Bleeding after test tube infant is tantamount to pregnancy failure?

Friends who chose IVF patients, after experiencing a series of stages, finally completed the porting steps.After waiting for embryonic transplantation, my heart was nervous, and after discovering bleeding, I couldn’t help worrying about pregnancy failure.Not necessarily, don’t worry first!Please look down.↓↓

Generally speaking, bleeding after transplantation may occur, which may occur from different degrees of bleeding.Bleeding does not necessarily mean that pregnancy failure, let’s take a look at the cause of bleeding.

Common causes of bleeding after transplantation

Embryo bed bleeding

Stimulation causes bleeding during transplantation

Failed to transplant

Abnormal pregnancy bleeding

Hydium accumulation in the uterine cavity

Threatened abortion

1 ~ 3 days after transplantation

It may be that during the transplantation process, it touched the cervical mucosa and caused a small amount of bleeding.Most of the days after transplantation will naturally fade.

7 ~ 14 days after transplantation

It may be bleeding in bed with embryo.If the embryo’s identification and invasion of the maternal uterine muscle layer will have a small amount of bleeding.(Actually, the personal physical condition and the doctor’s advice shall prevail)

11 ~ 14 days after transplantation

Check the blood test.If the bleeding is about 12 days after completing the embryo, the amount of bleeding is even more than the menstrual flow, it may be paid attention to it, it may be the failure of transplantation.

At this time, it is recommended that patients should go to the hospital for examination in time and take medical measures to determine whether the drug needs to be discontinued.

Avoid strenuous exercise after transplantation, ensure the necessary nutrition and rest, and keep the fetus in accordance with the doctor’s advice (actual personal physical condition and doctor’s order), and maintaining a peaceful mentality is also important to the embryo bed.

14 days after transplantation

Confirm that bleeding after pregnancy, pay attention to highly wary of ectopic pregnancy!You need to go to the hospital in time to avoid endangering.

After transplantation, B -ultrasound confirm in -palace pregnancy

At this time, there is a small amount of vaginal bleeding, so you don’t have to be nervous.Continue to protect the treatment, keep a proper bed rest, and calm emotions. After 1 to 2 weeks, a B -ultrasound review is performed.

In the early stages of pregnancy, when the embryo developed in the mother’s uterus, it invaded the uterine blood vessels and established a blood circulation with the mother.At this time, some pregnant women may have vaginal bleeding. After tire protection of regular hospitals, they can basically continue their pregnancy.

Summary: Bleeding after transplantation is also divided into various cases, which cannot be generalized.Depending on the time of bleeding, the treatment measures are also different, and they cannot be regarded as a failure of pregnancy.

If a female friend feels uncomfortable after transplantation, please seek medical treatment in time to protect the fetus and your own health.

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