did the doctor diagnose her, she didn’t impress, "I only remember that as soon as I entered, I was hit on the buttocks. There was only me in the ward, which hurt me directly on the ground."

There was also a female patient who kicked her behind her.But in addition, she didn’t think that the hospital was bad. Every afternoon, she had a singing and dancing activity. She wanted to sleep, and no one had to drag her.

Ten days later, Yang Gang visited her with her mother and aunt, and felt okay.For the second time, the hospital will not see people, just receiving snacks, saying that it is closed management, otherwise it will affect the recovery of the condition.If you want to get a discharge, the hospital does not give up, and the deposit will not be refunded, so you have to count it.After the whole course, it took more than 6,000, and the Yang family insisted that the condition was worse than before entering.

On November 11, the official report stated that the Wei County Mental Rehabilitation Hospital had lifted the hire relationship with the male caregiver Guo (first from right).

According to the WeChat circle of Dean Zhang Fuzhang, on June 21 and 25, he repeatedly released two messages, "Five of them are urgent, men and women are not limited, age is under 50 years old, healthy, hard -working and responsible."The publicity boards announced in the hospital hall show that there are only two male caregivers, a female caregiver in the hospital, and a male responsible for living management.

According to a state of media provided by the hospital, Guo’s daily work is food, snacks, and daily necessities sent by the family members of patients, and also responsible for the patient’s daily medication.

He lived on the second floor with male patients, while female patients lived on the third floor, separated by iron fences in the middle, locked, and only medical staff could open.

"On July 19, 2020, all patients and caregivers, etc. During the entertainment on the third floor on the third floor, Xiaoyu came down from the third floor to the second floor to find Guo to eat snacks. Guo Mou said to Xiaoyu.Who can do it? At this time, Xiaoyu had to take it and hugged Guo with both hands. The two hugged for about two or three minutes, and then something happened. "road.

Liu Jiayuan.

When he was at home, Liu Yuqing would ride an electric car and go shopping in the town to buy snacks.Dad was more confused about money and spoiled her, so she stuffed a roll of red and green tickets in her hands.I bought 4 units before and after the phone, ranging from 400 to 1,300 yuan.

Since childhood, Liu Yuqing hasn’t made any friends.The most impressive was that he stole Dongxi in the small sales department and was beaten.The village reads in the fifth grade, and the boy in the school did not bully her, saying that she was "a child without a mother."Dad had no choice but to take her to a family school made by Christian sisters and did not read it."Don’t mention it, the grades are not very good." Liu Yuqing wrote the name of the village with a pen, and said embarrassedly, "This word is too ugly."

After the autumn harvest, the corn was piled up in front of the house, and some were thrown on the ground.There are only low grass left in the field. Some people picked peppers in three or two, all of them were older.Twenty or thirty -year -old workers will not work for a long time, either to work with relatives or work or do small sales.

Liu Yuqing also wanted to see the outside world, but Dad didn’t let it.In the local area, she couldn’t find work.

Originally, after getting married, I went out to get out of the factory with her husband, but Yang Gang left in March this year and did not call her.The last time I went away, at the age of fourteen or five, I took the ID card of relatives and children in the distant room and went to the clothing factory in Qingdao.What I did was the quality inspection and packaging before leaving the factory. The family said that she was slow.But she still remembered the monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, and her eyes were still glowing.

She likes the clean streets of Qingdao, a dazzling window, and the atmosphere of the sea.She bought a lot of new clothes, short skirts, short tops, and Dad felt bad, fearing that she would learn from her boyfriend at a young age.At that time, the child of a relative’s house was going to be with her, and she was still ignorant, but later the money was taken away by him.

The past of Girls’ Generation was sealed, and the family was unknown."Cheating money and cheating" is probably the most simple saying.After returning home, adults were worried that they would not affect the impact and did not make any sound.Later, the other party came to make a relative at home, and agreed.After a year or two, Liu Yuqing felt that he really didn’t like him, and this family affairs were tested.

At the age of 19, the matchmaker introduced an honest person, 6 years older than her, and he was good to her, and did not let her do any work.But at the beginning, she was reluctant to marry him and quarreled with her dad for a long time. Dad finally agreed to her divorce.Liu Yuqing said that this is also a relationship of sexual life. She attributed it to her ex -husband lacks knowledge and experience in terms of sex.

On the contrary to Yang Gang that "she won’t let me touch", Liu Yuqing said that she was not unwilling.Instead, she didn’t understand why he always had to drive her away, "I pushed me into his sister’s house to sleep. I once spit on my face."

"Are you talking about or after discharge or after discharge?" At the dinner table, Liu Lan, the cousin of the uncle’s family, asked her.

"After discharge," Liu Yuqing said.

"Then you are not wrong." Liu Lan said hate.

When she was just married, Yang Gang would also take Liu Yuqing and play with the young and her classmates, but she was suddenly unhappy several times and had to go home.A rich friend who had a wide range of friends later told him that your daughter -in -law was a second marriage, and he couldn’t accept it for a while."I knew it was a second marriage, then I would definitely not end." Yang Gang stunned his mother, "I never moved to Xiaoyu."

In fact, "there are not a few women who are married in the village." Said Liu Wei, a cousin.From the perspective of women, the cousin Liu Lan said that rural people began to cultivate feelings after marriage, but men worked and worked outside for three days.Essence

On July 25, the three -month hospitalization treatment was full, and Liu Yuqing was discharged from Liu Yuqing.The earliest discovery of her pregnancy was Yang Gang.The mother -in -law took her to test the B -ultrasound and found that the fetus had been about 8 weeks.According to her, during that time, Xiao Yu was chatting and calling a man WeChat WeChat, and then confirmed that Guo was Guo.This phone was once confiscated by their house.

On November 10, in an interview with the Beiqing Daily, Zhang Fuzhang commented on Guo, "He is usually responsible for taking care of the patient, and he is still very patient and meticulous at work." Yang Gang said that he had found the hospital halfway after the alarm, and found that Guo was still inNormal work, Zhang Fuzhang also said frankly at the time that he was our employees and had been here for three or four years.On the evening of the 11th, the official report confirmed that Guo had been dismissed by the hospital, and the police also took surveillance measures to him.

"Think about it, a normal person is to give him money to make him rape the mental patient. What will he do? This time is a voluntary relationship between two people. Only the disease is cured by the two parties to communicate. This is emotional and love." Zhang Fuzhang came. "explain.Once these words were released, it caused great criticism on the Internet.

But asking Liu Yuqing’s impression of Guo, she hesitated, "This person, not good, nor is it bad."

At the Cross -Strait Rights Protection Forum sponsored by Renmin University of China Law School in 2017, Zhang Qiang, a doctoral student of the college, introduced that the "Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons" adopted by the United Nations in 2006 is an important basis for protecting the sexual rights of intellectual disabled. China is China.For one of the performers, the Convention also has a direct legal effect in China.

Zhang Qiang has studied at the judicial protection of the right to intellectual disability at home and abroad.He also supports the contextualization model adopted by the UK.In the R V. Cooper case in 2009, the British House of House clearly emphasized the contextuality of ability: "It is difficult to imagine what behaviors are more personal and more context./ She agrees to the sexual behavior of a specific place and a specific person at a specific time. The autonomy gives him the freedom and ability to choose whether to perform sexual behavior.… The goal of the 2003 bill is to get rid of the previous method based on the ‘identity’. This method assumes that all ‘defective people’ lack ability, so they deny the possibility of their own choice, and at the same time cannot protect those deprivation of autonomy due to mental disorders due to mental disorders.Person. "

"In my country’s judicial practice, sexual relationships with intellectual disabled people, regardless of whether the intellectual disabled person agrees, will determine the parental practices of rape crimes, ignore the sexual autonomy of intellectual disabled people, and does not meet their maximum interests." Zhang Qiang said.

Lawyer Huang Xuetao, the sponsor of the public welfare legal organization, has excessive agents in the country’s famous "psychiatric" lawsuit.She also believes that people with mental disabilities have sexual desires as sexual desires, and have sexual autonomy and fertility. They should be faced and should not be avoided.However, the civil ability system in China’s current laws restricts the sexual autonomy of the disabled. Their sexual freedom is often over -protected, leading to actual deprivation, and the phenomenon of criminal relationships in voluntary sexual relationships.

On the other hand, the sexual assault relief of mental disabilities also has many dilemma."For example, in facts, how to distinguish between their true will and how to set standards? In daily life, ordinary people with sexual autonomy are still difficult to be relieved when they are sexually assaulted.And the topic like women derailment is difficult to discuss public discussions, "Huang Xuetao believes that the focus is not on the mental retardation, and cannot directly predetermine them to express incompetence.Those with mental disorders and teachers and communities of the containment agency also require sex education. The cultivation of independent decision -making ability is the key.

"The degree of disability of each individual is different and does not exclude sexual needs, but it must also be divided into stages and multiple steps to promote it. This step has a long way to go for China." Hu Minting has long been engaged in sex education for disabled persons for a long time.Work.She admits that for the youth of mental disorders, there are currently heterosexual social courses, but it is far from reaching the stage of authenticity.The needs of sexual intercourse and marriage can only be said to be an example, not the core needs of most mental disabilities.The current development courses are more about the knowledge of adolescent reproductive health, and train their "inappropriate instructions" to refuse to have suspicion of sexual harassment, and enhance the ability to prevent sexual assault.

"In low -income areas, trading marriage in the field of mental disorders is shocking. Women are fertility tools. Instead of changing to high -income areas, they may be forced by their families to sterilize and save trouble for raising." Huang Xuetao lamented, "If Xiao Yu this time this timeIsn’t it because of pregnancy, is anyone concerned whether she is voluntary or not voluntary? If voluntary, no one supports their marriage and love; it is not voluntary, and it is difficult to get any relief. "She questioned that in the Liu Yuqing incident, people were more concerned about themselves.The property and interests are still concerned (suspected) victims themselves.

The above -mentioned experts who are unwilling to be named have applied for a guardian application for many mental disabilities.In order to prevent family members from sending them to a mental hospital regardless of the actual mental state and willingness of the parties, they can choose to specify the guardian separately, but then the family members often make a complaint to ask the original notarization.

The expert said that involving criminal criminal cases, especially for the evaluation of a behavioral ability (such as sexual self -defense) in a certain period of time and environment, the judicial appraisal agency often feels that it can refuse from the heart.It is not suitable for the only basis for judges."I hope that the whole society will improve the old concept of mental patients, and help them realize their wishes when they can express independently without harming public interests."

The storm eye of online public opinion did not sweep Liu Yuqing.On her face, she couldn’t see the waves, and she always smiled.What she was worried about recently was: Dad is almost seventy. If one day, what can she do?On the way home, she saw him sitting on the co -pilot seat, covering her chest, panting.A few years ago, he had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, leaving the sequelae of inconvenience in legs and feet, and now there is still hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Three years ago, after the first divorce, a voice lived in her mind, always scolding her "wild species".Liu Yuqing said that she knew who it was. A girl in the village was no longer older than her."It was she let the people on the beam scare me. Her sister also gave it to others, and she also scolded her as a wild species. She had to ask me to give her a hoe, otherwise she would not go out.She won’t live anymore. Why am I listening to her? "Then, she laughed," This is my hypothesis, love fantasy, so sometimes I feel scared.Love fantasy is to lose his temper. "

The first time she was deceived by this sound joke, she divorced her with a joke, and waited for her to look at her for the second time; she gave her husband Yang Gang’s hoe, not let her go back to her husband, and said that he was disgusting from her … Liu Yuqing caughtGrasp the messy hair, bury himself deep into the quilt, and reveal half of his head after a while."I have never mentioned it to others, and I dare not say when doing judicial identification. Dad saw that I scolded me, I don’t know if I was scolding her, telling him that he didn’t believe him."

She turned her head and stopped talking.In her sleep, she was able to get rid of the tangled cursing.

One corner of Liu Yuqing’s house.The adoptive father is a Christian of more than 30 years.

This is the afternoon of November 14, no one else is.After a while, Liu Main entered the house, holding a low stool, sitting beside the door, looking at us from a distance."When I took it, the child was just full of moon. I gave her a bottle soaked milk powder and fed it once in half an hour …" He said about Xiao Yu’s life, how he had suffered from him since he was a child. He knew that she had always wanted to find a mother.In the thick accent, the ending sentence repeatedly, "It’s not easy to find, isn’t it?"

Earlier, Liu Yuqing also asked someone to help her send a tracing notice. After reporting her name and birthday, she had a clever movement and raised her right foot plate."Introduction" is called Wang Kuashi (Yin). He had been in prison before, and cerebral thrombosis was gone. He had been waiting for him during his lifetime.

In the Spring Festival in 1988, someone in the neighboring village came to preach the gospel. Liu Mun believed in teaching and worshiped every Sunday every Sunday.But since Qingdao returned, Xiaoyu stopped following him.There are 700 people in the village, and more than 300 people believe in Jesus.Next door to Daming County has the second largest Catholic church in China. Wei County also belongs to the Dato Diocese and many believers.In the eyes of Lao Liu, this is the grace of the Lord.Whether you are on the road before meals or on your leisure, he will pray when he encounters what is difficult, and then he feels a little inner comfort:

"Don’t be kind, don’t have compassion, and don’t be humble. If you don’t have to suffer, you can’t get bitter, don’t rely on the Lord, it’s hard to do …" He murmured his sin and the redemption of Jesus, and his tears slipped along the wrinkled gully.He snatched a snot and thrown on the ground. After a long time, he slowly recovered peace and kindness.

(Liu Yuqing, Liu Main, Yang Gang, Zhang Yun, Yang Lei, Liu Wei, Liu Lan as a pseudonym)


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