Bleeding after sex?These things, do not hurry to do it when the menstruation is over

I recently browsed to such a post:

A girl said that she felt that my menstruation had been at the end, but she "saw red" after the same room with her husband. It was a bit panicked. I posted and asked if everyone had encountered such a similar situation.

In fact, as an obstetrician and gynecologist, the proper suggestion is that if you have vaginal bleeding after the same room with your sexual partner, you must immediately go to a regular three hospital to register for medical treatment.Detailed description of your own disease, bleeding (bleeding, blood state, blood or block) to the doctor, assist gynecological examination to diagnose the cause of bleeding and actively treat it.

After sharing on the social APP, enthusiastic netizens are not professional doctors after all, and they cannot give medical judgments. At first, blindly posting may exacerbate their psychological panic and taboo for medical treatment.

The words are homely, or the serious science popularization is given from the perspective of medicine.

Generally speaking, the clinical analysis and summary, the main causes of vaginal bleeding after the same room are mainly in the following situations:

(1) After the initial sexual relationship

This situation is generally due to the bleeding caused by the rupture of the hymen, and a part of the proportion of girls will not occur after the initial sexual relationship.

Because the hymen structure between individuals is very different, some are relatively weak, it has ruptured during some violent activities; some membrane system structures are tough and are not easy to bleed.

(2) Vulvar injury bleeding

This situation is generally caused by mechanical damage when sexual relationships occur. The movements are too intense or too frequent, or the previous preparation is insufficient, the vagina is insufficient, and frequent friction causes vulva damage bleeding.

If you feel uncomfortable, remind the other party in time.

(3) Cervical bleeding

After sexual intercourse, vaginal bleeding is generally flowing out of the vagina except for vulva injury.

The cervix is the part of the vagina and the uterus, and the location is relatively narrow, which is easy to suffer from various lesions and infections. For example, common benign lesions: cervical polyps, cervicitis, and cervical cylindrical epithelium.

(4) Bleeding caused by systemic diseases

Liver function damage, platelet reduction purpura, renewable anemia, diffused intravascular coagulation (DIC), leukemia, and so on.

It is persuaded to persuade everyone again, whether it is vaginal bleeding or under any circumstances, you should go to the hospital to find out the cause in time.

(1) Try to avoid sexual life

Sexual life during menstruation will greatly increase the chance of gynecological disease infection.

Because everyone at this time, due to the lack of endocrine factors such as progesterone, in a large area of transformation and falling off, they are in a naked state. At the same time, many small blood vessels in the uterus have rupturedThe local resistance of the reproductive organs, the easy attack of various pathogenic bacteria.In addition, menstrual blood is a good "medium" of various bacteria, which is conducive to the breeding and breeding of bacteria.

Although some people think that sexual relationships during menstruation are in a safe period and will not cause pregnancy.

However, the overall factors are considered for women’s bodies, and they are recommended to "temporarily tolerate a few days", or adopt other contraceptive methods.

(2) Avoid swimming or contact with dirty water quality

The water of the pool is usually not disinfected in time, and the content of the public swimming pool can easily cause bacterial infections.

Previously, there were heavy rain and floods in Zhengzhou, Henan, and the rainwater had flooded the lower body of the human body. Many girls trapped for several hours in rainwater.To the appropriate temperature), scrub the cleaning of the perineum multiple times, and pay attention to the observation for a period of time.

(3) Avoid tooth extraction

It is best not to extract tooth during menstruation, because the material released by the endometrium and the reduction of platelets, the time of blood solidification will become longer and the bleeding time will be prolonged, which is not conducive to timely bleeding.

Generally speaking, we must have this consciousness ourselves. If there is a wisdom tooth, we need to remove it. It is recommended to avoid menstruation. In addition, professional dentists will also ask if we are in menstrual periods, and we will advance to anti -inflammatory pain and other measures.

(4) Do these things less

In addition, it is best not to eat foods such as cold seafood, fried barbecue and other foods at the end of menstruation, as well as drinking strong tea and coffee.

Most people have a menstrual cycle of 5 to 7 days. Many girls have begun to "wanton" on the 3rd and 4th days. They overeating. Barbecue, hot pot, and spicy spicyness have each meal. The reduction of bleeding does not meanAfter, things that should be noted should be strictly implemented!

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Author: Chen Yunyun

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